55 Best Hallmark Christmas Movies (Ranked)

Hallmark is well known for warm family movies and what best to get into the Christmas spirit than by watching movies. That is why, in this article, we are bringing you the best Hallmark Christmas movies.

To be sure you haven’t watched them all, we have made a big list. Not only that, but we have decided to rank all the best Hallmark Christmas movies so you can easily decide what to watch this Christmas.

Let’s check what we have in store for you.

Best Hallmark Christmas Movies Ranked

As you are probably aware, Hallmark makes warm movies, so expect a lot of happy endings mixed with the Christmas spirit below. We have sorted them in order as we like them, but all the movies on this list are great Christmas movies and you won’t go wrong with any of them. So check them out below.

55. The Note

Following a devastating aircraft, a crash reporter examines the scene only to discover an old note lying along the shore. It is believed to belong to an individual who was on the plane!

When she tries to find the person the note might be written for, she discovers more about her past than before! Read the book “The Note” to read this touching and enthralling tale!

54. Gingerbread Miracle

‘Gingerbread Miracle’ follows the story of Maya, a freelance attorney who, after suffering a minor career setback, seeks homage in an apartment above her parents’ garage and has been using the Casillas Panaderia as her makeshift office for the last couple of years.

This bakery is the same café where this lawyer worked in her teenage years alongside her crush and colleague Alejandro Casillas who happened to be the gorgeous nephew of the café’s owner.

Hence the café, known for its magical gingerbread cookies that are believed to grant wishes, has some lovely warm memories for Maya. But now, the owner wants to sell the establishment and enlists Maya’s help to help find a buyer. 

When Alex learns about the deal, he sets on a beeline home to celebrate one last Christmas in the bakery and help Maya find the best client regardless of whether the latter wants his assistance or not. 

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A new hunk from downtown Denver who owns a French pastry shop there shows up looking to buy the business. Alex, who is fresh from heartbreak, feels threatened by this new lad.

Despite what happened in their childhood and the hard feelings Maya holds for Alex, he doesn’t want to screw up a second chance with Maya and is pretty jealous about this new hotshot.

Fortunately, fate works in their favor, and all the parties involved eventually get their happy ending.

53. The Santa Stakeout

The story follows an optimistic, highly organized detective who must team up with a veteran gumshoe to solve a thread of holiday heists and murders that have swept through the city, threatening the merry of Christmas. They are mistaken for newlyweds during their snooping around, and now they must act the part lest they blow their cover.

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As they dig deeper in pursuit of the outcast committing these heinous atrocities, they realize that pretending to be together is a no-brainer as the magic of the holiday season takes over, making their usually tough assignment more enjoyable than they could have fathomed.

52. The Lost Valentine

It follows a television journalist, Susan Allison (Hewitt), working on an individual profile, Caroline Thomas (White), whose husband was a naval aviator and a Lieutenant. Neil Thomas was declared MIA 60 years ago, during World War II. 

Susan has a disagreement with her great-grandson, Lucas Thomas (Faris), who overhears her discussing the potential story as a fake and not a personal tale, as she is unsure if the lieutenant actually exists. 

Susan apologizes and then manages to get the interview started, and then begins to spend time with Caroline and Lucas. The growing friendship she is developing with Lucas leads her to question her connection with her boyfriend, Andrew Hawthorne, a photographer who frequently is absent from the country.

51. A Princess of Christmas

This film is great to watch if you’ve been missing the Christmas season! In this Hallmark film, the protagonist is given an invitation to celebrate Christmas in a beautiful castle!

She also meets an old friend and the new prince, all of whom are involved in her motive for accepting the invitation! Discover the story in this obscure royal film!

50. Christmas Town

The Christmas tree is lit up. Make yourself a cozy cup of hot chocolate. It’s time to watch one of the best Hallmark Christmas films!

In this acclaimed film, Candace Cameron Bure stars as Lauren, who packs up her belongings and moves across the country from Boston to a tiny village known as Grandon Falls. In the village, she develops a liking and even loves experiencing Christmas in a town with new people!

Christmas Town is sure to get you in the festive spirit! It’s also a relatable film for those who have had the experience of being the youngster in town!

49. Love Locks

In this Hallmark film, a girl called Lindsey decides to come back to Paris, France after being away for over 20 years. Her return results in her reconnecting with her college friend!

Love Locks is the film to see if you’re looking to experience a wild adventure without leaving the safety in the comfort of your home!

