10 Best Easter Eggs In The Batman (Explained)


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One of the things that are actually common in a lot of different superhero movies is that the director tends to put a lot of different details that fans look out for because of how they are connected to the source material or to the other superhero movies as well. These are called easter eggs because fans need to keep their eyes open to catch them. And with the release of The Batman, we are here to look at some of the best easter eggs that you may have missed in DC’s newest superhero movie.

1. The Possible Sequel

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The Riddler in The Batman is actually a pretty well-written villain that may resemble the modus operandi of some of the villains we have seen in previous movies. Particularly, he is quite similar to the Zodiac Killer in the sense that he leaves behind clues that Batman and the detective shave to solve so that they can proceed with the case and find out what the Riddler is really up to. And he actually leaves behind greeting cards for the Batman as one of the ways to leave behind clues.

However, if you take a good look at the greeting cards that the Riddler leaves behind for the dark knight, you will see that they do make a reference to some of the different rogues that Batman has encountered in the comics and the animated movies and series. And we can’t help but notice that the first card has an owl.


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Those who follow the story of Batman in the comics would be familiar with the Court of Owls, which is a group of different high-profile Gotham citizens that secretly convene in a court to discuss the future of the city. It might be possible that the Court of Owls is the next story in the docket in the revival of the story of The Batman.

2. The Long Halloween

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One of the most popular miniseries in the comic book side of things is the Long Halloween. The fact that The Batman’s story begins on Halloween is also a good way of allowing us to see that there were several elements in the movie that were borrowed from the Long Halloween (including Carmine Falcone). However, unlike the Long Halloween, which takes place over an entire year from one Halloween to another, The Batman takes place at a much shorter time frame.

But while their stories are different, you can see that The Batman may have been influenced by the Long Halloween. The comic book story revolves around Batman chasing around a villain called Holiday, who goes around killing someone during a holiday on every month of the calendar. And, like the movie, there is a conflict between the Maroni and the Falcone crime families of Gotham.

So, despite the fact that the story revolves more around the Riddler, the fact that Batman becomes more of a detective in this Zodiac Killer-like movie allows us to see similarities between the film and the story of the Long Halloween, albeit the setting of the movie takes place at a much shorter time frame.

3. Martha And The Arkham Family

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One of the things that The Batman shows differently is the Wayne family. Of course, it is worthy to note that we were not shown how Bruce Wayne descended into darkness to become Batman because we didn’t even see his parents getting killed. Instead, the movie simply allows us to understand that the deaths of Thomas and Martha Wayne were the catalysts that allowed Bruce to become the spirit of vengeance as a younger version of Batman.

As mentioned, the Wayne family was depicted differently here because we got to understand that neither Thomas nor Martha were entirely perfect. The Riddler made us see the darker sides of the Wayne family, and that wasn’t something that Bruce knew because, like most of us, we believed that both Thomas and Martha were near-perfect people that didn’t make any mistakes.

However, we did see in the movie that Thomas’s hands weren’t exactly clean and that Martha had a history with the Arkham family, considering that she herself was an Arkham before she became a Wayne. And that is quite possibly an Earth One reference, wherein Martha was an Arkham.


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For those who don’t know, the Waynes and the Arkhams are two of the most prominent families in Gotham. The reason why being an Arkham was such an issue is that the Arkham family isn’t exactly known for being the cleanest family, especially when you consider their role in a major cover-up that happened. And Martha was also actually secretly institutionalized in Arkham Asylum, and that fact makes us wonder about her mental health and how that plays a role in The Batman’s future.

4. Selina Kyle’s Father


Almost everyone knows who Bruce Wayne’s parents are because that was never a secret, considering that the death of his parents has always been a major event in his transformation. However, one of the things that not a lot of people are privy to is Selina Kyle’s lineage.

We all know that Selina is Catwoman. But most of the movies or comic books that we have seen about her character don’t necessarily talk a lot about her past. This is where the reference to the Long Halloween makes its appearance once again.

In the movie, Selina Kyle revealed that she is actually the daughter of Carmine Falcone as she is trying to get close enough to the crime boss to take revenge on what he did to her mother a long time ago. This is where the complexity of Selina Kyle’s character comes in as she ends up becoming a circumstantial ally to Batman due to her obsession for revenge.

5. The Riddler’s Different Names

the batman riddler paul dano.png

Like a lot of the different Batman villains that we have seen throughout the many decades of the story’s existence, the Riddler’s identity in the film is also kept a secret. Throughout the movie, he was only referred to by both the police and by Batman as the Riddler because of his penchant for leaving behind riddles in crime scenes.

