42 Best Halloween TV Episodes Of All Time

Best Halloween TV Episodes

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For Halloween and fall lovers, there are always special episodes that show the trick-or-treating, the masks and costumes, the family feuds, and good food. Christmas and Halloween specials never fail to surprise us even though we expect them! Here are 30 Halloween TV episodes you would love to see!

Other than the 30 best Halloween TV episodes of our own choosing, we have asked other experts to chip in and you can find their suggestions below our list.

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30. Danny Phantom, “Fright Night”

Fright Knight, also known as “The Spirit of Halloween,” was freed in the episode “Fright Night” as a consequence of Danny wanting to borrow his sword for a haunted-house decorating Halloween contest.

He pursues him and seizes control of Amity Park with his blade, the Soul Shredder, which forces individuals to vanish into a dimension where they face their deepest fears, which include Mr. Lancer in a dimension where he is forced to constantly scratch a chalkboard while doing calculus equations, and Tucker on a deserted island in his boxers with no technology.

29. Buffy the Vampire Slayer, “Halloween”

Buffy and Angel eventually agree on a date, but Buffy is delayed by a vampire at Pop’s Pumpkin Patch. Another vampire observes the squabble from the shadows. 

The next day, Principal Snyder assigns Buffy, Willow, and Xander to supervise youngsters while they go trick-or-treating. Buffy would rather take a vacation since, contrary to popular belief, vampires and demons do not celebrate Halloween. Later, Larry, the school bully, confronts Xander while questioning him about Buffy, prompting Xander to intervene by bashing Larry into a Coke machine. Xander, on the other hand, is outraged by the harm that Buffy has done to his reputation, rather than being thankful to her for saving him.

28. Ugly Betty, “The Lyin’, the Watch, and the Wardrobe”

30 Best Halloween TV Episodes Of All Time

It’s Halloween, and the day begins with both Betty and Hilda questioning Ignacio about his forged Social Security card, but he appears to be too preoccupied with the celebrations. Justin, on the other hand, dresses up as a sailor (a la Gene Kelly in On the Town). Betty’s idea of a celebration is to dress up as a butterfly for a work Halloween party.

Betty arrives at work dressed up only to learn that there is no themed party.

27. Buffy the Vampire Slayer, “Fear Itself”

Buffy hesitantly agrees to accompany Willow, Oz, and Xander for a Halloween party, where they stumble across a real-life house of horrors disguised as a harmless fraternity. Meanwhile, Giles is called upon to assist the college crowd when all he wants to do is get into the holiday mood.

26. Happy Endings, “Spooky Endings”

Spooky Endings is the eighth episode of Happy Endings and the fifth of season two. It is the series’ eighteenth episode overall, and it debuted on October 26, 2011.

Jane and Brad spend a frightening Halloween house sitting for friends in the suburbs, while the rest of the gang goes to a warehouse party, where their different costumes don’t have the desired impact, especially for Alex and Dave.

25. Black-ish, “Jacked O’Lantern”

30 Best Halloween TV Episodes Of All Time

Dre begins his voiceover by informing Black-ish fans of something they already know: he adores Halloween. Dre has been infatuated with Halloween since he was a child, dressed up as the Silver Surfer (not the Tin Man) with a hairnet on his head and stealing money from his mother’s handbag to go on the bus and travel to the greatest Halloween candy homes. It’s a free-for-all for trick-or-treaters now that he lives in one of the finest Halloween candy houses, including his kids’ “hood cousins.”

24. Kim Possible, “October 31st”

Kim chatted with Josh, who was dressed as a pirate, during Monique’s party. He was fascinated by the fact that she was dressed as a princess and possessed a cybernetic hand, which he had no idea was the Centurion Project. As Kim continued to lie in order to please him, it got larger and larger, finally covering her entire body.

Using this technology, she flew over to the hospital where the two villains were interrogating her parents about her whereabouts while Ron was held captive. They fought, and she triumphed. However, the triumph was bittersweet.

