Beastars Gets a New Logo Ahead of the Anime Series Finale

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Beastars is one of the most popular anime on Netflix, while this coming-of-age fantasy drama has a fandom even beyond the streaming service. The anime is based on the manga with the same title and penned by Paru Itagaki, featuring anthropomorphic animals attending high school. The anime is set in contemporary times, and it revolves around a murder that takes place on the campus.

As students are trying to figure out who is the murderer, the relationship and peace between carnivores and herbivores is threatened as anyone could be a culprit. If you ask the herbivores, it was the carnivores. As if their coexistence wasn’t already fragile enough, the balance is put in jeopardy until the murder is resolved.

Perhaps an unusual setting when it comes to anthropomorphic characters, Beastars seems to have a strong fanbase, and the fans can’t wait to see how the series end. The third season will at the same time be the final season for the show. The season finale was confirmed back in July 2o21 after the second season aired.


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The anime originally aired in Japan in 2019, while Netflix later bought the international streaming rights and premiered Beastars in March 2020. The first two seasons had 12 episodes, but the fans are hoping that the final season will have more to wrap up the series. A new arc for the season is also confirmed.

What is left to be confirmed as we know that the third and final season is coming, is the release date for Beastars finale. The series is confirmed to air sometime in 2022, but the exact date is yet to be revealed. The chances are that the series finale will first air in Japan, then arrive at Netflix. The official Twitter account of Beastars released a new logo to address the upcoming season finale.