5 Best and 5 Worst of Snyder’s DCEU Castings

5 Best and 5 Worst of Snyder's DCEU Castings

Movie lovers will know that Zack Snyder is a very divisive personality in the world of cinema, as you either love his movies or you hate them. With Snyder, there is no in-between; his vision is so specific that you will either like it completely and enjoy his movies or think it completely ridiculous and consider his movies a failure. He has made a name for himself while adapting comic books and was, at one point, the main guy in charge of the DCEU (DC Extended Universe), who made both the best things from the DCEU and the worst things as well.

In this article, we are going to go back to Snyder’s DCEU and analyze the casting, as we are going to bring a list of the five best and five worst castings from Snyder’s era in charge of the DC fictional universe. We are going to list them from 5th to 1st place, i.e., from least bad to worst and from good to absolutely great, depending on which category you’re looking at. Enjoy!

Bad #5: Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn

Joker Vs. Harley Quinn Who Would Win 01

This might end up causing a lot of controversies, but we don’t think that Robbie was the best choice for the role. She did have the visuals, but her character was a wannabe-punk princess that looked more like she was originally meant to be in Snyder’s Sucker Punch than in the DCEU and we just think she did not do the character any justice.

Good #5: Henry Cavill as Superman

Henry cavill superman ending

Whatever you might think of the character as a whole, Cavill’s Superman was absolutely great The interpretation was brilliant, and had the character not been a victim of bad behind-the-scenes decisions, we would’ve seen a more majestic version of the character. But, despite the setbacks, Cavill was one of the best castings without a doubt.

Bad #4: Amber Heard as Mera

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It’s not that Heard did anything particularly bad in this role – she didn’t even get enough space to evolve as a character in the DCEU – but it was just a bad decision to cast her knowing how controversial she was. And that proved to be correct, as Mera is – more or less – a forgettable character from the DCEU.

Good #4: Ben Affleck as Batman

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Snyder had a different version of Batman in mind and somehow, Ben Affleck was the perfect fit for Snyder’s plans. Affleck nailed the role and his enthusiasm for playing the role was evident, which is why we think that he deserves to be in the top five best castings in the DCEU.

Bad #3: Ezra Miller as The Flash

The Flash

This wasn’t a bad decision initially, and Miller is nominally not the wrong choice to play Barry Allen, but similarly to Heard’s casting, it was simply a bad move. The Flash solo film was ultimately a major failure, and all in all, Miller’s casting really did prove to be one of the worst casting decisions Snyder had made.

Good #3: Viola Davis as Amanda Waller

New Additions to the Cast and Characters Revealed for the Upcoming Gunns Waller

We didn’t think this would turn out that great, but Viola Davis not only owned the role of Amanda Waller, but she became one of the best characters in the DCEU in general, which is why we absolutely have to praise this decision. She is a brilliant actress, and she gave the role several additional layers that we simply love.

Bad #2: Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam

black adam

A perfect casting on paper proved to be a complete failure when Johnson wanted to take over the DCEU, effectively ruining many plans, especially those related to Shazam. Johnson’s role wasn’t half bad, but knowing what happened before and after, we can only confirm that it was a bad decision to do it.

Good #2: Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman

wonder woman 1984

Despite the fact that the second movie was bad, Gadot managed to shine in every scene she appeared in. She was the perfect choice for Wonder Woman, and until someone convinces us otherwise, we won’t be able to see anyone in the role. She managed to make some of the worst movies look good – that’s how great she was.

Bad #1: Jared Leto as The Joker

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They keep telling us that Leto’s role was destroyed in post-production, that we would have seen him shine… but everything we’ve seen was simply bad. We don’t think Leto’s not cut out for the role; it’s just that the concept was so horrible, and Leto, instead of fighting it, blended right in, which is why we’re criticizing it. He also seems like he failed to find the set of Sucker Punch and ended up in the DCEU.

Good #1: Jason Momoa as Aquaman

Superman Vs Aquaman Who Would Win 03

Okay, he’s not blonde, but Jason Momoa is Aquaman. He just is. The appearance, the approach, the acting… it’s all Aquaman, and casting Momoa – despite the fact that the second solo movie was horrible – was one of the best choices Snyder could have made, and we simply have to give it the top spot in our article.

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