Best Lord of the Rings (Middle-earth) Merchandise

Best Lord of the Rings (Middle-earth) Merchandise

Lord of the Rings is one of the biggest franchises in the world, and there are many fans interested in J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle-earth merchandise. If you are a big LOTR fan, or someone close to you is, in this article, you will find all the merchandise you need to please every Lord of the Rings fan.

We could put all sorts of nice books or Blu-Ray sets in this articles, but we will skip those and focus on other Lord of the Rings merchandise instead.

Lord of the Rings – Funko Pop

There are all sorts of Lord of the Rings Funko Pop. Gandalf, Witch King, Boromir, Frodo, Legolas, Saruman, Balrog, Dunharrow, Aragorn, Gimli, Gollum, Galadriel, Sauron, and many many more. Also, there are Funko Pop Lord of the Rings keychains, if ordinary is not enough for you.

You can find a lot of Funko Pop Lord of the Rings merch here.

Lord of the Ring LEGO

It is really hard to tell if there are more Funko or LEGO Lord of the Rings merchandise. There is no point in listing them all here, but if you’re somewhere between 2 and 99 age-old you will almost for sure find some for yourself.

You can find here some amazing LEGO Lord of the Rings sets.

Lord of the Rings The One Ring Costume Replica (with Window Box)

Keep the One Ring close to your chest with this costume pendant. The gold-colored ring features the infamous inscribed One Ring verse.

I don’t particularly like that chain, but the ring is definitely very nice.

You can find it here.

Lord of the Rings Chess Set – Battle for Middle Earth

The Noble Collection is pleased to announce a new chess set inspired by the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy.

Following the success of our Wizard Chess set, we have created a Lord of the Rings chess set with plastic pieces on cardboard. Packaged in a four-color window box and featuring your favorite heroes and villains from the classic movie trilogy.

This is the cheaper version, expencier is just below it on our list.

Here you can find this great LOTR chess set.

Lord of the Rings Chess Set

Every detail is authentic, richly realistic and true to the Academy Award-winning epic film. The board is a magnificent work of art, detailing the story of Frodo, the reluctant hero of The Shire, and the friends and foes he encounters throughout his amazing journey. An ancient map of Middle-earth is mounted below the playing surface, and the base features actual images of the memorable characters and scenes from the thrilling New Line Cinema motion picture. The 32 playing pieces are precise miniature sculptures in fine pewter of the actual cast members and each likeness is so realistic-they were personally approved by the individual actor. Board measures 15″ by 15″ Also available Two Towers and Return of the King expansions sets.

If you want this more expensive amazing Lord of the Rings chess set, you can find it here.

Lord of the Rings Sting 22″ Prop Replica

Without a doubt the tiniest of the three legendary swords, Sting was originally crafted as a dagger alongside Orcrist and Glamdring. Just as its siblings, it glows blue in the presence of orc and goblin. Lost in the Fall of Gondolin, Sting was missing for millennia. Finally, it was found in the cave of three trolls and taken by Bilbo Baggins.

Sting earned its name from the way it was wielded by Bilbo against the spiders of Mirkwood Forest. They said that Bilbo himself had stung many of them with it. Thankfully, Bilbo was saved by Sting when confronted by Gollum, who was afraid of anything made by elves. Near the end of his journey, Bilbo gifted Sting to Frodo, who took it on his great journey.


  • Official prop replica of Sting, the sword of Bilbo Baggins
  • Licensed Hobbit / Lord of the Rings collectible
  • Presented with elven leaf die-cast wall mount display
  • Built with solid metal hilt parts
  • Intricately detailed vine adorning the grip
  • Dimensions: 22 1/2″ long with a 15 3/8″ stainless steel blade

You can check it out here.

Iron Studios Lord of the Rings Deluxe Art Scale Statue 1/10 Gollum 12 cm

From the Lord of the Rings film series comes this 1/10th scale statue of Gollum! The Polystone statue stands approx. 12 cm tall and comes with a matching base.


  • Limited edition
  • Based on original movie references
  • Made in polystone
  • Hand-painted
  • Includes two body stance options

You can check something similar to this image here.

The Lord Of The Rings T-shirts

There are really all kinds of Lord of the Rings T-shirts, and if all of these are not enough for you, you can always order with your own print. Here you can find one T-shirt design that we really like.

