55 Best Hallmark Movies Of All Time

Movies have become a part of one’s life now. Watching movies reflects your life and makes you understand your own life and what is happening around you. It would be up to you whether you want to watch movies full of suspense or kind of comedy & romance. Hallmark movies are the perfect choice to get all things in on one platform. 

Let’s find out more about the best Hallmark movies for you.

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55 Best Hallmark Movies Of All Time 

Hallmark movies are all about sensations, feelings, drama, and adventures. Still, you will find some movies better and more worth watching as compared to others. In this part of the article, I will help you decide which Hallmark movies you should watch. All the movies mentioned below would prove to be the best ones for you. 

1. Autumn Dreams (2015)

Autumn dream is one of the best romantic movies about a couple and their soon-to-vanish love and relationship. 

In this movie, Ben and Annie are in love with each other. Both married and spending their lives happily. Annie’s parents wanted to annul her marriage to Ben. Ben left for New York. 

After fifteen years of their separation, Ben and Annie accidentally met with each other. Both came to know that they are still husband and wife. To make their divorce legal, Ben and Annie started spending time with each other. Their feelings for each other resurfaced. 

2. Christmas in Evergreen (2017)

This Hallmark movie is all about a magical snow globe. Several Christmas movies are a part of Hallmark Movies and Mysteries. Christmas in evergreen is one of those Hallmark movies that revolve around a strong Christmas wish. 

You would love to watch this Hallmark movie after reading this article. What’s the plot of this movie? 

Well, the movie is all about Allie’s strong wish upon a snow globe. Allie’s wish didn’t come true. Allie thought that her wish was not up to the mark. Allie got stuck in a snowstorm with her boyfriend at the airport. She found it unlucky for her as a reward for her Christmas wish. 

Soon Allie realized that her wish came true in some other way. She was enjoying Christmas at the airport with new people, passengers, and of course, her boyfriend. 

3. Let It Snow (2013)

It is no denying the fact that this Hallmark movie came with a brand new story. Here, the leading actress confused herself whether to follow and cherish the Christmas traditions or to convert her snow valley lodge into a hot spot. 

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Stephanie was there as the main actress. Stephanie wanted to renounce her father’s resort. Stephanie also found herself enjoying every second before the final Christmas eve in her lodge. As the deadline for Christmas was approaching, Stephanie had to make a final decision about that place. 

Will she embrace her old traditions? Or should she turn the lodge into a new winter hot spot?  

4. The Note (2007)

How can you forget to mention this magical Hallmark movie when you list down the best Hallmark movies of the time? 

The note is a masterpiece of the Hallmark series in which you will see that one on one mystery unveils throughout the movie. Peyton, a journalist, found a letter at the shore of the sea. She also found a crashed plane there. 

What happened next was worth watching. After getting that letter, Peyton started investigating the person who wrote that letter. She also wanted to find the person to whom the letter belonged. 

5. Northpole: Open for Christmas (2014)

With the help of this movie, you will get to know about one more miracle of Christmas. You will see how Christmas has changed the fate of a girl (Mackenzie). 

Mackenzie inherited a majestic and royal hotel from her aunt. Mackenzie wanted to sell that place and do something as per her dreams and wishes. She was all set to get rid of that place. Mackenzie didn’t make up as per her plans about that place. 

Sounds dismayed? Well, Mackenzie had to face a lot of challenges on her way to sell that place. That’s where the Christmas magic played its role. Mackenzie got help from Santa. 

6. Christmas at Pemberley Manor (2018)

With the growing concern over the Christmas festival, a small event planner was responsible for arranging and organizing the whole Christmas event. Elizabeth was ready to do it once and for all.  

Elizabeth had to face the rough and tough attitude of a billionaire (Darcy) there. Both have started working together to make their place a success. 

Soon, Elizabeth and Darcy started falling for each other. However, the time was not in their favor. All the preparations halted. That’s where the story about the real face of Darcy is revealed. Darcy put a pause on all the things there were ongoing for Christmas eve.

A night before Christmas, Elizabeth made a wish for the safety of her estate and that Christmas event. Within no time, her desire came true. 

7. A Gingerbread Romance (2018)

Romance lies at the heart of Hallmark movies. This movie is another addition to the best Hallmark movie series. 