48. Dater’s Handbook

Before she became the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle was appearing in Hallmark films like this one! In this movie, her character Cass is intrigued by a book about dating!

After doing this the woman loses herself and alters her entire personality to reflect the type of one, she believes people will like. In the end, she realizes that all of this was unnecessary because the man she’s looking for has been there for her throughout! 

Take a look at this film to watch Meghan Markle’s character caught in an ecstatic relationship that many of us have been in!

47. Christmas In My Heart

The story is basically about a famous country singer who is a widower and a single father as he navigates raising his biracial daughter, a promising violin player with the help of his mother-in-law and his daughter’s teacher in his late wife’s hometown.

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Despite having a downsized cast, ‘Christmas in My Heart’ manages to create the illusion of a loving, tight-knit community in the Charleston area in West Virginia. All the characters crafted in the narrative contribute to the story’s development and the advancement of its themes. This all makes it why we have included it on our list of the best Hallmark Christmas movies.

46. A Country Wedding

As one of Hallmark’s most talked about films, it certainly does not disappoint! Bradley is a country music star who is on his way to marry Catherine the actress!

In the process before doing so, he travels to his hometown as he prepares to sell his home from childhood. In the meantime, he renews his romance with Sarah the girl he was in his youth with whom he fell in love! The story of a Country Wedding will have you in awe of this romantic love story!

45. A Royal Christmas

The Royal Christmas is one of the most unforgettable Hallmark Christmas films!

Famous for her role in the film Gretchen Wieners in Mean Girls, Lacey Chabert is in the film as Emily who is a sewing machine maker from Philadelphia. She attracts the attention of the Prince Leopold of Cordinia when he is overwhelmed by her!

However, his mother, the Queen, isn’t as happy as Prince Leopold is. The Queen makes it her goal to break them apart! Take a look at Jane Seymour who you will feel the absolute joy from this film!

44. Harvest Moon

Jennifer was living in the comfort of her trust funds and could not access them when her family became bankrupt. She decides to take over a farm that grows pumpkins in the hope of making it better. After that, she falls in love with the owner at the farm Brett.

If you want to experience some warm autumnal vibes, you will enjoy Harvest Moon!

43. The Christmas Ornament

Kathy loses her Christmas spirit, and just when she believes it’s too late to regain the spirit, the charming owner of the store shows her otherwise by presenting the gift of a small amount! At first, she’s going to stay clear of any holiday rituals to avoid thinking of her husband, who passed away a while ago.

She realizes there is the possibility to make it in the future, with her family, while keeping the memories of times spent together with the man she loves!

42. All of My Heart

Another time, Lacey Chabert aces her part on Hallmark’s All of My Heart! When a woman named Jenny is unexpectedly gifted half of a country house She is delighted to move out and begin her new life!

It sounds too amazing to be true you say? I’m sure! The problem is that the owner is an unemployed trader who fits with the exact opposite of who Jenny is. The film continues to show they have disagreements about the decor and organization of the home.

Even with their differences, they quickly discover that their lives together might not be so bad when there’s the possibility of creating something that’s missing within their own lives. You’ll be on the screen when you watch this If you love Lacey Chabert as much as I love her!

41. Right Infront of Me

Carly who is played in the show by Pretty Little Liars actor, Janel Parrish, takes advice from her friend Nick on how to make her college crush pay attention to her. He realizes that he is not the one who she thinks he’s!

When she follows Nick’s advice, she learns who she’s fallen in love with all the time! This film is a must-see if you enjoyed watching Janel Parrish before her roles in All the Boys I Loved Before and Pretty Little Liars!

40. Unleashing Mr. Darcy

When she decides to register her dog for a contest, Elizabeth becomes conflicted by the manipulative judge Donovan Darcy, who can’t look eye to eye!

However, they have to collaborate regardless, and they will eventually develop a bond with each other. The Hallmark movie is the Ideal love-hate trope you’ve wanted to see!

39. Marrying Mr. Darcy

There is only one thing…Elizabeth is a teacher while Donovan is an entrepreneur. Their diverse lives make their journey to the wedding a challenging one!

Take a look at this Hallmark film to give you that dream wedding closure Unleashing Darcy that you’ve been looking for!

38. A Brush with Love

If a struggling artist follows guidance from her closest acquaintance to draw her ideal man in hopes that it will lead her to the perfect man for her. They then find him in the real world!

