The 10 Best Asian Christmas Movies of All Time

best asian christmas movies

Christmas is a festive season that is celebrated in different ways around the world. While some countries have a long tradition of Christmas movies, others have only recently started to produce their own holiday films. In this article, we will explore the 10 best Asian Christmas movies, from Japan, Korea, China, and other regions. These movies showcase the diversity and creativity of Asian cinema, as well as the unique cultural aspects of celebrating Christmas in Asia. Whether you are looking for romance, comedy, drama, or action, you will find something to enjoy in these Asian Christmas movies.

1. ‘A Sugar and Spice Holiday’ (2020)

A Sugar and Spice Holiday (2020)

In ‘A Sugar and Spice Holiday,’ Suzie, an architect, decides to return to her Maine hometown for Christmas. The plot unfolds as she is compelled to carry on her grandmother’s legacy by participating in the local gingerbread house competition. The movie explores the contrast between younger Asian generations and their more traditional counterparts, offering insights into cultural dynamics.

2. ‘Christmas in August’ (1998)

Christmas in August (1998)

‘Christmas in August’ is a South Korean film centered around Jung-won, a photographer in his 30s, who dedicates his time to capturing the lives of his subjects. The plot takes a romantic turn when Da-rim, a traffic constable, visits Jung-won’s studio to develop photos of traffic violations. Despite her growing feelings for him, Jung-won remains oblivious to her advances, adding a layer of romantic tension to the narrative.

3. ‘The Tower’ (2012)

The Tower (2012)

‘The Tower’ unfolds as a gripping thriller and action movie set during the holidays. On Christmas Eve, a building owner hosts a grand celebration with helicopters flying around the venue. However, a snowstorm leads to a helicopter crash, causing a fiery disaster and endangering the revelers. The film transforms a festive occasion into a suspenseful survival adventure, revealing the characters’ desperate efforts to stay alive amidst the chaos.


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4. ‘Christmas on July 24th Avenue’ (2006)

Christmas on July 24th Avenue (2006)

‘Christmas on July 24th Avenue’ is a Japanese film centered around Sayuri, an office worker in Nagasaki, Japan. Sayuri, immersed in romantic manga set in Europe, dreams of finding love on the continent. When her crush returns from Tokyo, she decides to transform her appearance in hopes of catching his attention and fulfilling her romantic fantasies. The film explores Sayuri’s journey to make her dreams come true.

5. ‘Tokyo Godfathers’ (2003)

Tokyo Godfathers (2003)

‘Tokyo Godfathers’ is a highly acclaimed Japanese anime film depicting the lives of homeless individuals, Gin, Miyuki, and Hana, in Tokyo. On Christmas Eve, while scavenging for food, they find an abandoned newborn baby. Despite the bustling city around them, the trio embarks on a quest to locate the baby’s parents, determined to reunite the infant with its family before Christmas arrives.

6. ‘It All Began When I Met You’ (2013)

It All Began When I Met You (2013)

Inspired by the British romantic film ‘Love Actually,’ the Japanese film ‘It All Began When I Met You’ follows a format similar to Western films like ‘Valentine’s Day’ and ‘New Year’s Eve.’ The narrative weaves together six loosely connected stories featuring ten different characters at Tokyo Station on Christmas Eve. The film explores various relationships and encounters, capturing the essence of love and connection during the festive season.


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7. ‘The Christmas Bow’ (2020)

The Christmas Bow (2020)

‘The Christmas Bow’ is an American film featuring an actress of Asian descent. The story follows a talented violinist whose burgeoning career is interrupted by an injury, compelling her to take a break. During the Christmas holiday, she returns home to reconnect with her family and an old family friend, navigating the challenges of recovery and rediscovery.

8. ‘Until The Lights Come Back’ (2005)

Until The Lights Come Back (2005)

‘Until The Lights Come Back’ is a film reminiscent of ‘Love Actually’ and infused with elements from Dickens’ ‘A Christmas Carol.’ The story follows multiple central characters as they confront the demons of their past, both metaphorically and literally, in a dark and transformative journey. The film explores the theme of emerging from darkness to embrace life anew.

9. ‘Happy Ero Christmas’ (2003)

Happy Ero Christmas (2003)

‘Happy Ero Christmas’ is a South Korean film that navigates a love triangle with a unique twist, blending common romantic comedy tropes with a Christmas theme. The story centers around a cop and a mobster boss vying for the affection of the same girl, both attempting to win her heart and persuade her to spend Christmas with them.

10. ‘Merry Christmas’ (1984)

Merry Christmas (1984)

‘Merry Christmas,’ a classic Hong Kong film from 1984, delves into the story of a widower named Baldy who harbors feelings for his neighbor Siu Fung but struggles to express them. As Baldy’s children play a role in encouraging him to pursue a relationship with their neighbor, the plot takes a twist with the arrival of Uncle Sam, Siu Fung’s cousin, who proposes to her. The film unfolds into a love triangle involving the central characters.

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