A gingerbread romance is all about making a living for one. Here a girl (Taylor) was trying to win a gingerbread contest to get a promotion to another city. Taylor was looking for an arduous partner to help her make a gingerbread home. 

Taylor got help from a nearby baker and started spending time with him and his daughter. There she found the actual meaning of a house and eternal peace. 

8. The Christmas Train (2017)

The Christmas train is all about a short tour from Washington to Los Angeles. What is the plot of this movie?

A journalist decided to have a short trip to get inspiration for his new book. The journalist, Mulroney, was all set to fulfill his late father’s dream. Throughout his journey, Mulroney got inspiration from many things. Perhaps, the best part of Mulroney’s journey was his meet-up with Eleanor (Mulroney’s ex-girlfriend). 

After that, both of them started experiencing all the things throughout their journey.  

9. The Christmas Ornament (2013)

This Hallmark movie is one of the most popular Hallmark movies. The Christmas ornament will tell you a story that would add to the miracles and magic of Christmas.

Kathy, a widow, found herself lost in her lost husband’s memories. Kathy used to avoid all the holiday events to get rid of her past. On Christmas eve, Kathy received an ornament from a handsome shop owner. 

What did Kathy do after receiving that ornament? Kathy faced confusion about whether to move on from her past life or to make a new future. 

10. A Christmas Detour (2015)

A Christmas Detour is another wonderful creation of Hallmark movies and Hallmark series. Throughout the movie, you will find true love that made the girl move a million miles away from her hometown. 

During Christmas, Paige left her home to meet Collin’s parents. Paige wanted to see her in-laws for the first time in her relationship with Collin. There was something that halted her flight to Collin’s place. Paige spent a lot of her time on the plane, where she met an old couple and a young man. 

There came the actual twist in this movie. 

11. Christmas at Cartwright’s (2014)

This Christmas Hallmark movie is a perfect mix of silly and fun things to do. Christmas at Cartwright’s is all about the story of a single mother (Nick). Nick wanted to find and get a job to help her raise a younger daughter. Nick also wanted to make Merry Christmas a memorable event for her daughter. 

Nick got a job in Cartwright (a departmental store) as a Santa Claus. There she found her true love. That love was enough to make her life beautiful and complete in the long run. 

12. Northpole (2014)

This movie is a symbol of self-determination and believing in you. The movie’s theme lies in “one small voice can do wonders in changing the hearts of many” throughout the Hallmark movie. 

What happened in this movie is no more a secret for you. Let the cat come out of her bag. Northpole (the magical place) lost its charm and happiness. A young boy, Kevin, wanted to restore the charms of Northpole. Kevin asked her mother about it but got no support. There starts the actual suspense in the movie. Another person, Madison, helped Kevin to rediscover the magic of the season. 

13. The Christmas Cottage (2017)

The Christmas cottage is a love triangle-themed Hallmark movie. In this movie, Lacey arrives in her friend’s place to attend the marriage ceremony of her best friend. There she got a key to a cottage. 

Lacy started living there with her best friend. She had to find true love during the Christmas eve marriage ceremony. That’s where the real magic of Christmas started. Lacy’s life took a sharp turn, and she also found her true love there. 

14. Finding Christmas (2013)

Sean and Owen were two best friends. Both have decided to exchange their residence for getting a new experience with new places. Sean was an advertiser, and Owen was a musician by profession. 

Sean and Owen were already making memories in their new places. Soon they united at a single place to cherish the remaining moments of their lives. There were secrets, hidden stories, ex-fiancés, and many such things in this Hallmark movie. 

15. The Sweetest Christmas (2017)

Nothing can stop you from watching this amazing creation of the Hallmark movie series. The sweetest Christmas movie has a wonderful story for all the spectators or the Hallmark lovers. 

Kylie was in love with the owner of her restaurant. Kylie wanted to win a gingerbread competition there. There were two things that Kylie wanted to secure for her coming life. Kylie wanted to get not only the championship of the gingerbread competition but also her new love. All these things made a perfect story for the sweetest Christmas party. 

16. Switched for Christmas (2017)

If you are looking for a Hallmark movie that would be a perfect mix of fun and romance, then this Hallmark movie is for you. Switched for Christmas is a story about two estranged twins, Chris and Kate. 