But when the police finally apprehended the man behind the Riddler, we were made to believe that we actually got to find out what his real name was. Still, that wasn’t the case because of the fact that the movie version of the Riddler has different names that he uses as aliases.

After he was caught by the police, the apprehending officers found out that he was carrying different IDs that each had different names. Such names included Edward Nashton, Edward Nigma, and Patrick Parker. These are all names that he used in the comics and are not random names that the director came up with out of nowhere.

6. The Diss To Twilight?

Robert Pattinson twilight the batman 1200x680 1

One of the moments that many different fans certainly missed in The Batman is a scene wherein the Penguin made a reference that we believe is a diss to the Twilight movies that starred Robert Pattinson as the vampire named Edward Cullen. And we know how much Pattinson hates the Twilight films.


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In that scene, Batman goes to the Iceberg Lounge (more on this later) to talk to the Penguin about something that’s related to his investigation. The Penguin tells the waitress (Selina Kyle in disguise), “Mr. Vengeance is here, he doesn’t bite!”.

The Mr. Vengeance part is in reference to Batman being the spirit of Gotham’s vengeance at that early point in his life. However, we believe the biting part is in reference to his character as Edward Cullen back in the Twilight Saga, which is still his most popular series of films. 

Then again, the Penguin was just probably making a reference to him as a bat. But it would have been really nice if he was making a reference to Twilight in that scene.

7. A Possible Tim Drake Appearance

Jay Lycurgo as Tim Drake in Titans 1024x495 1

When we think about Batman, it can be tough not to think about Robin, his sidekick throughout the many decades of the dark knight’s existence as a character. Of course, there are plenty of different versions of Robin, and the third one is Tim Drake.

For those who saw the Titans TV series, we saw three different versions of Robin there. The first is Dick Grayson, who went on to become Nightwing. He was replaced by Jason Todd, who went on to become the villain, Red Hood, in season 3. But season 3 also allowed us to see Jason Todd, who is played by Jay Lycurgo.

Meanwhile, in The Batman, we actually saw Jay Lycurgo during the earlier portion of the movie when a group of criminals was assaulting innocent citizens. One of the members of that group was obviously showing signs of reservations towards their actions. That member is played by Jay Lycurgo.

However, before he actually auditioned for Titans, he had already completed his small role in The Batman. And that means that, while we may want to think of him as the Jason Todd version of the film, he already shot this scene before he even became Jason Todd on Titans.

8. Zero Year Flooding

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Near the very end of the film, we were able to see how the Riddler flooded the entire city of Gotham, and such an event was important to the development of the story and to Bruce Wayne’s character development because he was able to understand what the city needed was a hero and not a spirit of vengeance.

However, this scene is another easter egg that was pulled straight from the Zero Year comics. in Zero Year, we saw how the Riddler was able to flood the entire city so that it would turn into a wasteland. And it was that event that forced Batman to try to restore order to the city after the Riddler had taken control of it.

But the difference between the film and Zero Year is that the Riddler was already locked up when the flooding happened. Still, the flooding became an important part of the movie because it allowed both Gotham and Batman to start fresh by rebuilding from scratch.

9. Welcome To The Iceberg Lounge

iceberg lounge.png

The Penguin has been around as a Batman villain for a very long time, but it was only in 1995 that the Iceberg Lounge was introduced. Since then, it has made appearances in the comics quite a lot of times already, but it has never been shown onscreen in a Batman movie. Of course, it is interesting to note that the Penguin has only been in a few Batman movies.

However, The Batman shows the Iceberg Lounge for the very first time in a Batman movie. This is a high-end nightclub that the Penguin uses as the base of his criminal operations. And this is also where we got to see the Penguin for the first time in The Batman movie.

10. A Reference To Bane?

bane from batman arkham city

Near the end of the movie, Batman is seen fighting a group of Riddler henchmen. One of them shot him with a shotgun, and that left him injured. While Selina Kyle saved him from possible death, Catwoman was getting pummeled by a henchman while Bruce was lying helpless due to his injury.

Before it was too late, he took a green syringe that he used to provide him with the strength he needed to pick himself up and beat the henchman senselessly until Gordon came over to stop him from killing the man.


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This makes us wonder what that green liquid in the syringe was, as this could be a reference to the Venom that Bane uses to strengthen himself. It was never revealed what was inside that syringe, but it might be possible that it was a small dose of the same substance that Bane uses to reach levels of superhuman strength. But it may also be possible that it was just a shot of adrenaline.

Whatever the case may be, there is still a chance that it was a reference to the Venom that Bane uses. After all, Bane has always been one of the most popular Batman characters, and it would be interesting to see him in one of the future installments of the film series.

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