51 Best 2-Player Board Games

two player board games

We all enjoy board games, but finding the appropriate one for two players can be challenging at times. That is why I have compiled a list of the top 51 two-player board games. From strategy to casual family entertainment, you’ll discover a wide range of genres here. A few classics are also included for good measure! Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find something on this list to meet your needs and spice up your next game night with friends or family.

Every board game has one thing in common: it includes the participation of at least two people. Some games require more than two players, but the majority are built for up to four. When you’re only playing with two players, your options can feel limited. This post will provide you with some recommendations for the greatest 2-player board games so that you don’t feel like you’re wasting your time!

Let’s check out our list of 51 best two-player board games!

List of Best 2-Player Board Games

Here is the list of best two-player board games:

1. Stratego

51 Best 2-Player Board Games (2021 Update)

We start our list of best two-player board games with Stratego. Stratego is a famous battle board game that has been enjoyed for many years. It’s a two-player board game with 40 pieces for each player, each representing officers and troops in the army. This game needs a strong memory and a well-thought-out approach. 

Aside from that, Stratego improves tactical and planning abilities. Both players must strategize battles, march their troops, attack one another, and finally capture the opponent’s flag. It’s such a fantastic game that once you start playing, you might not want to quit. This game is appropriate for children aged eight and up.

2. Chess

Chess is a famous board game for people of all ages that is played all around the world. Chess is frequently associated with intelligence. There are 64 boxes and 32 chessmen in a chess set. A king and a queen are among the 16 tokens available to each participant. Every chessman occupies a specified location and is only allowed to make certain moves. 

The primary goal of Chess is to keep the king safe. You can play it on the computer or with a friend. You may also learn to play by watching video tutorials and following simple directions. This game not only alleviates boredom but also boosts IQ.

3. Blokus

Blokus is a children’s strategic board game for two players. Blokus has a primary goal: each player tries to fit as many tiles on their side of the board as possible by only joining them at the corners. Both players attempt to score as many points as possible by taking up the most space on the board. 

Blokus game needs strategy and forethought: which colors should go where? Each participant ensures that there are no gaps between their tiles. This is a fun family game that has just enough depth for adults as well!

4. Scrabble

Scrabble is a true classic that has withstood the test of time for a reason. It’s a word game in which each player must create a unique word by combining letters. Each letter is worth a certain number of points, and each player must write a new statement and arrange the letters in a grid on the board. The game will be won by the player who creates the most words and scores the most points. 

Scrabble is simple to pick up yet challenging enough to keep you interested without becoming frustrated; it pushes you to plan at every turn while still having fun with your buddies. Scrabble is not necessarily tied to a board, you can play a game similar to Scrabble, online.

5. Jenga

51 Best 2-Player Board Games (2021 Update)

The next classic on our list of best two-player board games is Jenga. Jenga is a traditional block-stacking game. To play Jenga, you’ll need some talents. Jenga aims to keep stacks of blocks upright and steady while building a whole taller tower. On the other hand, each player takes turns removing one brick from the construction at a time. This game improves Hand-eye coordination and manual dexterity. As a result, it’s a lot of fun to play.

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6. Hive Pocket Edition

Hive carbon is another name for hive pocket. It’s a two-player game for ages nine and up. The games are classified as strategic animal-related games. The game comprises twenty-two pieces with different animals printed on them; eleven pieces are black and eleven are white, moving in a specific configuration. 

Hive Pocket Edition offers everything you might want in a strategy game: it’s simple to learn, entertaining to play, and highly addicting.

7. Monopoly Game 

Monopoly is a sophisticated real-estate game. In Monopoly Game, you must maintain financial stability and progress while bankrupting your opponent. You must make an ongoing effort to purchase real estate. The game can be played in groups of two to eight people. 

Every player that goes bankrupt is eliminated, and the last player standing is declared the winner. As a result, it’s fantastic to keep the kids occupied on lengthy car rides or vacations because it can be completed in less time—perfect!

8. Connect Four Game by Mattel 

Connect Four Game by Mattel, also known as four up, plan four, consists of a tray in which you must make a disc formation as your opponent attempts to stop you. Players must drop colored discs into a grid and link four horizontally, vertically, or diagonally before their opponent accomplishes so first. 