Chris and Kate were organizing separate Christmas parties. Both have confused and faced a lot of difficulties in their ways. That’s where both decided to shift their duties until the final eve. 

Kate and Chris fell in love. That’s why they had to reveal their true identity. That is where the story ends, and both have started living their own lives. 

17. Every Christmas Has a Story (2016)

How could you forget not to add this movie to the best Hallmark movies of that time? 

Every Christmas has a story is another creation by the Hallmark series. This movie is all about a struggling lady. 

Kate was all set to get access to Rehab. Kate wanted to do so to get help from Rehab as a result of her hatred towards Christmas. Kate found a perfect match for her new life. 

Whether Kate embraces her new life or gives up on her dreams? Let’s watch the movie to get clear with these things. 

18. Fir Crazy (2013)

Fir crazy is another addition to the hallmark movie series. What makes this movie great is the never-ending struggle that Elise made to achieve her new job. 

Elise has recently lost her fresh job. She wanted to make her living by hook or by crook. There were several options for Elise to choose from. Elise chose her family Christmas tree to make her future job. 

Elise wanted to save that job. She had to face many problems with her Christmas tree. Elise found herself surrounded by stylish scarves, ice skating scenes, and beautiful mountain routes. 

19. A Christmas Miracle (2019)

This Hallmark movie came with a somewhat different story based on another genre. A Christmas miracle consists of the story of Emma, a magazine editor. 

Emma got a new story for her magazine. Emma’s hard work paid her nothing but a to deceive from her tough boss. Emma’s boos stole her story idea. All these things made Emma a bit worried about her name and upcoming stories. 

After that, Emma asked for help from her son and the best photographer. As a result, Emma got a new and beautiful story for her magazine. The story had deep roots in Christmas. 

20. Window Wonderland (2013)

Window wonderland depicts the story of tough competition between two friends. Both the friends tried their best to win the competition. The competition was about a window design gig at a local departmental store. 

Nothing was possible to stop or halt that competition. There was only one opening. Who will get that opening? Who will be the winner of that tough competition? 

21. Catch a Christmas Star (2013)

This Hallmark movie needs no introduction. You won’t regret watching this awesome movie in your spare time. 

Catch a Christmas star is a story about a widower who was desperate to meet her lost girlfriend. The widower was making all his efforts to tie the knot with his girlfriend, who has become a pop Christmas star. It would be a perfect choice for you to watch this movie if you are craving the best Hallmark movie. 

22. Crown for Christmas (2015)

Want to learn about another real-life event of Christmas? Crown for Christmas is all about the story of a hotel waitress. 

Allie Evans lost her job at a restaurant. She was found guilty of something by her boss. Her boss fired Allie. It turned to be a blessing in disguise for Allie. 

Would Allie make up for her lost job? Would she be able to get a new livelihood for her family? 

There came the miracles of Christmas. Allie got a job as a governess for a princess. 

23. Most Wonderful Time of Year (2008)

Well, this movie is another addition to the fun-filled Hallmark movies based on thrills and comedy. What this movie tells you is the most wonderful time of the year. 

A lady was trying to make up for her daughter with her niece. She tried her utmost to make t possible as a return gift of Christmas fun. 

24. The Christmas Card (2006)

This movie will show you one of the distant relationships. Here, you will see that a US soldier got a Christmas card from one of the church members (Evan). The soldier was trying his best to find that girl. 

What he found is Evan’s boyfriend along with Evan. That thing made him helpless. 

Whether the Christmas card was not lucky for the soldier or was it his fate? What would you say? 

25. A Majestic Christmas (2018)

Turning a historic majestic playhouse into a modern multiplex is not an easy task. To prove this thing, you will need to watch this best Hallmark movie, A majestic Christmas. 

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In this movie, Nell tried her best to impress the new owner of the company. It was difficult for Nell to make it possible. Still, Nell didn’t give up on her aims. She wanted to get the first promotion of her career by turning an old place into a modern one. 

26. The Christmas Shepherd (2014)

Sally Brown was a veteran by profession. The story revolves around the life of Sally’s widow. There were serious apprehensions about how would Sally’s widow will spend her life after Sally’s death. 