37. Fallen Angel

A lawyer arrives at the home of his father’s late wife to settle his affairs, and then leaves, he runs into a woman that appears similar to him. He is then reminded of the traumatic experiences from his childhood is driven to take action to heal!

36. Eight Gifts of Hanukkah

An anonymous suitor sends optometrist Sara a gift for each night of Hanukkah. On her journey to find her secret admirer, she learns her one true love might be someone she never expected.

35. A Novel Romance

A famous writer decides to relocate to Portland to find inspiration and get rid of writer’s block. In the midst of all this, he discovers he is getting a crush on an acclaimed novel critic!

Yet, they don’t disclose their identities or their motives at once, which creates one-of-a-kind faith! This Hallmark film will enthrall you to witness new plot developments after each one.

34. A Ring by Spring

When Rachel feels lonely and unsure of her next steps, she decides to find out the truth by visiting an expert fortune-teller. Fortune-teller told her, if she didn’t get married shortly, she could remain single for the rest of her life!

Naturally, she gets scared and will do everything to ensure she doesn’t have the dark future expected of her! The Ring by Spring is the perfect movie for you if you want to enjoy a movie that doesn’t contain a dull moment.

33. The Color of Rain

In this Hallmark film, a man and woman recently lost their partner because of sickness! As they grieve, they bond with each other and realize they have a lot more they wish for their futures and how they’ll get through the grief!

32. Crown for Christmas

In this Hallmark Christmas movie, Allie Evans gets fired from her job in the New York City hotel as an attendant. She then gets the job of a governess for a young girl that belongs to the European royal family.

As the Christmas season draws nearer as Christmas approaches, she starts to draw interest from the King. Who she might or might not be attracted to!

31. When Sparks Fly

Amy is an editor living in a big city. She returns to her hometown after she discovers that the love of her life is a former flame!

With it gets closer to the Fourth-day celebration that she had hoped to return home. As her return draws closer, Amy must conclude whether she loves the former relationship she had left in the past to pursue a career!

30. A Bone to Pick

Aurora Teagarden has inherited a new home and is eager to dig! She discovers an undiscovered skull in the house!

Now, she has to find out who the victim was and bring justice! You can’t be wrong with a great Hallmark crime story, and Aurora Teagarden has it best!

29. Autumn Dreams

Autumn Dreams lives up to its name when two previously divorced couples discover the gaps in their divorce documents and need to come together to resolve their problem! After doing this they discover that the emotions that they had a few years ago are returning!

28. All of My Heart: The Wedding

Brian as well as Jenny of the series All of Heart along with All of My Heart and All of Heart: Inn Love is back for their wedding and could not be more thrilled! While they are making plans for the event, Jenny receives the news that a relative who isn’t Jenny’s claims the hotel as their home!

In the blink of an eye, the wedding has to be stopped! The wedding must stop! Jenny and Brian find how to resolve the issue and make sure that their wedding will continue as they watch this classic Hallmark film!

27. One December Night

The narrative follows Steve Bedford, played by Bruce Campbell and Mike Sullivan, a role embodied by Peter Gallagher, a retired duo who used to be quite the hit in country and rock genres during their heyday, calling themselves Bedford& Sullivan.

However, the band isn’t together anymore as they called it quits a decade ago, and we must say, the split wasn’t on good terms.

After separation, Steve spent his time touring solo while performing all the tunes written by his former bandmate Mike. On the other hand, Mike became some sort of hermit after his wife died, wallowing in grief and self-loathness. The duo’s relationship is still sour, to say the least.

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However, in an attempt to bury their hatchet and move forward, they are set to jointly perform in an upcoming holiday concert which not only will see the two friends turned foes share the stage after 10 years but will also be broadcast live on national television.

The challenging task of wrangling Mike’s ego and Steve’s disinterest lies in the hands of the former partner’s children hands, Jason Bedford, played by Brett Dalton and Quinn Sullivan embodied by Eloise Mumford.

Both kids are also in the music industry, and they are motivated by personal and professional reasons to make sure that their dads take the stage together like in the old times and reconcile live in front of the whole world.

26. Real Murder: An Aurora Teagarden Mystery

The most recent gathering of Lawrenceton librarian Aurora “Ro” Teagarden’s real murders discussion group was canceled following the death of one of the club members who was found brutally beaten to death. 

Homicide Detective Lynn Liggett-Smith is conducting the investigation, the husband of another detective and Ro’s ex-boyfriend and club member, Arthur Smith. 