As a result, you could Connect Four Game because it’s a fantastic two-player game everyone wants! This is a game that you can play with your friends or family. 

9. Ticket To Ride

Ticket To Ride is a classic railroad adventure, players must acquire train cards, claim routes across North America on the map, and strive not to lose their ticket cards. The bigger the number of points, the longer the path. If you’re lucky, you could even be able to visit multiple nations! 

If you’re wondering how many people can play at once, I’ll tell you that this epic voyage around Europe will involve two to five participants. Ticket To Ride is suitable for children as young as eight years old. As a result, this is a fun family game to play around the holidays.

10. Ludo Game

51 Best 2-Player Board Games (2021 Update)

Up next on our list of best two-player board games we have Ludo. Ludo is an antique game from the Victorian era. It’s a popular family game that gets everyone engaged as they roll dice, race across squares, and spin wheels with their tokens, all in the hopes of being the first one home – sounds exciting, right? From where the game begins, there are four ground bases. 

I like Ludo game since it’s simple to understand the rules but challenging to win – so you don’t have to be the winner all of the time! As a result, you will be able to pick up this game quickly.

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11. Codenames Duet 

Codenames Duet is a spin-off of the original Codenames, but don’t be deceived by its simplicity. Codenames Duet is created for two players instead of four, but don’t let that mislead you. It would be beneficial if you could figure out the agent’s name through clues. There are twenty-five cards on the table, nine of which are green, three of which are black, and one has a combination of colors. 

The card with only black is an assassin, and the card with only green is your agent. It’s a fun word association game that demands you to think and stay one step ahead of your companion. Codenames is an excellent game to play with your children or family if you’re bored at home.

12. Hive 

In Hive there are a total of twenty-two tiles, eleven black, and eleven white, with a variety of animals drawn on them. In Hive, two players take turns placing pieces on the board consisting of different shapes and sizes. Still, only one kind per turn, each player has six tiles at their disposal. 

In contrast, any piece placed must connect to those already in place, thus creating a hive where every single tile is connected either horizontally or vertically using all available space, making it so no other pieces can be played except for an opponent’s queen bee, which would need not to touch other existing tiles. Thus, it’s a great game, and you should try it once.

13. Game Of Thrones

The Game Of Thrones board game is all about bluffing, politics, and war in this game. A Song of Ice and Fire, another popular choice among enthusiasts, can be played by two to six people. The epic novel series by George R.R Martin pits various houses against one another to achieve triumph. After all, once you’ve seen one combat, you may not want to witness another! This is something you should not miss if you are a fan of the series.

14. Pictionary

Everyone knows how much fun drawing games are, whether you’re playing at home or trying to play with your pals in a restaurant! Pictionary is a simple game that requires only a pen, paper, and a board to play. 

The competitor tries to draw slowly, and other players must guess at a certain point. Pictionary is a combination of the words “image” and “dictionary.” 

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This is a terrific game to play in groups as well, but there are many other ways to play it, from shifting alliances to synonyms,’ where players receive clues in the form of words rather than drawings. This is a game that may be played anywhere.

15. Puerto Rico 

51 Best 2-Player Board Games (2021 Update)

Up next on our list of best two player board games we have Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico is a team game that may be played by up to four individuals, with a minimum of two and a maximum of four. This game is suitable for both teens and adults. The game is set during the colonial era. It is a strategic game in which the player attempts to mass win locations.

Although some players may be put off by games that are heavily focused on strategy, Puerto Rico offers something different: it has outstanding mechanics that make it entertaining to play while simultaneously stretching your thinking. What’s the best part? It normally takes no more than two hours, so there’s no way you’ll be up all night!

16. Acquire

Acquire is a strategic business game in which the player makes investments to keep a large number of stock. A basic but enjoyable game that appears to have been around for a long time. If you’ve ever played monopoly, this is quite similar, but instead of rolling dice, you’ll be buying companies to rise through the stock market. 