The cybernetic armor faded back to its original dormant bracelet form when she confessed her falsehoods to her parents and Ron, who already knew the truth from the villains.

23. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, “Who Got Dee Pregnant?”

30 Best Halloween TV Episodes Of All Time

The episode in question was framed as a seductive whodunit, with each individual piecing together various foggy memories of a Halloween party when Deandra’s impregnation supposedly occurred.

Dee has earlier fueled the fires by hinting that one of the gang is in reality the father of her unborn kid, prompting them to put together the wild night to figure out who did it with Dee.

The episode concludes with Dee admitting that she lied and that none of them are the father, but because they’re all such fools, she’s not going to disclose his actual name.

22. Modern Family, “Halloween”

Claire adores Halloween and is preparing to spookify the Dunphy home for trick-or-treaters. She assigns each member of the family a role, but nothing goes as planned… Cameron is still haunted by a horrific childhood event and despises the holiday, Mitchell is having a bad day at work, and Gloria is acting strangely after Jay and Manny taunted her about her accent.

21. New Girl, “Halloween”

30 Best Halloween TV Episodes Of All Time

After watching Sam work as a pediatrician during the day, Jess develops a real affection for him as more than a sexual companion. Nick re-encounters Amelia (Maria Thayer), an ex-college flame. Schmidt interrupts Cece and Robby’s Halloween plans. Winston believes it is now time to end his relationship with Shelby.

20. Community, “Epidemiology“

After watching Sam work as a pediatrician during the day, Jess develops a real affection for him as more than a sexual companion. Nick re-encounters Amelia (Maria Thayer), an ex-college flame. Schmidt interrupts Cece and Robby’s Halloween plans. Winston believes it is now time to end his relationship with Shelby.

19. The Simpsons, “Treehouse of Horror V”

Treehouse of Horror V is an anthology episode of short stories. “The Shinning” is a spoof of The Shining in which the Simpsons take over as winter caretakers at Mr. Burns’ mountain lodge, and Homer goes mad and attempts to murder the family. Homer continually travels back in time and changes the future in “Time and Punishment.” 

He attempts to alter things back, but fails, and settles for a version of reality that is similar to his own. Principal Skinner begins using detention students as cafeteria food in “Nightmare Cafeteria.” When Bart and Lisa are ready to be murdered, Bart wakes up and discovers it is all a dream, but he and the family are besieged by a weird fog that turns people inside out shortly thereafter in the final scene. This is one of the darkest and scariest Treehouses of Horror episodes. Every episode has an ax to the back of groundskeeper Willie.

18. Frasier, “Halloween”

30 Best Halloween TV Episodes Of All Time

When Niles throws a costume party to support the Library Association, everyone is required to dress up as their favorite literary characters. Frasier and Daphne dress as Geoffrey Chaucer and the Wife of Bath from The Canterbury Tales; Martin wears a black coat and hat for Sherlock Holmes; Niles changes himself into Cyrano de Bergerac; Roz dresses as ‘O,’ the love slave in ‘The Story of O’; and Bulldog demonstrates his literary knowledge by appearing as Waldo from the ‘Where’s Waldo?’ books. 

In the thick of the party, Niles overhears a discussion and comes to the bizarre conclusion that Frasier and Daphne’s relationship is more complicated than he imagined.

17. MASH, “Trick or Treatment”

While coping with a Halloween rainstorm, the physicians trade ghost stories, Hawkeye attempts to heal a soldier traumatized by the death of his buddies, and a dead soldier turns out to be not-so-dead. This was M*A*S*H’s sole Halloween episode, and it wasn’t the best. It can feel fragmented at times. It has a combination of humorous and serious plots. There are four tales in total: ghost stories in the operating room, intoxicated marines, Private Scala, and the dead soldier who returns from the grave.