The widow had a German shepherd. Perhaps, it was the only companions that the widow had after her husband’s death. Both of them faced a serious and difficult time. A thunderstorm came that took the shepherd away from that widow. 

If you want to learn about the full story, you must watch the movie to unveil the hidden secrets. 

27.  Moonlight & Mistletoe (2008)

I have come across another remarkable Hallmark movie that will make you awe with its story. Moonlight & Mistletoe is one of the best Hallmark movies from the Hallmark series. What’s the story behind this movie?

The movie is a real example of the relationship between a father and her daughter. Elf was a kind and loving daughter of Nick. Due to the negligence of her father, Elf left her hometown. 

After many years, Elf came to know that her father was suffering from a severe injury. She returned to her hometown. There Elf took care of her injured father and took responsibility for her family trade. 

28. Christmas Everlasting (2018)

Along with being one of the big hits of the Hallmark movie series, Christmas everlasting gained name and fame among Hallmark lovers. You will find it worth watching to know more about Christmas magic and fun. 

This movie is all about a successful lawyer (Lucy) who returned to her home city after a very long time. Lucy went there after the death of her family member. Lucy lost her beloved sister. Lucy’s busy life didn’t give her time to take the calls of her late sister. That’s what makes Lucy depressed and sad. 

29. Finding Santa (2017)

Finding Santa is another value-added and high-quality Hallmark movie. What makes this movie best is the role of a girl (Grace). Grace was all set to arrange a parade for the Christmas party. 

Grace had to face a very tough time. Santa’s arms were no more after an injury. Grace had to find the best replacement for Santa. 

She went here and there in search of the best replacement for Santa. Grace’s effort ended in smoke. At that critical time, Santa’s son came to Grace’s help. 

Seems a perfect replacement? Well, nothing could be the perfect replacement than Santa’s own son. 

30. Christmas Land (2015)

Christmas is one of the sacred events for most people. Most of us celebrate this event with zeal and zest. Here, I will share one more Hallmark movie that has deep roots in Christmas. 

What’s this movie about?

Christmas land is all about a girl (Jules) who recently inherited an amusement park from her later grandfather. Jules wanted to use that place for Christmas eve. Jules was struggling to get that estate and use it for a Christmas party. 

Jules found it challenging to get her land back. She asked for help from a successful lawyer. There the story took a sharp turn. Jules fell in love with that lawyer. Her inherited land was the cost of her new love. 

31. The Mistletoe Promise (2016)

Do you want a movie that has no such attachment to Christmas? Hallmark Movies & Series came with another different story for you. You can watch this movie if you don’t a Christmas lover. 

The Mistletoe Promise is all about the story of two friends. Both of them had no interest in Christmas parties and related events. That’s why; both have decided to spend their holidays together far away from Christmas. 

Thanks to the Christmas magic, both of them started spending time together. They have become very good friends. Not only did they become good friends, but also started liking Christmas events. 

32. Miracle (2009)

The Hallmark movie, Mrs. Miracle, is all about a lady who turned the impossible into a possible one. What she did in this movie is remarkable. 

Seth Webster was a widower. Seth was a single parent and lived alone with his six years old twin sons. Jason and Judd were the naughtiest children of his town. Seth was in search of a housekeeper who could take care of his twin rascals. 

Seth found Mrs. Merkel for his sons. That miracle lady changed everything and became a good housekeeper, a friend, a nanny, and a chef for the twin rascals. All thanks to Christmas and its magic.

33. Meet the Santas (2005)

Nothing can stop you from watching this movie. This movie is the most popular Hallmark movie of its time. So, why not watch the movie to learn about its story?

Meet the Santas is all about making love and tying the knot. Two best friends fell in love with each other. Both of them wanted to meet their in-laws. Thanks to the Christmas charms and magic, both got acceptance from their in-laws and happily married after. 

34. Memories of Christmas (2018)

As the name indicates, this movie is all about making memories. What kind of memories did this movie have for you?

The movie revolves around a leading character, Noelle. What Noelle wants was to sell her childhood home. Noelle was an entrepreneur. Noelle’s ultimate aim was to get rid of her childhood home. To make her dream come true, Noelle started flirting with the resident of that place. Dave was serious about the new relationship between Noelle and Dave. 

