Best Arwen Crown Replica

Best Arwen Crown Replica

The elegant queen of the Reunited Kingdom of Gondor and Arnor was as inspirational as she was beautiful. Her Elven class was personified by the regality exuding crowns that regularly adorned her pretty head. Brought to life by Liv Tyler’s incredible performances in the LOTR trilogy, Arwen undisputedly held the title of “nerdom’s girlfriend” for years. Long before that pesky Gal Gadot accented her way on to the scene and lassoed that particular crown away.

There are four genuine contenders for the best of Queen Arwen’s royal headwear. Two bridal style crystal headbands, which could serve as the bride’s crown. Another crystal bridal headband, meant for bridesmaids makes the list. Finally, an elegant Gypsy-style head chain rounds off the top contenders. 

Four affordable replicas of the pieces used in the films are available from three up and coming retailers who could soon be jazzing up a wedding near you. We explore the pieces in detail, share quick customer reviews, and of course…pricing. Let us begin.

Remedios Silver Rhinestone Leaf Wedding Crown Headband

A mesmerizing pattern of rhinestone-studded leaves delicately leading up to the beautiful droplet stone in the front. An aerial view that evokes a slight impression of the olive crown of the Caesars, indicating that this headpiece belongs to an empress about to unify a kingdom and a family. 

Even if matrimony is not on the cards (yet), Remedios Store’s silver rhinestone leaf crown is bound to be a scene-stealer at any prom, pageant, or birthday party one wears it to. On second thought, DO NOT wear the crown to SOMEBODY ELSE’S birthday party. Please.

The design is sophisticatedly simple. Droplet-shaped clear stones shine bright, with intricate hand-wiring forming a frame for a royal, yet ratchet-dance ready, headband. Prepare for jealous smirks from those who doubted your love all along. 

The functionality is down to the bearer, really. Fancy a run at your local beauty pageant? Have at it, sweetheart. Sweet 16? Naturally. Prom? You will need another head for the homecoming crown. Another cool aspect of the design is that the ends are curved inward towards each other, making it easier to tie into one’s hair and hit the dancefloor in peace. 

Remedios themselves have described the band as a “masterpiece” that brings the wearer a “different beauty” that makes them the belle of all balls. They also emphasize the adjustable design, which adds practicality to the picturesque piece. A strong case for handmade jewelry is presented in the form of the leaf crown, which is wired completely by hand before the rhinestone crystals are set.  Attention to detail is what defines Remedios, and this offering is a shining example of how to make “premium” affordable. High-quality materials ensure durability and a long-lasting appearance.

The leaf crown is about 17cm, or 6.7 inches, in diameter and is made from high-grade alloys and clear shiny rhinestones, married together to form a solid, yet delicate-looking, piece of jewelry. It measures about an inch (2.5cm) in height. These dimensions are meant to suffice for most head shapes and sizes but, for the exceptions, there is a little leeway for readjustment. A lot of care is needed in adjusting the bands on the crown, as forcing them could lead to breakage. 

The general customer consensus commends the outstanding beauty of the crown, and how its relatively large size caters for multiple head dimensions. The price was also lauded as a “steal” by some, and an overall bargain by most. Customers also acclaimed the durability of the piece, with many hilarious accounts of the crown’s near-misses and almost-disasters. Users also found the crown to be rather flexible and adjustable. A few customers have also vouched for Remedios’ quality guarantees and risk-free purchase assertions.

The best part of the reviews, however, was definitely the stories, and pictures of precious memories featuring the leaf crown. Buying it as a gift or spoiling yourself are equally rewarding moments, be it a surprised wife or a beaming toddler on her princess birthday party, or getting your hands on the last one just in time for your cosplay-ween costume.

 Some reviewers hinted at slight discomfort from wearing the necklace for extended periods of time and suggested some padding or wigs relieve any pressure. The size, according to some wearers, makes it very heavy to wear, with this being the main negative remark.