There’s no romance between Lynn and Ro due to Ro’s sleuthing skills in the earlier murder cases in town. In the wake of a call to the venue at the beginning of the evening that referred to the Julia Wallace murder, the initial assumption of Ro based on this evidence circumstantial is that the person responsible for the murder could be one of the members of the club. 

Julia Wallace’s murder unsolved since 1934, the case that only club members could have known was scheduled to be addressed at the meeting resembles this murder.

Robin’s accidental arrival at the scene and his apparent inability or refusal to provide an excuse for the date of the murder also put Robin on the suspect list. Similar to the detectives Ro and the club members investigating, other members of the club and their families are also targeted by the killer, with every attempt resembling the case previously discussed by the group. 

Ro is determined to find out who the next victim is to stop attempts to succeed and discover the person’s identity responsible for the murder. She must also decide if she wants to believe in Robin, two people who are beginning to feel affection towards each other.

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25. The Watsons Go to Birmingham

The film is based on the novel. The first chapter introduces Kenny as a bright and shy 4th grader who has difficulties making friends once Rufus Fry arrives in town from Arkansas. Students also bully Rufus at Clark Elementary because of the “country” clothes and accent, making Kenny unwilling to make friends with Rufus at first however, they soon become together.

Kenny is bullied as well as is protected by his older brother Byron and his best friend, Buphead. Who he describes as “an official teenage juvenile delinquent”. Byron has been re-assigned two times because he frequently skips school, and is currently in the 6th grade. 

He has several “fantastic adventures” which constantly cause him to be in trouble. These involve playing with matches in the house, burning things and using his parents’ credit card at the corner supermarket to purchase treats for himself, and obtaining the “conk” hairstyle against his parents’ wishes.

24. Love, Again

A young couple Jeremy Hoffbrauer and Amanda Baker visit their parents at their wedding venue of choice, rustic for a cookout while getting acquainted. David as well as Chloe Baker fell in love and got married there but split with various careers. They barely managed to delay their divorce plans to protect their happy marriage. 

However, David’s love of the girls within his own family and even the possibility of losing the crucial deal in his latest venture, one of the many risky ventures that are on the brink of bankruptcy and final riches and entices Chloe to fall still in love with him. If spoiled Amanda is furious about Jeremy’s care but insufficient to influence his comments about the wedding even more important. 

Her parents share their problems to convince her that true the word “love” is a verb and overcome any practical hurdles caused by an unforeseen storm.

23. The Nine Lives of Christmas

Brandon Routh’s Zachary Stone is a fireman who is at the highest level of his profession. He loves flipping houses for fun. He has a well-organized life. However, when a cute tabby cat called Ambrose appears one day, his world is turned upside down.

Marilee (Sustad) is a student in veterinary school who is passionate about animals. She has kept her cat from her landlord. She is employed in a pet-related shop while attending school.

So, when Brandon and Marilee meet, they have instant chemistry. However, neither one of them is prepared to let that change will be bringing into their lives. But their cats assist them to realize that change could be just the thing they’re looking for.

22. Aurora Teagarden Mysteries: Heist and Seek

In the novel AURORA: TEAGARDEN MYSTERIES SEEK AND HEIST, Aurora and her friends have to figure out who took the crown of the Tudor era of Britain. Which was to be displayed in the library in which Aurora is employed. Based on the bestselling mysteries written by Charlaine Harris, it’s an engaging, well-crafted mystery that has some interesting twists, and a moral ethos that stresses the truth and justice.

Aurora Teagarden works for the library, which has an important fundraiser scheduled for the coming days. Everyone is over the moon about an old crown from the Tudor period. It has not been removed from the history museum, but will now be on display at the event.

The most important moment of the event is the crown’s unveiling. But when you open the curtains, they discover that the crown is not in the case. Every participant in the event must be searched before being allowed to leave the location. Of course, Aurora is interested in helping solve the mystery. She teams up along with her boyfriend Nick and her friends from the Real Murders Club to try to unravel the mystery.

21. Christmas in Vienna

Jess is a violinist in concert who is in Vienna for the holiday season. She will perform in a concert hall. On the square in Vienna, Jess meets a handsome gentleman known as Mark. It turns out Mark is a cousin of Jess who is her BFF Tori. A friend of hers asks Jess to dress as Maria Von Trapp and look after her kids when she’s out of town.

At a fancy dinner celebration, Mark and Jess run into each other again. They chat about how lovely Mark is and then they dance. It’s not true, Mark doesn’t dance, and the situation gets very awkward. Things become worse the next day when Jess discovers the fact that Mark is her cousin.

