10 Best Jennifer Holland Movies & TV Shows

Jennifer Holland was a fantastic addition to Peacemaker, as this is probably her biggest break as an actress following her minor and supporting roles in her past movies and shows. While we do like her rendition of the cold and grumpy Emilia Harcourt, you might also like some of her other movies and TV shows.

10. Zombie Strippers (2008)

Like many young actresses that come with the stereotype pretty face, sexy body, and blonde hair, it wasn’t a surprise that Jennifer Holland landed herself a role that fit her looks more than her talent. This was the case with Zombie Strippers, a film that Holland appeared in during her younger years when she was just starting out as an actress in her early 20s.

In this movie, Jennifer Holland plays the role of Jessy, who works as a dancer. She became a zombie when a test subject infected her. However, the owner of the club realized that Jessy started pulling in more customers as a zombie, and this prompted the owner to convince the other dancers to get infected. Of course, they did so but ended up killing the clients instead.

9. American Pie Presents: The Book of Love (2009)

10 Best Jennifer Holland Movies & TV Shows

The young Jennifer Holland was once again typecast into a role that fit her gorgeous looks and sexy body in American Pie Presents: The Book of Love. Of course, because this is an American Pie movie, she was given the role of a sexy teenager named Ashley. And her role in this movie was pretty minor, considering that she was merely a supporting member of the cast.

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American Pie Presents: The Book of Love is another one of the standards and vanilla American Pie movies.

8. Level 26: Dark Revelations (2011)

10 Best Jennifer Holland Movies & TV Shows

Jennifer Holland once again plays a minor role in the 2011 movie Level 26: Dark Revelations, which is a movie based on the Dark Revelations book written by Anthony E. Zuicker. But while Holland’s role in this movie is minor, the good news is that she was not typecast in the usual roles she received during her younger years. She plays the role of Simone in this movie.

The movie is about a man-hunt for a criminal called Labyrinth, who leaves behind messages in his murders. Labyrinth is always a step ahead of the police. And it was left to Steve Dark to find a way to capture the dangerous criminal.

7. All The Wrong Places (2012)

10 Best Jennifer Holland Movies & TV Shows

Playing a bigger role this time but is still pretty much a supporting actress, Jennifer Holland stars as Jackie in All The Wrong Places, which is more about a trio of friends than it is about her. And this is more of a comedy than a serious film.

All The Wrong Places is a movie that follows three childhood friends named Sean, Will, and Cotter. The trio of friends, who find themselves single for the first time, go on a quest to find their perfect match by dating a lot of different women. In the process of doing so, they used different types of strategies to land themselves dates with women.

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6. Sun Records (2017)

10 Best Jennifer Holland Movies & TV Shows

Sun Records is a TV series that was only on air for one single season. But while it wasn’t a very successful show, the good news for Jennifer Holland here is that she has a bigger supporting role. Her character, Becky, appeared in all of the episodes of this series, as she was beginning to grow into her own as an actress that was no longer typecast in the usual roles.

This series is set during the Civil Rights Movement, as Memphis was considered the birth site of rock and roll thanks to the efforts of Sun Records’ recording studio. Sun Records was the one that was able to guide Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash, among others, to have groundbreaking careers. And this series tells the story of Sun Records amidst the socio-political unrest and the rise of younger artists during that time.

5. American Horror Story: Asylum (2012)

American Horror Story: Asylum is the second season of the American FX horror anthology television series American Horror Story, created by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk. It originally aired from October 17, 2012, to January 23, 2013.

4. Beauty Juice (2019)

10 Best Jennifer Holland Movies & TV Shows

Beauty Juice is Jennifer Holland’s first starring role, albeit for a movie that is only actually just five minutes long. Nevertheless, she was able to portray her character really well in a movie that was able to put a satirical knife through the gut of the beauty industry. And fittingly, the movie features an all-female cast.

This short movie is basically about Holland’s character named Sarah, who gets invited to a secret beauty shop. However, she finds out that the beauty shop was something beyond what she expected it to be.

3. Brightburn (2019)

10 Best Jennifer Holland Movies & TV Shows

Jennifer Holland was able to land a supporting role in a bigger movie that was directed by her partner James Gunn’s brothers. In Brightburn, she plays the role of Ms. Espenschied. But while her role is only small in this movie, the good news for her was that she was appearing in bigger movies as her career progressed.

Brithburn is a film that is all about a mother who finds a mysterious baby boy, who she names Brandon. At first, Brandon appeared to be the boy of her dreams because he was talented and smart. However, as Brandon reached puberty, powerful darkness started manifesting within him, and everyone around the boy began to fear what he could possibly do.

2. The Suicide Squad (2021)

10 Best Jennifer Holland Movies & TV Shows

The Suicide Squad is arguably Jennifer Holland’s biggest movie, as this is the first time that she was playing a supporting role in a big-budget blockbuster film. While she still plays a minor role in this movie, this was her on-screen debut as Emilia Harcourt, the same character she plays in Peacemaker. After all, The Suicide Squad happened right before the events of Peacemaker.

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Basically speaking, The Suicide Squad is a movie about Amanda Waller forming a new Task Force X that she assigned on a mission in a remote island nation in the hopes of recovering something of national importance there. The movie focuses on criminals led by Bloodsport. Of course, this was also the first time we saw John Cena’s Peacemaker before the series was released.

1. Peacemaker (2022)

10 Best Jennifer Holland Movies & TV Shows

While Jennifer Holland’s Emilia Harcourt played a small supporting role in The Suicide Squad, her role is now bigger in Peacemaker because she is one of the central characters supporting the titular main character. In Peacemaker, we also get to see more of her personality, which was something we didn’t see a lot in The Suicide Squad.

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In Peacemaker, Holland’s Emilia Harcourt is the cold, calculating, and grumpy eye candy member of the team that is assigned on a mission focused on something called Project Butterfly. She and the rest of the crew recruit Peacemaker, who they bribed by erasing the remaining years of his prison sentence. The entire team is actively working to kill all of the “butterflies” while relying on Peacemaker’s ability to complete black ops missions.

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