Acquire game can be played by 2 to 6 individuals between the ages of 12 and up. It takes a long time to accomplish, but having fun with each step makes it worthwhile2

17. Qwirkle Cubes

Qwirkle Cubes two-player board game will provide hours of entertainment. You’ll spend your time trying to line up five cubes vertically or horizontally, but there’s a catch: each game piece can only be one color, so it’ll take a lot of thought to figure out where they all go! 

Qwirkle Cubes game has a lot of twists and turns. This game is suitable for children aged six and up. The board game has earned numerous accolades and is well worth checking out if you’re searching for something unusual.

18. Othello Deluxe Edition

Othello is known by several other names, including chain reaction, ex-it, and Vegas backfire. Othello Deluxe Edition is designed for players aged ten and up and is a two-player game. You must anticipate and foresee your opponent’s moves to play this game, making it a more strategic board game. The Deluxe Edition of this game is adored by all classics fans

19. Loopin’ Louie Game

Loopin’ Louie Game is a community game, which means that two to four players can play it. Loopin’ Louie Game game is for players aged four and up. The game is entertaining and interactive. It has a battery-operated plane onboard, and you must save your farm chicken from it using the arms linked to the barn. It’s a skill game in which you must keep an eye on all three planes and react quickly, or you’ll lose! To excel in Loopin’ Louie, you’ll need to improve your hand-eye coordination.

20. Ticket To Ride: First Journey

51 Best 2-Player Board Games (2021 Update)

The next entry on our list of best two-player board games is Ticket To Ride: First Journey. If you’re looking for something a little easier than some of the other board games out there, Ticket To Ride: First Journey is a terrific way to introduce younger players to the world of strategy and fun. Whoever collects the most train cards, which they may total up at the end, is the winner. 

You must keep some paper close and avoid causing any damage when adding! It’s a terrific way to start without putting too much strain on yourself.

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21. Risk Game

Risk Game is the perfect board game for individuals who enjoy a little friendly competition as well as the possibility of making enemies out of their pals. In this classic war board game, you can choose from various armies to fight for yourself or with a friend against another player on the same team! If you’re up for a challenge, this is something you should try. 

Risk Game’s goal is, as the name implies, to conquer the entire planet! This board game is suitable for all ages, from beginners to experts. As you try to foresee your opponent’s next move, it necessitates many strategies and thinking outside the box.

22. The Adventures Of Indiana Jones Board Game 

The Adventures Of Indiana Jones Board Game has a slightly distinct playing style, with a rotating board that presents fresh obstacles each time they play. The game also includes two decks of cards that may be mixed and matched to create new experiences each time you play! 

The Adventures Of Indiana Jones Board Game can be played by 2 to 4 players aged eight and up. If you’re searching for some competitive fun on your own or with pals, this is a must-try. In this highly sophisticated and demanding strategy game, you will have hours of fun trying to outwit your opponent.

23. Gloom Haven

Gloom Haven is a campaign-based board game where each player controls characters and works together to achieve objectives, making it ideal for any fan of storytelling. The game’s core mechanic requires players to hurt their party members to acquire advantages that may later be utilized against their opponent. It is suitable for 2 to 4 players aged 14 and up. 

Gloom Haven is a truly unique concept that will keep you fascinated from beginning to end!

24. Pandemic: Legacy

 Pandemic: Legacy is a hugely popular co-op game that has received over 100 good reviews and is widely regarded as one of the best games available today. It’s a two- to four-player game for people aged 13 and up. 

Every player has a unique character in Pandemic: Legacy and they are all attempting to preserve the globe from the pandemic and its spread. It provides never-ending amusement with different plot twists and changes every time you play! If you’re seeking a truly unforgettable experience, this is a must-try.

25. Morels

51 Best 2-Player Board Games (2021 Update)

The next entry on our list of best two-player board games is Morel. Morels game is also known as fungus, and it can only be played by two people starting at the age of ten. You’ve been given the chore of picking mushrooms in the woods. You’ll have to compete against an opponent who is also after them, but it won’t be simply because they can take advantage of the situation! You have the opportunity to have the time of your game life. Playing Morels board game with a friend is a lot of fun, especially if you’re searching for something new and exciting to do.