What happened next is a secret for you. You can watch the movie to get to know about the end. 

35. Hope at Christmas (2018)

In this Hallmark movie, Sydney wanted to work as per her desires and expectations. During holidays, Sydney and her daughter came back to their former home. There Sydney decided to sell her home in return for an extra amount. 

All that happened during Christmas. Sydney was not able to do it alone. There she met a school teacher. She also found him as a free time Santa for the Christmas events. 

The movie is a perfect combination of love, Christmas, and hope. Will Sydney find a way to sell her family home? Will she fall in love with that Santa or give up on her family home? 

10 Best Hallmark Romance Movies

Romance lies at the heart of Hallmark movies. Most Hallmark movies revolve around romance, emotions, and feelings. You will see that the theme of these movies is all about love-making, how the love birds fall in love with each other, and the related things.

Let’s explore the ten best Hallmark movies here. 

1. Loves Come Softly (2003)

This movie is an accurate depiction of real love. Loves come softly is a 2003 television movie that revolves around a widow (Marty). The plot of the movie depicts that loves has no beginnings and ends. It comes from anywhere in any shape. Let’s get to know about what happened in this movie?

Marty and Aaron Claridge were happy with their lives, inner strength, love, and children. Soon, a tragedy came that resulted in the death of Claridge. Marty (a widow) found a convenient marriage to help raise her babies. Marty married Clark Davis to find peace in her life. 

Clark was also facing the same situation. Clark lost her wife and was left alone with her nine-year-old daughter. 

Both of them were in deep pain and grief. That’s what compels them to get married. Sooner or later, both fell in love with each other. But their marriage was actually a kind of contract that would end with the start of spring. What happened, in the end, is amazing.

2. Be My Valentine (2013)

As the name implies, Be My Valentine is another true depiction and symbol of love, feelings, and emotions. The movie is all about making love and living a life based on love. 

Daniel Farrell was a retired army officer who had a son to take care of. Daniel was all the way around to make his son realize what true love is. Daniel’s son (Tyler) was also in the love of a young schoolgirl. Tyler wanted to seduce that girl. Tyler wanted that girl to fall in love with him. 

Tyler asked for his father’s help by considering that his father is an expert in these things. Daniel soon came to know about the puppy love of his son. Daniel wanted to stop Tyler from doing so. 

Daniel has already experienced this phase of lovemaking with his beloved wife. That’s what makes him prevents Tyler from falling in love with Rebecca. 

3. In My Dreams (2014)

The movie needs no introduction for itself. You can easily get an idea from the movie’s name about what will happen in this movie. 

In My Dreams is a perfect story of two love birds. What happened in this movie? 

Mike and Katherine had a dream in which they both found themselves falling for each other. Both of them met in their dreams only. To put their dreams into reality, there were only seven days for Mike and Katherine. Mike pondered over the existence of her dream girl. On the contrary, Katherine also thought about whether his dream man exists or not. 

With time, both found each other. The true love and dream turned into a reality filled with emotions and visions. That’s what makes this movie one of the best romantic movies of the time. 

4. A Royal Christmas (2014)

The movie is all about a prince (Leopold) who wants to tell her mother (the queen of Isadora) about his love. The movie is also about a man who hid his royalty from his girlfriend to express his true feelings about that girl. 

Leopold proposed to Emily before unveiling his royal identity. That’s what Emily felt proud of after knowing Leopold’s true identity. Emily was a soon-to-be designer of her place. 

When Leopold introduced Emily to his mother (queen of Isadora), the queen was unhappy with his son. Queen of Isadora wanted to break his son’s heart. The reason behind her hatred towards Emily was because Emily was not from a royal family. Leopold and Emily’s love tried their best to make it possible. Watch the movie till the end to know about what happened with their true love. 

5. Remember Sunday (2013)

This is another Hallmark romantic movie. The story of Remember Sunday is a bit different from other Hallmark romantic movies. What is different in this movie? 

Remember Sunday is all about a waitress (Moly) and a jewelry shop worker (Levi). You will find this Hallmark in the best of adventures and love-making. 

A lonely waitress fell in love with a jewelry shop worker. The waitress knew that the worker was suffering from short-term memory loss. Still, she continued loving him with a pure heart. Moly and Levis started dating each other. Moly also found that Levis recorded all of their conversations in his pen recorder to save their memories from vanishing. 

