Ben Mendelsohn Eyes the Role of Doctor Doom in the Marvel Universe

Ben Mendelsohn Doctor Doom

Ben Mendelsohn, known for his distinctive roles and ‘the full Mendo’ persona, sat down for an insightful chat about his career and aspirations, including a surprising interest in the Marvel universe. In an interview with GQ, Mendelsohn shared his thoughts on his acting journey, his recent projects, and his unexpected desire to take on a new challenge by playing Doctor Doom, one of Marvel’s most iconic villains.

Mendelsohn, who has captivated audiences with his intense performances, is looking for a shift from his usual characters. While discussing his craft, he mentioned his basic desire to ‘do as little as possible’ when not working, highlighting his love for idleness. However, it’s his work ethic and passion for acting that stand out when he’s on set.

His role in ‘The New Look’, an Apple TV+ series set in Nazi-occupied Paris, shows Mendelsohn in a light far removed from his typical rugged roles. Playing Christian Dior, he swaps his usual rough-around-the-edges look for the elegance of slicked-back hair and sharp suits. This departure from his norm intrigued him, largely due to his connection with Todd Kessler, the series’ creator, who previously worked with Mendelsohn on ‘Bloodline’.


How Powerful Is Doctor Doom in Marvel Comics?

Despite his vast experience, Mendelsohn admitted to not knowing much about Dior’s life before taking on the role, a fact that didn’t deter him from diving deep into the character. His approach to acting remains grounded in authenticity and a keenness to explore the complexities of human emotion and conflict.

Interestingly, Mendelsohn’s conversation took a turn towards the Marvel universe, where he expressed a keen interest in playing Doctor Doom. This revelation adds a new layer to Mendelsohn’s acting ambitions, showcasing his willingness to dive into diverse and challenging roles that push his boundaries further.

His was very enthusiastic about the role, hinting at the depth he could bring to such a complex character. With his track record of delivering compelling performances, Mendelsohn as Doctor Doom could offer Marvel fans a new and intriguing portrayal of the iconic villain.

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