Weta Collectibles Lord of the Rings Statue Ringwraith 15 cm

Faceless beings of fear and dread, the nine Nazgûl, or Ringwraiths, were undead servants of the Dark Lord Sauron, enslaved by the Rings of Power they wore upon their spectral fingers. Once kings of Men, their identities have been lost, subsumed by their master’s inexorable will. When word of the One Ring’s return comes to Mordor, Sauron dispatches the Nine with orders to retrieve this most mighty of weapons and slay its bearer. Borne on dark horses and shrouded in black robes, the Ringwraiths scour the lands of the Shire, in search of a Hobbit by the name of Baggins …

Created by the same artists and craftspeople who work on the movies, the Ringwraith is the fifth character in the range of miniature figures from The Lord of the Rings.

Product size:

15 x 11,5 x 11,5 cm

Ok, this looks amazing, just go and buy it 🙂 you know you need that one as well.

Iron Studios Lord Of The Rings BDS Art Scale Statue 1/10 Frodo 14 cm

From the Lord of the Rings film series comes this 1/10th scale statue of Frodo! The Polystone statue stands approx. 14 cm tall and comes with a matching base. Features: – Limited edition – Based on original movie references – Made in Polystone – Hand painted – Includes 2 versions of the Sting sword – Includes base.

Ok, Frodo is classic, if you don’t already have it, we have a link for you to buy.

Needles to say, there are more or less all main character figures from Iron Studios.

Lord of the Rings Arwen Evenstar Pendant

A glittering sterling silver and Swarovski crystal replica of Arwen’s Evenstar pendant, gifted to Aragorn as a token of her love.

If you love Arwen, then her’s Evenstar pendant is a no brainer, for you or as a gift. You can find it here.

Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring Giclee Art Print

Grab one of outstanding Giclee prints today, produced on 300 gsm premium soft cotton paper, these prints are of the highest quality. Our prints come hand-rolled to ensure quality is maintained in the finished product, ready for display in a room or location of your choosing. These digital prints are produced on high-quality art paper with a fine detail digital print to give incredible clarity and finish in the final design.


Printed on 300gsm High-quality Art Paper
Available in A4, A3, A2 sizes
Magnetic Hanger Frames and Full Frames available

This would look amazing on your wall, go check it out.

Lord of the Rings Sting 27″ Illuminating Battle Sword

A replica of the sword Sting that lights up and glows blue, much like the sword does in the presence of Orcs, and makes battle noises. Unlike the Sting seen in Lord of the Rings, this does not have the Sindarin script engraved on the crossguard or the blade.

Lord of the Rings The Map of Midde Earth 16 x 12″

Follow the journey there and back again on this lovingly recreated map of the North-Western regions of Middle Earth. Mounted on wood and measuring 40 x 30cm this stunning example of the map makers art will make a fine decoration on anyone’s wall.

Weta Collectibles Lord of the Rings Statue 1/6 Arwen & Frodo on Asfaloth 40 cm

When Aragorn and his hobbit charges were hunted through the wilds of Eriador by Sauron’s Ringwraiths, the Elf princess Arwen seized sword and saddle and rode from Rivendell to meet him. In the Trollshaw Forest, Arwen found her love, but the Wraiths were close.

Hobbit Frodo Baggins had been stabbed by a Morgul blade, and even now its shard worked its way ever closer to his heart. On foot, they had no chance, but holding Frodo to her, Arwen spurred her valiant mount Asfaloth into the sprint of his life. With the Nine Nazgûl at their heels, Arwen and Frodo rode alone for the Ford of Bruinen, where she hoped the enchanted waters of her father’s home might protect them from their pursuers.

Sculpted by the masterful Jane Wenley, Arwen and Frodo on Asfaloth join Weta Workshop’s high-quality 1:6 scale Middle-earth line; a line that is made by the very same artists and technicians who work on our movies.

  • Product size: 33 x 40 x 25 cm
  • Limited to 750 pieces.

There are all kinds of Weta Collectibles as well.

Weta Collectibles Lord of the Rings Statue Gandalf on Gwaihir 15 cm

Immortal beings many times the size of ordinary birds of prey, the Great Eagles of the Misty Mountains flew so high that the only the sharp eyes of Elves could discern them in the blue.

Invisible and untouchable, their mastery of the sky was unrivaled till Saurons Ringwraiths took to the air upon the backs of fell winged beasts during the War of the Ring. Even the Dragons of old could not match their aerial prowess, and so keen was their sight that they marked even the stirring of a mouse upon the mountainside. Orcs tread openly on the slopes at their peril, and Wargs kept to the deep forests where trees shielded their passing.

In the days of the Third Age, the mightiest of the Eagles was Gwaihir the Windlord. Friend to Gandalf the Grey, he bore the Wizard upon his back and more than once flew to his aid when great need called.


10,3 x 15 x 10,3 cm

We had to include this one on the list as well because we were always wondering, “why didn’t someone fly the ring to Mordor??

Middle Earth Treasure Chest

A striking jewelry chest inspired by all the beautiful designs of Middle Earth to store and keep your most precious articles. Jewelry not included.