6. Straight From The Heart (2003)

Well, this movie comes out to be the right choice for romantic movie lovers. Straight from the heart is about a middle-aged woman (Jordan) who is not happy with his love (Edward). 

The bitterness and lack of love from Edward’s side made Jordan move ahead. Jordan never got a marriage proposal from Edward within the five years of their relationship. These entire things made Jordan move to another place. 

Jordan moved to a new place and suddenly fell in love with a cool person. Jordan availed herself of the chance of traveling to Wyoming. There she met a widowed rancher looking for love. 

What happened next needs no description. It’s true that love blossoms where you plant it. 

7. Loving Leah (2009)

Loving Leah is another amazing romantic Hallmark movie. This movie is all about getting married and making sacrifices for your customs and traditions. What’s the point of this romantic movie among the best Hallmark movies?

Adam Kaufman (a doctor) and Lauren Ambrose (a widow) consented to honor the old customs and traditions. Ambrose was the widow of Adam’s beloved brother. 

Adam and Ambrose married each other. However, it was an unexpected and unconventional marriage based on deep-rooted ancient customs. Both of them tried their best to make a good relationship. With time, Adam and Ambrose fell in love with each other. 

8. Love’s Enduring Promise (2004)

Among the best Hallmark romantic movies, Love’s Enduring Promise has a special place. This movie is all about love and thrills. Let’s get to know about the whole story of this movie. 

Davis was the only breadwinner of his family. David had a family to feed. That’s what made him work hard to earn extra pennies. David was the owner of a farmhouse. 

One day, David accidentally cut his leg as he found his son Aaron startled. Nate was passing by the way and helped David to get back to his home. David was unable to work. That’s why he gave the farm job to Nate. 

Soon, Nate fell in love with Missie (David’s daughter). There started a never-ending and true love story. 

9. The Christmas Club (2009)

Just as the name suggests, The Christmas club is all about a Christmas party where two people meet and fall in love. What happens next is full of suspense and breathtaking. Let’s find out the full story of this movie. 

An elderly woman lost her Christmas savings along her way. There came two lonely strangers to help the elderly women get back her lost savings. Both were missing out on true feelings, love, and emotions. 

Thanks to the Christmas magic, both the strangers found their true love. They live happily after each other. 

10. Titanic (1997)

No doubt, Titanic is a big hit among all Hallmark romantic movies of the era. What is so special about this movie? The movie won the hearts of millions of movie lovers that want romantic and passionate movies for their spare time. 

In this movie, Rose tells her life story to her granddaughters and sons. Rose was all set on her maiden voyage on a huge ship (Titanic). Rose told them about all the events that took place in her journey. Rose belonged to a royal family and was traveling with her mother and fiancé. 

All of a sudden, Jack comes, thereby grabbing a third-class ticket. Jack and Rose encountered so many times and fell in love with each other. 

Their love story faced severe humiliations, difficult times, hardships, and many other things. Still, both kept their love alive. 

10 Best Hallmark Mystery Movies

Hallmark mystery movies are the production of Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Channel. You will find them worth watching in your spare time. There would be many cases to crack, suspense to disclose, mysteries to solve, and things to find out. To get your hands on these interesting and full of suspense movies, visit the channel. 

For now, I will enlist the ten best Hallmark Mystery movies for you. Let’s get to know about these movies.

1. The Gourmet Detective (2015)

The movie came with a lot of suspense and mysteries to solve. The Gourmet Detective is the best movie of Hallmark mysteries movies. You will find it worth watching and interesting for your leisure. 

The Gourmet Detective is all about finding the murderer who fled from the screen within no time. During a party at a restaurant, a distinguished guest died all of a sudden. Here the best crime-solving person pairs up with a female detective to find the reasons behind that death. 

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Food consultant Henry and female detective Maggie started investigating at the city’s top chefs restaurant. 

2. A Bone To Pick: An Aurora Teagarden Mystery (2015)

The movie is no less than a secret to disclose. You will find this movie full of mysteries and suspense. In this movie, Roe’s mother wanted her to live a life that would help her get a good and caring husband. But Roe chose to join the murderer’s club to investigate the sudden murders throughout the city. 