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26. Forbidden Desert

Forbidden Desert is a game about discovering what happened to a long-lost society in which cooperation and teamwork truly make a difference. The desert itself is dangerous to adventurers, with storms bringing life-threatening sandstorms and man-eating beasts roaming the desert at night. To top it off, everyone gets sick once a day, necessitating medicine intake, necessitating careful planning if everyone is to make it to the finish of this difficult voyage!

27. Hammer Of Scots

From the age of 12, Hammer Of Scots is a two-player game. The game Hammer of Scots transports you to medieval Scotland, where the English have conquered the country. It is a dynamic and engaging game that pushes players to work as a team to defend their homeland against invaders that only want to rule over your land, slaughter your people, and steal your treasure! The only way to win Hammer Of Scots is to work together and do their part until victory is achieved on the battlefields.

28. Lanterns: The Harvest Festival

Lanterns: The Harvest Festival is a one-of-a-kind board game for everyone looking for something new and distinctive, set at harvest season when everyone gathers for this magnificent event that symbolizes good omen, hope, and joy throughout the year.

Characters set lanterns based on what they do or don’t do throughout this fantastic event, which you may play with a friend at any time. To understand what I’m talking about, you must play Lanterns: The Harvest Festival game yourself. This game can be played by 2 to 4 people starting at the age of 8 and up.

29. Queen Domino

Queen Domino is a tile-laying game in which players take turns reconstructing the board with dominoes, starting with the board. Players will be given two sorts of land cards: purple and yellow, each with its own set of perks. 

For example, if you have three or more rivers running through your time playing, you will receive a bonus. This game can be played by 2 to 4 players aged eight and up. As a result, you can play the Queen Domino game with your family and friends.

30. Dungeon Lords 

51 Best 2-Player Board Games (2021 Update)

Up next on our list of best two-player board games is Dungeon Lords . You play the role of a hero in the Dungeon Lords game, and it is your job to keep dungeons under control. Each player gets their dungeon lord, to whom they will be granted various skills based on the game’s events. Attacking other lords’ dungeons would incentivize them to retaliate, whereas having heroes visit your dungeon can offer you presents or other items that may aid players. 

Dungeon Lords is a fantastic game that may be enjoyed by 2-4 people aged 12 and older.

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31. King Domino

When two players play King domino, they take turns laying tiles with values ranging from one to six around a central tile worth seven, making each hand thirteen tiles plus the previous discarded one. When all twelve hands have been dealt with, the rules are the same. King Domino game caters to children aged eight and up, with a maximum of 2-4 players. You can also play Block Domino, a similar game with nearly the same rules as a domino.

32. King Of Tokyo

In the King Of Tokyo game, you must eliminate your opponents by attacking/destroying their monsters, stealing energy, or simply accumulating win points until they are no longer alive. It is an excellent board game to play when you have a lot of free time and want to spend it with your friends, as it has won numerous honors. King Of Tokyo is a board game that can be played multiple times. 

Two to six participants (aged 8+) can play the King Of Tokyo game.

33. Carcassonne: The City 

Players use tiles to construct the city of Carcassonne and score points in the Carcassonne: The City game. Completing cities, highways, cloisters, and fields earns you points, as well as bonus points from meeples placed on those features. Carcassonne: The City game can be played by two or four players starting at the age of eight. This is a game that can be played in a variety of ways.

34. The Settlers Of Catan Card Game 

The Settlers Of Catan Card Game is set on Tauber’s island of Catan, but instead of tiles, buildings and roadways are built using cards. To create various structures, players must utilize resources (brick, timber, ore, wheat); if they do not have enough resources, they will be unable to build anything around them. There are also rubber pieces, which allow players to steal from one another or cause them to lose half of their resource points at any given time.

35. Ingenious

51 Best 2-Player Board Games (2021 Update)

The next entry on our list of best two-player board games is Ingenious. Mensa connection is a different name for this game. Ingenious can be played in two different ways. You can play it as a simple abstract game with pieces put on the board to score points, or you can use the particular skills of each piece to perform an effect determined by its owner at the start of his round. 

Ingenious game has great twists and turns that you must plan using your intelligence, so try it out with a friend; we guarantee you will have a good time playing it.