The headband is available on Amazon. It has received an average of 4.3 stars out of 5 from 800 Amazon reviews. Its sales peak saw it rank 2500th in the “Beauty & Personal Care” category, and 44th place among “Fashion Headbands”.

Remedios Gold Rose Rhinestone Leaf Wedding Tiara Headband

Remedios reappear yet again, this time with another glorious tiara. Much like the company’s silver leaf crown, the rose gold version is also made especially for brides. Sparkling rhinestones are the order of the day yet again, as the classy hand-wired leaf design from the silver crown returns to steal more hearts, and dollars, from admiring accessory hunters. Wearing this tiara on one’s wedding day will pretty much ensure that the spotlight remains exactly where it is supposed to be. Pageants and prom dances also afford the tiara the opportunity to do what it does best. Shine.

A classic tiara with a half-circle design, much like a backward Caesar’s crown, marries a rose gold alloy frame to brilliantly clear rhinestones to produce a union of elegance and practicality. Remedios present their product as a “royal masterpiece” with an easily adjustable design that enables anyone to be Queen for a day.

Birthday parties, Halloween, bachelorette parties, and ComicCon are some of the areas where the leaf tiara can be a highlight. Its luxury appearance gives it a level of presence worthy of pieces that cost hundreds of times more. Remedios’ commitment to high quality, yet affordable, products shines through again with this lovely handmade tiara.

The tiara is made from high grade rose gold alloy studded with shiny and transparent rhinestones. Like most of the headpieces in this article, the gold rose leaf has the ability to “upgrade” one’s hair-do almost instantly. It is very easy to put on, and the two looped ends allow the wearer to fasten the tiara securely to their hair with pins.

The leaf tiara is about 6.7 inches, or 17cm, in diameter, and measures about an inch (2.5cm) in height. These dimensions should cover most heads, and the tiara has extra wiggle room thanks to its adjustable bands. Adjustment should be done with great care, though, as forcing the bands to excessively bend could break the piece completely. Remedios also offers 100% risk-free purchase guarantees to customers who buy from the brand’s United States stores. 

The rose gold leaf tiara averaged a customer review rating of 4.3 stars out of 5 from 800 reviews. The general response was extremely positive, with many praising the detailing and handiwork of the frame. The rhinestones’ dazzle seems to be a real treat for the majority of users, who seem surprised that such quality can be obtained at such a price point. In addition to the piece’s great looks, it is rather durable and, according to some customers, it is likely to retain its fresh-out-of-the-box sheen for many years. The price is another celebrated aspect, and the leaf tiara has a high “average value for money” rating.

 The most frequent complaint from users was the heaviness of the headpiece, with some users reporting headaches and other problems as a result of wearing the tiara for long periods of time.

BABEYOND Rhinestone Leaf Wedding Bridesmaid Forehead Band

Vintage fashion house BabeYond come through with their own leaf-inspired entry. Dotted with a modest, but generous, helping of captivating rhinestones, the leaf band bridal headpiece is ideal for brides or bridesmaids who want to celebrate a special day with understated elegance. 

BabeYond is committed to first-rate customer service based on improving its collective skills and experience to produce top-notch products such as the leaf band. “Timeless style” is the best way to describe the exclusive headpiece, which could fit in, and stand out, in any fashion era.

Available in a cool silver or warm rose gold, the leaf band is made from high-grade alloy and rhinestones. It has a height of about an inch (2.5cm) and a diameter of 6.69 inches, or 17cm. The shape is a semi-circle design with loops at the end of each band. This enables the wearer to pin the crown to their hair to prevent it from constantly slipping, and potentially ruining an expensive hairstyle. The piece is also slightly adjustable, and users can carefully bend the tiara to a more suitable shape.

Dazzling rhinestones are studded on to a lovely leaf pattern that provides an earthy aesthetic, and a large droplet-shaped stone hangs delicately in the front. This center hanging stone is flanked by four slightly smaller drops shaped crystals, two on either side, further adding to the tiara’s delicate appearance. The clarity of the rhinestones used on this piece gives it a scintillating diamond look that BabeYond guarantees will last for several years at least.