Lord of The Rings Middle Earth Map Lightweight Scarf

Let your fingers trace the details of the MISTY MOUTAINS™ or the outline of the SHIRE™ on this Lord of the Rings Middle Earth Lightweight Scarf by elope. Made of delightfully soft, moss green polyester this beautifully printed scarf lends itself to adventuring on brisk days.

  • 100% Polyester
  • One size fits most
  • Safety tested for ages 14+
  • Scarf measures 63″ long and 35″ wide
  • Essential costume accessory for Lord of the Rings Fans, Fantasy Conventions, Gifts
  • Spot clean only

This is crazy if I may say, but crazy GOOD!

Lord of The Rings – The One Ring Key Chain

Well, this is a ring on the chain… if I wanted to be ringed on a chain I would get marri…

Wedding Band Gold Ring for Men and Women

And… here we are.

I am not completely sure if it was forged in fires of Mount Doom, but it looks so good that even the marriage would be worth it. Now the trip to Mordor doesn’t sound so bad. Just joking. It was, of course, one of the best parts of books and movies 🙂

Lord of The Rings Minas Tirith – Gondor Soldier Cosplay Armor

The Armour set used by Minas Tirith soldiers based on the design for The Lord of The Rings movies.

The set includes:

Chest armor
Shoulder pouldrons
Helmet optional

Lord of the Rings Inspired Birthday Card

Source: GrizzlyPaperCraft

148x105mm (A6 size)

• 350gsm Conqueror High White Wove premium card
• Professionally printed on an industry standard digital printer
• Includes 1 recycled kraft brown envelope
• Cards are packaged in a plastic sleeve & shipped in a protective board back envelope

Lord of the Rings Travel Print Sets – Location Style Prints

LOTR travel style location print sets. Choose how many prints you would like on the right in your chosen size, then let us know which prints you would like when purchasing through the comments to seller section.

Locations available are;

– Erebor – Laketown – Mordor – Isengard –
– The Shire – Rivendell – Helms Deep – Gondor
– Fangorn – Rohan – Minas Tirith – Mirkwood –
– Lothlorien – Grey Havens – Moria – Bree
– Bag End – Mount Doom – Osgiliath – Gondolin

Lord of the Rings Quotes framed

Book Page Sign: J.R.R Tolkien, Lord of the Rings, The Fellowship Of The Ring Quote

“That house was a perfect house, whether you like food or sleep, or story-telling or singing, or just sitting and thinking best, or a pleasant mixture of them all. Merely to be there was a cure for weariness, fear, and sadness.”

Lord of the Rings canvas – wall art

Ok, I need this in my house like right now, and then when I am depressed, or in quarantine because of the coronavirus, I just step out of the door (door on the image).

Lord of the Rings doormat

No Admittance Except on Party Business – Lord of the Rings quotes from The Hobbit famously hung by Bilbo Baggins on his 111th Birthday.

This is just one example, there are of course many more LOTR doormats.

Lord of The Rings Coffee Tea Mug

A Boromir meme-inspired design on a 10oz mug. There are many more designs as well, we just accidentally choose this one. You Simple can’t choose another.

This 10-ounce mug is handmade and makes a great, affordable gift for friends or family. Or cheer yourself up with a geeky design for your morning coffee!

Lord of the Rings – Temporary Tattoo

Temporary Tattoos are so fun and such an easy way to add a unique element to your look. Using different tattoos is fun and simple!

Until the stars are all alight

approx 4.5 inches long

Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring Film Movie Script Signature Reprint

A unique gift for any fantasy lover!! This is the full 172 page movie draft script from Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring with 15 cast members signatures.


Elijah Wood – Frodo Baggins
Ian McKellan – Gandalf
Liv Tyler – Arwen Undómiel
Viggo Mortensen – Aragorn
Sean Astin – Samwise Gamgee
Cate Blanchett – Galadriel
John Rhys-Davis – Gimli
Billy Boyd – Peregrin Took
Dominic Monaghan – Meriadoc Brandybuck
Orlando Bloom – Legolas Greenleaf
Christopher Lee – Saruman
Hugo Weaving – Elrond
Sean Bean – Boromir
Ian Holm – Bilbo Baggins
Andy Serkis – Gollum

The Lord of the Rings White Tree of Gondor

The Lord of the Rings White Tree of Gondor Jewellery Earring Ring Stand / Model!

Show the world your alliance to the men of Gondor with this White Tree model!

Also can be used as an earring stand to hang all your hook earrings on!

One dog to rule them all – Lord of the Rings – Dog tag

Surely your best friend is a LOTR fan as well, so why wouldn’t you buy him a gift.