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36. The Colonists

The colonist is a great example of a game that doesn’t require luck to be enjoyable. It’s all about constructing the best civilization. Each player is in charge of one of five colonies, each with its traits and powers. 

Depending on how you put your cubes, you can get different results, depending on what other players do during the game. You can The Colonists game for as long as you like and never grow bored. It is one of the top two-player board games for those aged 12 and over.

37. Tzara 

Tzara is a fantasy game of good versus evil that is played in real-time. Tzara game has dragons and their troops, as well as the castle. This game can be played with two or three people and is completed in under an hour. You’ll need to adapt your game plan to account for the many strategies that you’ll be required to use. 

The best thing about the Tzara game is its simplicity, which makes it simple for anyone who wants to understand how the mechanics operate without being told. You will undoubtedly enjoy yourself while playing this game.

38. The Fox In The Forest

The Fox In The Forest is a two-player trick-taking game. You gain points by winning more tricks than your opponent, but be careful not to get greedy! If you win too many temptations, you’ll end up like the villain in a lot of fairy tales. The good news is that it can be played by two to four players, with each person controlling their own board section. The character of fairies and witches and the trick between them make The Fox In The Forest game more fun.

39. Carcassonne: Inns And Cathedrals

51 Best 2-Player Board Games (2021 Update)

Carcassonne: Inns And Cathedrals is a fantastic two-player game designed by Klaus-Jürgen Wrede. The basic goal of Carcassonne: Inns And Cathedrals is to gather points by constructing highways, cities, and cloisters with tiles placed on the board by your opponent. You can choose from a variety of expansions, which keeps things exciting. There are no clear actions or approaches to win this board game but surely you will enjoy it.

40. Qin The Settlers Of The Stone Age

The next game on our list of best two-player board games is Qin The Settlers Of The Stone Age. Qin The Settlers Of The Stone Age game contains all of the hazards and possibilities that existed during the Stone Age. The player can participate in the fight against stone-age men. In the Stone Age, this game allows players to have a lot of fun and enjoyment. Qin The Settlers Of The Stone Age game can be played with two or three players. 

Players must gather resources, construct buildings and roads, use events from their hands, and thwart their opponents’ construction plans. In this board game, each player has six potential actions from which to choose only one every turn, so how you organize your turns at each stage becomes more crucial.

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41. Essential Flower: Merchants & Builders

In Essential Flower: Merchants & Builders game, each player constructs a unique village based on four seasons, and as the game progresses, you conduct commerce to gain points to upgrade your town. This board game demands players to manage multiple activities simultaneously, such as recruiting labor for various projects on an island where numerous crucial elements, such as weather conditions, influence each move. 

Essential Flower: Merchants & Builders is a group game that can be played by 2 to 6 players. The recommended age range for this game is 14 and up. You’ll have to try it out for yourself to see how it feels.

42. Clash Royale

Clash Royale is a multiplayer game set in the middle ages. You must gather the card containing the unit and assemble your army. To win, you must save the princess from the enemy while simultaneously obtaining a trophy. There are two phases to this board game’s gameplay: Players deploy their troops, cast spells, and so on. In the first phase, and then it’s time for battle, where you’ll fight your opponent. 

Clash Royale demands a lot of thought because there are many different combinations, but not all will work effectively. Therefore it’s crucial to plan out your actions at each step, or your opponent will take advantage of them. You must enjoy playing this game.

43. RoboRally Board Game 

RoboRally Board Game is designed for children aged twelve and higher. RoboRally Board Game has other variations available, but the normal mode includes 96 double-sided tiles, 57 cards, 40 markers, and robot pathways. Robo Rally is one of the best two-player board games. Standard and battle modes are available in the game. You can play with up to five other people or against computer opponents in this mode. Because Robo Rally Board Game is so much fun to play, you may play for hours and become completely immersed in the game.

44. Star Realms Board Game

Star Realms Board Game is a space-themed card game with a battle theme. You are the only one who can play Star Realms Board Game. The most excellent part about this one-on-one board game is that it can be played simultaneously with up to five players. It has two modes of play: campaign and competitive. You can play against different AI decks or other real players online, or you can play with a friend at home.