The leaf band tiara would be right at home at most festivities. Weddings are the most obvious, of course, but bachelorette parties, pageants, and proms are the other stages upon which the piece can shine.

The product has received generally favorable reviews on Amazon. It has an average rating of 4.4 stars out of 5 from 367 reviews. The price was a big hit with most reviewers and the product gained very high value for money ratings. Most customer reviews praised the look and design of the headpiece, with many Arwen cosplayers raving about how it connected them to their favorite heroine. Many happy brides shared their joy over the piece on their big days. Some customers regard the dainty and delicate leaf band to be the perfect representation of femininity and fertility, making it the ideal wedding crown. Most users also praised how expensive the piece looks, given its affordable price.

On the other hand, the main criticism leveled against the leaf band was that it was badly sized and tended to be too big for a lot of people’s heads, prompting various improvisations, wigs, and resizing jobs. Other negative feedback sees customers complaining about the tiara being already broken at the time of delivery. The main dangling rhinestone is also targeted for criticism, with several reviewers complaining that the back of the stone can leave an indentation on the wearer’s forehead.

FXmimior Bohe Halloween Charm Head Chain

Unlike the more formal crowns and tiaras on this list, this little head charm chain presents a fun opportunity to match Arwen’s more casual style. Much like a gypsy festival head chain, FXmimior’s Bohe headpiece is easy to slip on, and a light, piece of jewelry which no doubt serves as a conversation starter at any party or festival one rocks it to. It is also a handy way to make one’s hairstyle look more glamorous at short notice, as the gleaming rhinestones that make up its chains converge towards a thumb-sized, and droplet-shaped, crystal pendant placed front and center.

The chain is made from a high-quality alloy that is available in silver, gold, or rose gold. It is studded with clear rhinestones and crafted to make an intricate little web of chains. The centremost chain runs straight from the pendant all the way to the back of the wearer’s head, effectively splitting their hair down the middle part. The chains are all adjustable and easily resizable to suit any head dimensions. 

The Bohe head chain is a great piece to wear to cosplays, graduations, informal parties, and weddings. It is not bad for casual wear either. Regardless of the occasion, the head chain is bound to attract eyeballs wherever it is worn.

As easy as it is to put on the Bohe chain and go about your business, FXmimior warns that there are key maintenance considerations to always remember. Friction is a big no-no, especially against the skin. The chain must also be kept dry at all times and should not be directly exposed to water, perfume, lotions, creams, alcohol, or sweat. Forget about swimming with it on, or taking it on the treadmill at the gym. Falling asleep with the delicate chain on is not recommended for several reasons as well, although this rule could prove difficult to follow if the parties one attends are heavy on the ale. The piece should be cleaned gently with a soft dry cloth that minimizes scratching. Owners should keep the head chain in a cool and dry place when not in use, and a sealed storage medium would be ideal.

FXmimior offers a return policy for the head chain, subject to a few conditions. They offer full refunds in cases where the product has any quality problems. They also give full refunds for most new and unopened items purchased through Amazon, provided the claim is made within 30 days of the delivery date. Any refund request will be granted if the returned item is in brand-new condition and not used. An original label must also be present for a refund to be given.

The Bohe head chain has, so far, received 4 out of 5 stars from 369 reviews on Amazon. Most customers responded positively to the chain’s unique design and expensive-looking rhinestones. There was also great appreciation for how situationally versatile the piece is, and how it complements different outfit types. The price is another point of acclaim, with reviewers revealing pleasant surprise at how exquisite it looks for an item at its particular price point.

Negative feedback varies, as some problems with the product are seemingly unique to a few individuals. One individual complained that her sweating while wearing the headpiece eventually led to temporary skin discoloration on her forehead. Other complaints included the chains easily becoming entangled, the headpiece constantly slipping, and the chain links becoming undone regularly. Some people complained that the piece was “front heavy” and continually slipped into their faces.

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