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“Batman: Dying is Easy” – High Budget Fan Movie You Must Watch (VIDEO)

Batman: Dying is Easy: High-budget Fan Movie You Must Watch (VIDEO)

A high-budget fan movie about Batman called “Batman: Dying is easy” was released on the Batinthesun YouTube channel last week.

“Batman: Dying is easy” features another confrontation between Batman and the Joker, along with many famous faces in supporting roles.

While the Joker got its hit film in 2019, and in the new Batman film adaptation directed by Matt Reeves, starring Robert Pattinson, we probably won’t see a new Batman and Joker clash on the big screen, audiences got a chance to see the film’s clash of the two thanks fan work “Batman: Dying is easy”.

The fan-funded film, written by Aaron and Sean Schoenke, is a segment of the psychological war that Batman and the Joker have been waging for decades. Almost all famous characters from Batman’s environment appear in the film, and they are also played by some very well-known names. Michael Madsen appears in the film as Harvey Bullock, Doug Jones as the Riddler, Chris Daotry as Hugo Strange and Casper Van Dean as Commissioner Gordon.

You can watch the whole “Batman: Dying is easy” fan movie below.

The level of production is exceptional for one fan film, which shows that the producers made good use of the funds they collected from the fans. The movie “Batman: Dying is easy” deserves the attention of every DC fan and contains a story worthy of the Dark Knight.

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