16. Bob’s Burgers, “Full Bars”

On Halloween, the children request that Bob allow them to go trick-or-treating alone for the first time. Teddy is overjoyed that Bob and Linda will be able to attend his Halloween celebration. Everything, even Teddy’s guinea pig Frances, is painted black and orange when they arrive. Teddy takes out a big suit from his wardrobe for Bob to wear after noticing that he is the only one in the party who is not dressed up.

While trick-or-treating, the youngsters are dissatisfied with the mediocre sweets provided by the locals. So they take a ferry to King’s Head Island, a nearby island with a wealthy neighborhood. They meet up with two neighborhood lads, Milo and Ned, and are surprised to see that many households are giving them full-size chocolate bars, something they are not used to receiving back home.

15. Teen Wolf, “Illuminated”

On Halloween night, the youngsters in the neighborhood are destroying jack-o-lanterns. A skein of five Demon Warriors emerges from the mist.

They walk right by the kids, hardly even looking at them.

Isaac is trembling on the floor of Allison’s room. He’s shivering. Allison and her father track him down, and Chris Argent strikes him until Isaac’s werewolf side activates and the healing process begins.

Chris’ face lights up when Isaac describes the Demon Warriors, who had black, greenish-yellow eyes “like a firefly” and appeared from the shadows. He requests that Isaac and Allison keep the attack quiet for the next 24 hours. Chris suspects the monsters were looking for him.

He enters his chamber and gets a wooden box, which contains one of the Demon’s Hannya, shattered into bits.

14. Smallville, “Spell”

30 Best Halloween TV Episodes Of All Time

Lana, Lois, and Chloe are possessed by witches who were burnt at the stake after touching a magic book published in the 1600s.

The three witches have returned, disguised as goth girls, seeking both vengeance and the Stones of Power, wreaking havoc on the community in the process. Clark tries to stop the witches, but they take his abilities away and compel him to divulge the location of the stone he concealed in the cave.

13. Parks and Recreation, “Greg Pikitis”

Leslie goes to Pawnee High School to confront Greg Pikitis, a kid she refers to as her “arch-nemesis.” Leslie informs Greg that she is aware that he vandalized the town’s monument of Mayor Percy every Halloween, but that she will be on the lookout for him and will catch him this year. Greg flatly denies having any plans. 

Ann is ecstatic about her forthcoming Halloween celebration at the Pawnee town hall. She requests that the others do not tell Tom about it, but she is saddened to discover that Jerry has already informed him. That night, Leslie keeps an eye on Greg with the assistance of her boyfriend, Pawnee police officer Dave Sanderson, while Andy, who now works part-time for the parks department, keeps an eye on the statue.

12. Parks and Recreation, “Meet ’n Greet”

30 Best Halloween TV Episodes Of All Time

Leslie Knope hires Tom Haverford’s company, Entertainment 720, to organize a meet-and-greet for her and numerous Pawnee business owners, where she hopes to court their votes for her City Council campaign, particularly the Pawnee Chamber of Commerce’s president, Martin Kernston of Kernston’s Rubber Nipples. 

Meanwhile, Andy Dwyer and April Ludgate are organizing a Halloween party at their house without informing their roommate Ben Wyatt, who decides to be passive-aggressive instead of confronting them directly.

11. Brooklyn Nine-Nine, “HallowVeen”

The episode opens with two policemen strolling in on the Easter section of the robbery, astonished to discover that it is “still going on,” which sets the tone for the rest of the show. 

With that introduction, it appears like the Nine-Nine somehow ended up doing this for six months in a row, which would put to rest the matter of whether they ever perform their jobs anymore. Instead, the three vacations’ worth of Heisting is merely the consequence of ingestion-based stops and starts, mixed with the squad’s hectic schedules.

10. Sabrina the Teenage Witch, “A River of Candy Corn Runs Through It”

30 Best Halloween TV Episodes Of All Time

Angry because Libby is throwing a Halloween party that specifically excludes them, Valerie declares that she and Sabrina are throwing the best party imaginable at Sabrina’s house. When Sabrina reluctantly supports her friend, she finds that her aunts’ new furniture delivery contains talking couches infected with talking termites. 