Roe collaborated with her club members to find the murderer of a distinguished guest at their place. Roe also inherited a house in which she found a skull near the window. That’s where the movie reaches its peak. Roe started exposing and unveiling the hidden mysteries behind that skull.

3. Garage Sale Mystery (2014)

Garage Sale Mystery is all about finding and punishing the murderers. The movie revolves around a strong character. Jen was the leading person in this movie. Jen was working on a consignment store to find the rare garage resources for extra pennies. 

One day, Jen’s friend and the store owner left the store for some important thing to do. As soon as they left the store, both tasted their deaths. Jens was not able to believe that she had lost her beloved friend and store manager. 

That thing urged Jen to start investigating the murderer. Jen changed into a different person. 

4. Hailey Dean Mystery: Murder, With love (2016)

Hailey Dean was the leading actor in this Hallmark mystery movie. This movie is another masterpiece of Hallmark movies full of secrets to disclose, mysteries to solve, and facts to unveil. 

In this movie, Hailey is a prosecutor. Hailey left her job as a prosecutor chose therapist as his new profession. One day, while he was attending to his patient, he found that he was suffering from severe depression. 

Hailey asked the patient about the sudden death of her parents. All of a sudden, Hailey’s profession as a prosecutor came in handy to save her patient in the long run. 

5. Finding Love in Mountain View (2020)

This Hallmark mystery movie will definitely leave you in tears. You will find it best in terms of hidden secrets and suspense. 

Margaret was taking care of her cousin’s kids. Her cousin died in a road accident and gave the responsibility of two little kids to Margaret. 

On one side, Margaret was in love with a handsome man. On the other side, she was responsible for taking care of the kids. Margaret found herself confused about whether to fulfill her cousin’s dream or get back to her real wife. 

6. Emma Fielding Mysteries (2017-2019) 

The movie is one of the masterpieces of Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. The movie tells us the story of an archeologist (Emma) who was responsible for solving a murder mystery. 

Emma was passionate about her job and career. Emma was willing to fulfill the given task. Emma asked one of her friends for help. Jim was Emma’s friend in a secret agency. Both tried a lot to solve this mystery. 

7. Matchmaker Mysteries (2019)

If you are a fan of Hallmark mystery movies, why not watch this best Hallmark movie. Matchmaker stood as one of the best and unbeatable Hallmark mystery movies. 

Matchmaker Mystery is all about a woman who died within no time. It came to now that her fiancé killed her for some reason. Now there were serious questions about who the killer was. 

A successful matchmaker, Angie worked her best to prove that her client was innocent. On the contrary, the detective was all set to improve that Angie’s client was not innocent. 

Thanks to Angie’s fate the detective faced dismay and gave up on the case. 

8. Picture Perfect Mysteries (2019)

Picture Perfect Mystery is a bit different movie when compared with the other Hallmark mystery movies. 

The movie revolves around a wedding function. Allie (photographer) was capturing the whole event. Jenna (bride) and Kevin (groom) were ready to tie their knot. Allie was there to capture every single event of her friend’s wedding (Jenna). 

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With sudden firing, Kevin was no more to live his life. Everyone was blaming Allie’s brother killed the groom. Allie tried her best to make the detector believe that her brother was not a killer. With time, the mysteries increased, and Allie was trying to save his brother from prosecution. 

9. Follow Your Heart (2020)

Here, you will learn about the life of a traveling girl. Travelling has become an important part of Kathy’s life. Kathy left her hometown and chose to become a travel guide writer. 

After many years, Kathy returned to her hometown to solve his father’s problems and affairs. There she found her old love, Isaac. Will Kathy stay there? Will Kathy opt for traveling and finally give up on her year’s old love? 

10. Once Upon A Christmas Miracle (2018)

Many Christmas films will show you the magic of Christmas. This story is another Christmas-themed movie. Here, the female actress received a medical diagnosis before leaving for the holidays. 

She came to know that she was in dire need of a liver transplant. She found herself lost in her problems with the trip. 

Then, suddenly, she found a stranger who was willing to donate his liver to that needy girl. Chris and Heather started knowing each other and their families. Chris’s selfless act turned out into true feelings for Heather. There starts the real love story.