10 Best Asian Christmas Movies

best asian christmas movies

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Asians, whether we are talking about Asian-Americans or simply the Asians themselves, are known pretty well for their brand of movies and shows. In that regard, there are also some Asian Christmas movies that can get you in the holiday mood, especially if you are of Asian heritage. This is why we are here to look at the best Asian Christmas movies.

The thing you need to know about Asian movies, whether they be Asian-American or pure Asian movies, is that they deal with a lot of diverse themes that you don’t always see in other types of movies. That is why, whether you are Asian or not, you will really love Asian Christmas movies that not only deal with Christmas themes but other types of themes as well.

Best Asian Christmas Movies

Asian movies have always had a special place in the film industry because of how they tackle different themes that you don’t always see in other types of movies. That said, even though Christmas isn’t as big in Asia as it is in the West, there are still amazing Asian Christmas movies that you should try watching if you want to spend some quality time with your family during the holidays.

1. A Sugar and Spice Holiday (2020)

A Sugar and Spice Holiday (2020)

A Sugar and Spice Holiday follows the story of Suzie, who works as an architect. The rising star decides to go back home to her small town in Maine at Christmas. But the problem here is that she was pushed to continue her grandmother’s legacy.

This leads her to join the local gingerbread house competition. It then leads us to the events of the entire movie. So, the thing about A Sugar and Spice Holiday is that it allows us to see the dichotomy between the younger Asian generations and the older and more traditional Asians.

2. Christmas in August (1998)

Christmas in August (1998)

Christmas in August is a South Korean film that focuses on a character named Jung-won, a photographer in his 30s. He spends most of his time in his small studio working on different photos that explore the lives of the people he takes photos of.

Jung-won eventually meets Da-rim, who works as a traffic constable. She comes to Jung-won’s studio to have photos of traffic violations developed, and this leads to her developing romantic feelings for him. However, Jung-won, due to his mundane lifestyle, was oblivious to her feelings and advances.

3. The Tower (2012)

The Tower (2012)

The Tower may be a movie that happens during the holidays, but it actually is a thriller and action movie that keeps the heart pumping throughout the entire time. What happens in this film is that it is Christmas Eve and the owner of a building decides to throw a big Christmas party. Helicopters are flying around the building for the event, but the snowstorm forces one of the helicopters to crash on the building, which sets the building ablaze, all while sending shards to the merrymakers.

This is where the entire thriller portion of the movie becomes apparent, as what was supposed to be a lavish celebration becomes a fatal infernal party. It becomes an adventure that shows the lengths that the partygoers are willing to go so that they can survive.

4. Christmas on July 24th Avenue (2006)

Christmas on July 24th Avenue (2006)

Christmas on July 24th Avenue is a Japanese film that explores Sayuri, who is a simple office worker in Nagasaki, Japan. Sayuri usually spends her time reading different romantic manga set in Europe, and that is why she dreams of one day going to Europe to get swept off her feet by the man of her dreams.

Her crush returns from Tokyo, she plans on changing her appearance so that she would eventually get noticed by the man of her dreams, all while fulfilling her romantic fantasies.

5. Tokyo Godfathers (2003)

Tokyo Godfathers (2003)

Tokyo Godfathers is one of the best and most celebrated Japanese anime films. The film revolves around the trio of Gin, Miyuki, and Hana, who are homeless people living on the streets of Tokyo. As they rummaged for food in the trash, they discovered a newborn baby in the bin.

All while the entire city of Tokyo was in the middle of the Christmas Eve rush, the trio decided to use whatever clues they had to search for the baby’s parents so that they could return it home in time for Christmas.

6. It All Began When I Met You (2013)

It All Began When I Met You (2013)

It All Began When I Met You is a Japanese film that is actually inspired by the British romantic film Love Actually. As such, the film doesn’t exactly have a core focus of stars, as it revolves around six separate stories that are loosely connected to one another.

In a way, this film resembles Western film counterparts such as Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Eve because of how there are multiple stories that are explored. However, It All Began When I Met You has ten different characters at Tokyo Station during Christmas Eve. 

7. The Christmas Bow (2020)

The Christmas Bow (2020)

The Christmas Bow is an American film that stars an actress of Asian roots. This movie revolves around a promising violinist who is actually on the rise in her career until an injury forces her to put her career on hold.


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Because of the injury, she decided to reconnect with her family and an old family friend back at home while she was recovering from her injury during the Christmas holiday.

8. Until The Lights Come Back (2005)

Until The Lights Come Back (2005)

Until The Lights Come Back is another film that is similar to Love Actually because the film revolves around several central characters. However, it also incorporates elements of A Christmas Carol, the classic Dickens story about Scrooge.

However, the difference in this film is that it is actually a pretty dark film that forces the characters to face the demons of their past so that they can move on and enjoy their life. So, in a way, the film is all about metaphorically and literally coming back from the darkness.

9. Happy Ero Christmas (2003)

Happy Ero Christmas (2003)

Happy Ero Christmas is a South Korean film that explores a love triangle. In a sense, it does feature common romantic comedy tropes but has a special way of putting it because of the Christmas theme that it uses.

So, the movie revolves around a cop and a mobster boss, who both fall in love with the same girl. Now, they try to win the heart of the girl in the hopes of convincing her to spend Christmas with either of them.

10. Merry Christmas (1984)

Merry Christmas (1984)

We depart from the usual Asian-American, Korean, and Japanese films to deliver a classic Hong Kong film that was released in 1984. Merry Christmas explores a widower named Baldy, who is in love with his neighbor Siu Fung but is unable to tell her his feelings until another man enters the scene.

Of course, Baldy’s children were also instrumental in eventually convincing him to try to date their neighbor. But Uncle Sam, Siu Fung’s cousin, returns from the US to propose to Siu Fung. This leads to the entire love triangle between the central characters of the film.

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