When Libby’s bored friends interrupt her party, Sabrina summons the band 10,000 Maniacs to entertain her classmates, who mistake everything that happens for an “awesome” Halloween special effect, such as the talking sofa and chairs, the talking cat, and the river of candy corn that Hilda and Zelda produce.

9. American Horror Story: Murder House, “Halloween”

The Murder House’s ghosts become increasingly powerful, blurring the barrier between life and death. Meanwhile, the Harmons get some Halloween decorating advice from the house’s previous occupants. The Rubber Man also makes a reappearance.

Chad Warwick is lighting lights and carving pumpkins in preparation for a Halloween party intended to pique people’s interest in buying the property he and his partner purchased to fix it up and resell it for a profit.

8. Boy Meets World, “And Then There Was Shawn”

Cory, Topanga, Shawn, Angela, and Kenny all wind up in detention when an incident between Topanga and Cory in Feeny’s class intensifies. When Feeny leaves, the phrase “No One Gets Out Alive” appears on the whiteboard in blood. 

A beating heartbeat can be heard from the corridor, frightening everyone in the vicinity, yet it is simply Eric and Jack bouncing a basketball. They said that the school seemed to be quite frightening, especially when blood was flowing out of the showers. The lights go out, and when they come back on, Kenny is dead, the large pencil he wanted to borrow from Topanga earlier stabbed through his brain.

7. Friends, “The One with the Halloween Party”

Monica and Chandler plan to have a Halloween costume party. Monica buys Chandler a pink rabbit suit and forces him to wear it, which he despises (she wanted to get him a brown and white bunny costume to dress as The Velveteen Rabbit, his beloved childhood book, but the pink bunny costume was all she could find). 

However, when Ross arrives dressed as “Spud-nik,” a brilliant play on words combining the Russian satellite Sputnik with a potato, Chandler realizes that he no longer has the worst costume.

6. How I Met Your Mother, “Slutty Pumpkin”

30 Best Halloween TV Episodes Of All Time

Future Ted tells his children about meeting the Slutty Pumpkin, a female dressed in a provocative pumpkin costume who looked to be extremely compatible with Ted, at a rooftop Halloween party in 2001. However, he misplaced the Kit Kat bar on which she had written her phone number and waited each year in vain for her to reappear.

In the present, Ted notices the slutty pumpkin costume in a shop display, where the proprietor gladly reveals the identity of the woman who rented it in 2001. Ted meets Naomi, the girl who donned the disguise and has been looking for Ted; they start dating. 

Ted understands right once that he doesn’t love her, that they have no chemistry, but he can’t bring himself to quit the relationship so simply after finally discovering the slutty pumpkin lady after all these years. When Ted thinks it’s time to call it quits on Naomi, he’s surprised to find her in the sexy pumpkin costume again. This prompts Ted to tell her that he adores her.

5. The Office, “Halloween”

Pam informs Michael that Jan has phoned as he enters the office. Michael is aware that this is due to the fact that he was expected to terminate someone before the end of the month. He’s been putting it off in the hopes that someone will resign, relocate, or die so he won’t have to do it. Of fact, he has no notion who he will let go of.

4. Stranger Things, “Trick or Treat, Freak”

30 Best Halloween TV Episodes Of All Time

In a flashback, Eleven awakens in the Upside Down, shortly after destroying the Demogorgon. She feverishly looks for Mike, exhausted and terrified at first. She discovers a gateway built by the Demogorgon while seeking. She flees through it by enlarging it using her powers. She goes to Mike’s residence and finds him being talked to by government people who tell him that her stories are false.

3. Supernatural, “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester”

It’s just before Halloween, and Sam and Dean are looking into two unexplained deaths in a small hamlet. The brothers discover hex bags and determine that a witch is sacrificing people in order to raise a deadly monster known as Samhain. 