45. Twilight Struggle Board Game

51 Best 2-Player Board Games (2021 Update)

The next entry on our list of best two-player board games is Twilight Struggle Board Game. Twilight Struggle Board Game is based on true war and terror incidents during the Nazi and Soviet Union eras. This is an extremely strategic game. If you’re interested in the Cold War, Twilight Struggle will provide you with everything that a great war game should. The goal of this card-based strategy world dominance game was to illustrate how the United States and the Soviet Union fought for world control for over forty years. It’s best for teenagers.

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46. Schotten Totten

Schotten Totten game can best be described as a card game that incorporates bluffing and poker-style betting. You may play this two-player board game with your buddies or try your luck online against actual folks. 

The player’s goal in Schouten Totten is to get rid of all of his cards before his opponent does; however if he gets the chance to challenge others, he should take advantage of it because if anyone successfully challenges him, the round ends, and scores are calculated based on the strength of each participant’s hands.

47. Twice As Clever

You can probably assume from the name that Twice As Clever game is about two people battling against one other. It’s also a card game in which both players must play cards simultaneously and cannot see their opponent’s cards. If the player has any one word that matches the theme of the last played card, they win; otherwise, the player loses. 

Twice As Clever game contains numerous twists and turns, one of which is that if a person has a larger number of cards in hand, they can use those cards to challenge an opponent.

48. Roads And Boats 

Roads And Boats is a game that everyone can enjoy together, with a minimum of one player and a maximum of four. Roads And Boats  game is for people aged 14 and up. In this game, the player must create a civilization from the ground up, starting with a small herd of cattle and progressing through transportation and business. 

Overall, Roads And Boats can be described as a mix of city-building, economics, and civilization games. This game provides players with a fantastic opportunity to compete against one another to construct roads, trading centres, and ferries over vast uncharted countries plagued with unknown hazards. The first player to complete a road network connecting two major cities is the winner.

49. Divinare

51 Best 2-Player Board Games (2021 Update)

Divinare is a cooperative game for two persons aged 13 and up. Divinare game revolves around bluffing betting, with memory being the most important factor. When you play this game with a friend, the gameplay is wonderful, and it’s a great way to learn about architecture. With the many parts and cards in this game, you can build tall skyscrapers, gorgeous churches, or spectacular cathedrals with your imagination. 

It will help people learn about architectural art, and improve their planning skills and logical thinking, among other things. Divine offers many advantages, including creativity and fun at the same time. It will help people learn about architectural art.

50. Morels Card Game 

Morel is a brand-new card game. The player takes on a mushroom forager in this game, collecting decks of cards with various mushroom varieties. It is up to the player whether or not to play. The object of Morels Card Game is to get rid of all of the cards in your hand before the other players do so by forming sets of two cards with matching numbers, colors, or forms. 

Morels Card Game will help you learn about probability while also improving your logical thinking skills. 

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The game comes with 96 cards, the game cash, and a frying pan for each player so they can cook the mushroom. There are 88 cards in the day deck and nine cards in the night deck. Morels are one of the most popular mushrooms.

51. Tzolkin The Mayan Calendar Game

The last game on our list of best two-player board games is Tzolkin The Mayan Calendar Game. Tzolkin The Mayan Calendar Game has a unique concept in that many laborers represent various Mayan tribes. These workers are placed on gears that revolve and transport them to multiple locations where they perform actions. The purpose of this game is to guide your tribe members to the New World by showing them through the Mayan Calendar’s many levels. 

Tzolkin The Mayan Calendar Game has four special abilities that you can utilize throughout gameplay to help you accomplish each level faster. To construct a new universe in this board game, you must move as many people from one space on the calendar wheel to the center square as feasible. 

Finally, I’d like to point out that the board games on this list are ideal for anyone searching for a pleasant way to pass the time with friends or family. They have straightforward principles, but they can help you improve your logical reasoning and problem-solving abilities.

Well, everyone is different. If you don’t like one of these board games, perhaps you’ll discover something else on our list that you’ll enjoy. So, what are you waiting for? Catch out on your favorite game and have fun!

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