20. Midnight Masquerade

If Elyse is introduced to Rob at a party and they both love each other. While they are in the midst of love, Rob finds out that Elyse’s estate is being sought by someone else. Rob must now fight for Elyse, and show his love to her!

This film is packed with twists and turns that will surely delight you. If you’re looking for a film that entertains beginning until the end credits.

19. Once Upon a Prince

Susana is a regular woman’s appearance and all that gets changed when she meets an actual prince. From there, they are unbreakable! After that, Susana becomes shocked to learn the prince she loves is soon to be named King.

The plot gets more complicated when the Queen is unable to be happy with her son’s new girlfriend. Hallmark’s Once a Time a Prince is a must-see film for anyone looking for an interesting mix of rivalry and royalty.

18. Framed for Murder: A Fixer Upper Mystery

Shannon is back to combat the law with the latest Fixer-Upper Mystery. She is a well-known home renovation expert who has settled within Lighthouse Cove, a small resort town. As she is beginning to settle into her new house and renovation, her neighbor and a sort of acquaintance are murdered.

Then, she sets out on her task to construct an investigation into the crime with the assistance of a renowned crime reporter with whom she will later is friends. It’s a thrilling action as well as a murder Hallmark film that will keep you guessing until the close.

17. Christmas at Dollywood

CHRISTMAS AT DOLLYWOOD takes Rachel as an event organizer and single mom who returns to her hometown in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee to prepare for the 30th anniversary of the Dollywood’s Smokey Mountain Christmas. Where she teamed up with Luke the new director of Operations, to make the annual event larger than ever before. It is a fun and heartwarming film and has an incredibly Christian moral stance and no objectionable content.

The film begins with an annual Christmas fashion event that takes place in New York City. Rachel is the one who came up with the show, and she hopes that her boss to sponsor another event after the current one is finished. Her boss offers her the holiday off, so Rachel decides to eat dinner on the following night with an acquaintance at home.

The dinner she has with her old acquaintance turns into an official meeting. The friend tells her Rachel is in the attention of Dolly Parton because Dolly’s event planner has fallen through. 

So, they’re looking for someone to help plan Dollywood’s 30th-anniversary Smokey Mountain Christmas celebration. Rachel decides to apply for the position. She’s also eager to take her daughter back to her family at Christmas time in the first year she’s had.

16. Sarah, Plain, and Tall

I’ll throw in the 90s classic. A farmer called Jacob becomes widowed after losing his wife Jacob begins to realize how difficult it is to look after both his kids and the property.

Then, he posts an advertisement out in search of an enduring partner who can give him a sense of stability in his life. A woman known as Sarah replies to his advertisement by describing herself as “Sarah, Plain, and Tall.”

When she finally gets to meet Jacob, the children begin to question Sarah’s entry into the extended family. This film is nostalgic and has a vintage look.

15. Crossword Mysteries: Proposing Murder

A beloved colleague of hers been killed. She must now determine who was responsible with the assistance of Lt. Logan O’Connor. She is aware that the day he was killed was the day that the New York Sentinel Crosswords published his marriage proposal.

This action-packed film is worth it to watch, especially if you are looking to watch Lacey Chabert in a mystery film.

14. Don’t Go Breaking My Heart

A well-known reporter goes to investigate the heartbreak Bootcamp. The proprietor of the camp says that the facility helps mend broken hearts. Now, Paevey’s character has to determine whether or not the facility is an enticement.

13. Royal Hearts

Hank Pavlik is the head of the ranch in Montana and his daughter Kelly has a job as an assistant at Montana State University, an unrequited romantic. An attorney called Mr. Grimsby arrives to give Hank the news of the need to travel to Merania. 

As they reach Merania, they find they are told that Hank is the inheritor of Merania’s crown. Merania due to the death of a family member of theirs, King Viktor was killed.

When Kelly is trying to convince her father to claim his title of king is greeted by her royal stable child called Alex. Hank assists in improving Merania as the kingdom of Agnosia under the leadership of King Nikolas will seek to take over the reins of Merania if Hank does not want to remain the king of that kingdom.

As it was reported by the king that Merania and Agnosia were one nation centuries ago.

12. Elevator Girl

In this Hallmark movie, Lacey Chabert stars as an ordinary woman who is enjoying a relaxing, easy life. A successful lawyer who realizes that she has completely smitten him. This initially makes him feel confused.