Castiel comes in town and informs Sam and Dean that the liberation of Samhain is one of the Seals that will lead to Lucifer’s release, therefore Castiel has sent a specialist angel named Uriel (guest star Robert Wisdom) to strike the entire town.

2. BoJack Horseman, “Mr. Peanutbutter’s Boos”

Mr. Peanutbutter is dressed like a hippy inside his new home’s closet. He walks outdoors, where his wife Katrina, dressed as Blossom, is joyful and blissfully wedded to him. Katrina is eager to accompany him to a genuine Hollywood party, but she makes him swear not to leave her alone.

1. Charlie Brown, “It’s the Great Pumpkin”

30 Best Halloween TV Episodes Of All Time

Linus and Lucy Van Pelt visit the local pumpkin farm in search of a pumpkin. Lucy chooses the largest one she can find and orders, Linus, to carry it back to the home. When Lucy begins cutting it to construct a jack-o-lantern, he grows agitated. Following the opening credits, Snoopy assists Charlie Brown in raking a mound of leaves. 

Linus leaps into the heap while holding a huge lollipop, causing leaves to adhere to his face and lollipop. Lucy then entices Charlie Brown to kick a football by giving him a signed agreement, but as usual, she snatches it away.

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Best Halloween TV episodes from movie experts and enthusiasts

As we said in the beginning, this best Halloween TV episode list is not only made by us from Fiction Horizon, but we have also asked other movie experts and enthusiasts to chip in with their recommendations, so let’s see what they have for us.

Stranger Things Season 2: Episode 2

In Stranger Things Season 2: Episode 2, the boys go trick or treating as the Ghostbusters. But when Will has a vision of a shadowy creature from the Upside Down trying to catch him, it cuts their evening festivities short. Other characters wrestle with relationship problems and guilt, and the episode ends with Dustin making a disturbing discovery in his trash can! A perfect spooky Halloween episode for any Stranger Things and 80’s culture fan!

Halloween TV episode recommendation by Eymel Daniel from ForChics.

M*A*S*H – Trick or Treatment

Who doesn’t love MASH? The series’ Halloween episode is a great balance of fun and serious as the characters try to throw a halloween party when injured soldiers start to arrive. This blend is exactly the kind of thing people have always loved about MASH and its characters. While not necessarily a spooky episode, this lighter version of a Halloween episode is great all the same!

Halloween TV episode recommendation by Benjamin Smith from Disco.

Psych – This Episode Sucks | S6 E3

Unlike many TV shows centered around Halloween, Psych often chose to induce hilarity as it paid respects to horror, often with celebrated cameos from beloved films. Here, the original Buffy, Kristy Swanson, and Lost Boys alum Corey Feldman, joined in on the fun as Shawn and Gus investigate a random murder where the deceased was drained of all of their blood.

Wonderful nods to popular vampires, colorful costumes, a few eerie jolts, and no-holds-barred performances from stars James Roday & Dule Hill (it’s near impossible to not erupt into a giggle fit with their homage to Lestat and Blacula) make this one of the greatest Halloween episodes on television that is far too often missed in Best Of compilations.

Halloween TV episode recommendation by Aaron Peterson from The Hollywood Outsider.

MTV’s Scream – Season 2, Episode 13

The best Halloween TV Series is MTV’s Scream. The three-season thriller show mirrors the concept of the original 1996 Scream with a killer who hinds behind a phantom-like mask, torturing its victims by forcing them to play games over the phone. However, MTV has created a much more modern version, where the killer incorporates texting and social media more so than actual calls. As the show progresses, viewers begin to see that the backstory is included throughout, whereas the films didn’t reveal the details until the end/finale seen where the killer was unveiled.

The show also keeps you constantly guessing, with characters shifting typical tropes from scene to scene. While Scream the movie was great at making fun of itself by discussing typical horror themes then diverting from those, the show leaves the narration out of it, replaced with heavier amounts of gore. MTV’s Scream truly makes you feel as though no one is safe, forcing you to binge episode after episode out of fear. The best part is you can expect at least one kill per episode, each one leaving you with even more questions of who, why, and wait, what?

Halloween TV episode recommendation by Natalie Bickel from natmosfear.

Multi Halloween TV episode recommendation

The Halloween season is filled with tons of amazing moments on TV. Some of my favorites include:

1. The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror V – This is an all-time classic that’s filled with so many great moments, including the Devil Flanders, Homerzilla and Bart and The Demon Baby. Truly a must watch.

2. Family Guy – Brian vs. Stewie – This was one of the first episodes I ever saw of family guy. It was so funny that I called my local cable provider’s office and asked if they could add it to the lineup (which they did).

3. South Park – A Scause for Applause – It’s Halloween and the 4th grade is in full spooky mode. Kyle accidentally burns down the school cafeteria in an attempt to stop the food fight between Cartman and Kenny, so he decides to replace it with a haunted house.

Halloween TV episode recommendation by Abby Ha from Cloom.

Modern Family – Halloween (Season 2, Episode 6)

Modern family may have stopped producing relevant and quality content seasons ago, but we’ll always have reruns of good episodes like Halloween. An episode that’s heartfelt and hilarious that finds everyone except Claire’s Halloween spirit exhausted when it’s time to head for the annual Pritchett-Dunphy Haunted House. It showcases different characters in distress and anxiety that makes them want to evade the trip to the Haunted House.

Phil fears he and Claire may be doomed to suffer a fate similar to the abrupt demise of a neighbor’s marriage, highlighting the insecurity in some relations and showing how much Phil cares for their marriage. Mitchell struggles to fit in with his new law firm while Gloria becomes self-conscious about her English mispronunciations. These moments define how people strain with their indifferences to fit in the society, one other good reason for loving the episode. The hilarious snaps are highlighted when Mitchell tries to navigate his office unseen in a ridiculous Spider-Man costume, and Gloria tries to imitate and force an American accent.

This episode also nailed it with Claire’s obsessively decorated, dope haunted house with extra elements like a multi-scare walk-through that includes dark lighting, thunder, lightning effects, and a tremendous severed head. For Halloween masterminds, this is an episode worth watching for the thrill and laughter that come along with it.

Halloween TV episode recommendation by Katherine Brown from Spyic.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine – Halloween (Season 1, Episode 6)

The plot involves Jake Peralta, a cop from the 99th Precinct, holding a bet with his Captain that he can steal his Medal of Valor before midnight. Hilarity ensues, as Jake comes up with the most elaborate shenanigans involving Halloween costumes or otherwise, to distract Captain Holt and steal the Medal. Whether or not he manages to in the end, I leave for you to find out yourself. 

This episode of the first season was so well received that it spawned an entire tradition of having a ‘Halloween Heist’ every season, all of which were some of the most anticipated episodes of their respective seasons.

Halloween TV episode recommendation by Patrick Sinclair from Allhomerobotics.

Friends (Season 8, Episode 6)

Nowhere else will you see a duel between a pink rabbit and a giant potato with antennas called: Spudnik.

The hysterical costumes and comical competition between Chandler and Ross are only a part of the fun..  You have Rachel’s maternal instincts exploited by the candy-hungry kids. You have Sean Penn (as a special guest star) finding there are two of the Buffays: Phoebe and Ursula, and the differences are greater than he previously thought. Finally, Joey is parodying Chandler to the viewers’ delight.  Also, you know what? Despite the years, it’s still hilarious!

Halloween TV episode recommendation by Agnieszka Cejrowska from Allhomerobotics.

American Horror Story – Asylum: Welcome to Briarcliff (Season 2, Episode 1)

American Horror Story is one of the best series a horror fan could dig their teeth into. It’s an anthology of several stories, so no two seasons follow the same timeline, except of course the final season (which most AHS fans try to forget) so you don’t need to have watched the first season to get into it!