The story goes on to reveal sparks fly between them after they find themselves inside an elevator. Their different worlds collide, and the two teenagers can see beyond their differences to find something in common: love.

11. Home By Spring

“Home By Spring”, a film available on Hallmark, tells Loretta’s story who digs for herself after she decides to act like Amy their boss from the company that manages events she works for in LA. A girl from a small town, Loretta had always dreamt of living fully and successfully in the big city. She ends her relationship with her boyfriend and her mother at home and relocated to LA for the sake of pursuing her dream.

However, after her manager Amy was a bit too smug and promoted another employee, Loretta decided to maintain her deceit and promise to assist a client – Paul to win over the father’s girlfriend. 

She returns to her hometown to assist Paul to reconnect with Arthur to convince him to marry his daughter Paul, Loretta reconnects with her mother and boyfriend and is thrilled to see her again.

As the lies keep growing more tangled, the situation becomes difficult to handle. At last, Paul finds out the truth, but he agrees to continue the lie to make a statement to Arthur. Loretta can convince Arthur to realize that his daughter’s happiness is the only thing that matters to him, and brings Paul along with Michelle together.

10. Flower Shop Mystery: Dearly Depotted

Abby has been a floor designer at Bloomers. She will also be a bridesmaid at the wedding, where she will arrange the flowers too. When a wedding crashing victim is killed, Abby must get to the bottom of the matter.

9. Royally Ever After

A school teacher is confused when she finds that her husband will become the prince of the kingdom! That means she’s going likely to become a princess! There’s just one problem…getting the family of the prince to love her.

Being disapproved of by your spouse’s family members is a tense situation that several have faced. Watch this film to see how the whole thing unfolds and if love is the winner at the end.

8. Love, Fall, and Order

Claire plays in the role of Erin Cahill heads to her hometown to assist with the preparations, only to be confronted by her school’s rival.

She is apprehensive about working with him. However, just when she thinks her vacation has been destroyed unexpected sparks ignite, and love triumphs over everything. You’ll love Erin Cahill and the enemies-to-lovers plot she follows in the film.

7. The Christmas Train

An aspiring writer hops on an express train that runs from Washington towards California to get home after Christmas and discover some ideas for his upcoming novel. Onboard the train, he is brought in contact with an old foe.

This film is a must-see If you’re looking to experience the classic “love between enemies” presented, but this time with an emphasis on Christmas.

6. Love on the Sidelines

If a fashion designer who is ill-tempered struggles to make ends meet, she gets a job to be a personal assistant of a football coach. She isn’t as knowledgeable about football, and neither does he know anything regarding fashion.

Slowly but surely, they both transcend their differences and instead gain from their different lives and experiences. The opposites attract, and Hallmark recently proved that.

5. The Christmas Card

The woman who lives in California sends a jolly Christmas greeting card to a soldier serving in Afghanistan. He finishes his tasks that must be completed during his tour, and after completion, he wants to determine who the mystery woman is to himself.

So, this is the start of this romantic journey through America. The United States to find out who the anonymous sender is. It’s a must-see when you are looking for a relaxing Christmas film.

4. A Winter Princess

Princess Carly has gone undercover, as she starts her new job at a ski resort. Carly is given the task of taking care of the celebration of their anniversary. The result is that she teams with Brent the owner’s brother. They create the most spectacular celebration!

Do you think she will let her secret identity go and let love take over first? Learn more in this winter-themed Hallmark documentary that’s sure to leave you recalling the warm weather and the spirit.

3. Chance at Romance

When Samantha gets herself into an online friendship with a famous photographer, she is ecstatic. When her joy is at its peak, she finds that she’s been in contact with the son of the photographer all the time.

2. Royal Matchmaker

A revered King employs a matchmaker to help him find the ideal wife for his son, who is set to take over the throne. As the country prepares for the royal wedding, the matchmaker can make it just in time for her deadline and can find the perfect wife.

One thing…she discovers that she’s been a victim. The Royal Matchmaker is sure to provide you with the feeling of being in a royal family.

1. Christmas at Pemberley Manor

The charming Christmas film begins as an event planner looks for the ideal venue for a holiday party. In the process, she comes across the perfect venue, but she finds herself in a fight in the home of its proprietor.

He is planning to sell the film, so the event organizer has to take every step to demonstrate the true value of Christmas. A Hallmark film list can’t be complete without this one hits the right spot.