With a risque cameo from the oh-so-dreamy Adam Levine right out the gate, you already know you’re in for a fun ride in this episode. Unlike most series, American Horror Story wastes no time in getting right down to the gritty, anxiety-inducing action that makes it the legendary show it is.

The episode (and the rest of the season) is set at Briarcliff, an infamous mental asylum run by religious nutjobs. Immediately you’re unsure as to who should be trusted, who is wearing their victim’s faces for fun after work, and who is (you may not believe this one) a nazi. For fun, they also throw in aliens and Frankenstein’s Monster-like human experiments. Yes, it’s gruesome, perversely sexual, and well worth a watch!

Halloween TV episode recommendation by Kristine Daub from byCurated.

Salad Fingers – Spoons

If you are a fan of creepypasta’s, then you may know creepy old Salad Fingers. If you aren’t, this may be one of the more obscure suggestions here. 

Salad Fingers is a series of short, unsettling animations that make use of practically no horror elements, yet, with the insanely clever use of audio, imagery, and subtle hints at outlying societal anomalies, such as pedophilia and breaking and entering, it is able to unnerve even the most thick-skinned among us. 

You will likely find yourself diving down the rabbit hole on this one, if the first episode tickles your fancy, so prepare yourself. I don’t think I’ll ever scrub the question, “I’m here to enquire about your spooooons” or the sound of Salad Fingers caressing a rusty kettle from my mind and you might not too, so don’t say you haven’t been warned. 

You’ll find Salad Fingers on YouTube, so best of all, it’s free to enjoy! 

Halloween TV episode recommendation by Stephanie Boll from Spikes & Heels.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer – Halloween (Season 2, Episode 6)

In “Halloween,” a new shop owner offers great, affordable, Halloween costumes to kids only to cast a spell that causes them to turn into whatever creature/monster/being they dressed up as. 

Only kids who bought their costume from this new shop were affected, which left very few kids “kids” since the shop was so affordable. 

This episode allowed the Buffy characters to be seen in a different light. It turns out that the shop owner knows Giles (Buffy’s watcher) and lets us know that Giles was not always the man that he portrays himself as. 

Before the switch, Buffy attempts to dress Willow in a sexy outfit, but she gets nervous and throws on a ghost outfit that she bought from the shop. When she’s turned into that ghost, Willow steps out of her body (the “her” that is laying down with a ghost sheet) and reveals the outfit underneath, causing the characters (and the viewers) to see Willow as more than just a brain.

SPOILER ALERT: Xander is transformed into a soldier and jumps into “protector” mode to save his friends (whom he has no memory of). Buffy’s memory gets wiped as well. The two of them only know the lives of the character they dressed up as and they keep some of their memories/skills even after they change back into themselves. (Okay, Buffy’s character was useless, but Xander keeps his skills which he later uses to get into a military base and steal a weapon.)

Halloween TV episode recommendation by Lizzy Hosford from Patriot Asset Management.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer – Fear Itself (Season 4, Episode 4)

Halloween only comes around once a year, and it is never complete without watching the numerous movies and TV shows that depict the eeriness and charm surrounding it. Some of my favorite episodes of any TV show are the Halloween ones. In particular the Halloween episodes from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Episode 4, Season 4 from 1999 is my all time favorite. It is titled “Fear Itself”. This episode is filled with drama and hilarity with lots of spookiness which makes it the perfect Halloween episode. The “gang” as they’re called head to a frat costume party which is decorated like a haunted house and many crazy things happen due to blood being accidentally dripped onto a summoning portal on the ground. 

If you have seen all the seasons up to this one, it makes it even better as you see character development in this episode. However, it can be watched without even knowing the characters because from the beginning it draws you in. The best part is the ending as there is a surprise twist that no one would expect. This episode is a must watch!

Halloween TV episode recommendation by Karen Lee from Things Around the House.

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