The Lord of the Rings Gandalf™ Adult/Child Wig and Beard

This Lord of the Rings wig and beard accessory will complete your Gandalf™ costume. Includes: wig and beard set. One size fits adults and children. 

The Lord of the Rings Queen Arwen Deluxe Costume

This lovely full-length velour dress with trim necklines is perfect for Halloween or cosplay. Its sleeves are lace with draping velour bell sleeve cuffs and it includes a silver bead headpiece.

Legolas Bow & Arrow Set from The Lord of The Rings

Get into character with this adult Legolas bow and arrow set from The Lord of the Rings.

Costume bow and arrow feature a dark-colored shaft with etched turquoise details on hand grip and bow ends; attached black stretch string and matching arrow with a soft foam tip. Film inspired; bow and arrow set is lightweight and great paired with a Middle-earth costume.

Costume and quiver sold separately.

Please note this is a costume weapon, this bow and arrow are not meant for actual use, rough play, or combat simulations.

The Lord of the Rings Bag End

Overlooking the village from the hill at the end of Bagshot Row is Bag End, the stately underground abode of Bilbo Baggins, an eccentric Hobbit widely acknowledged about town as having cracked some years ago, and his cousin and ward Frodo Baggins, who is certainly in the process of cracking. Consorting with Wizards, Dwarves and other folk with dangerous ideas, the Bagginses maintain a museum of sorts in their home, the various rooms of Bag End being stuffed with treasures and trinkets accumulated over the years by Bilbo either on his adventures or as gifts from his peculiar company.

But extraordinary as its occupants and contents might be, the abiding atmosphere of Bag End itself is one of lazy comfort, from the pretty but slightly overgrown gardens that hug its eaves to the welcoming clutter inside it labyrinthine chambers. Reclined across the hillside in the shade of an old oak tree whose roots twist through its halls, the home reflects the gentle good humor of its hosts and the universal Hobbit love of simple pleasures. There have been Bagginses living under the hill for as long as anyone can remember, and there always will be.

This gorgeous piece has been designed by a crew of artists and craftspeople who work on the films at the Weta Workshop. It’s a real team effort to produce a piece like this. Dimensions: 11.81″ x 5.9″ x 7.08″ (W x H x D) Weight: 5.07 lbs.

The Lord of the Rings Evenstar Pendant Display

A beautiful display created to showcase the Evenstar Pendant of Arwen. Crafted in wood and fine pewter with a clear glass dome. Evenstar Pendant not included. 

Hobbit Hole Playhouse Kit

Straight out of Middle-earth, our fun and imaginative Hobbit Hole playhouse offers the young ones in your life a space for endless hours of creative play.
Our playhouses are an excellent value for the handcrafted quality of a unique and beautiful design. This playhouse design starts at $1,990, without finish roofing (comes with a roof deck only and you purchase and install your own exterior roofing), or choose one of the two styles of cedar clapboard roofing options for a complete kit. The cedar clapboard roofing option also includes a waterproof underlayment with edge flashing tape, and stainless steel screws.

The playhouses shown in the photos have one of the two custom cedar clapboard roofing styles offered: a “live edge” clapboard (with decorative irregular curvy edge) and a lower-priced straight clapboard.

Lord Of The Rings Tea

This is a signature blend created by Chelsea Clark.

This Tea Is Part Of The Middle Earth Fandom. Why we chose this one, well, it is beautiful.

Eye of Sauron Snow Globe

The Eye of Sauron sees all! This Lord of the Rings snow globe depicts the evil eye and tower in Mordor, the base accented with the One Ring.

Unfortunately, it is pretty small.

One Ring Pillow

Ok, you just know you need this!

The One Ring has many powers, but considering it’s a) a ring and b) made of nigh-invulnerable magical gold, it’s not the easiest thing to rest your weary Hobbit-head on. This adorable version of it solves all of those problems (with none of the magic, of course)!

It might be much larger than the ring Bilbo and Frodo trekked around Middle-Earth wearing, but that just makes it all the easier to use as a comfy pillow – and no threat of Ringwraiths or anything! I’d say you can’t come under it’s thrall either, but if you love sleep as much as I do, you understand the draw of a good pillow when you’re tired…

Lord Of The Rings Dwarf Helmet

Source: GreenShieldWorkshop

It was forged for the heirs of the great Durin’s folk, crown-wielding warriors, and it is passed over from one king to another. A Great Boar atop is a symbol of ruggedness, stubbornness and fierce war prowess.

-Materials: Mild steel 1.5 mm, brass 1.2 mm, 1.5 mm vegetable tanned leather with royal blue color
-Dimensions: for 58-59 cm (22.5-23.5 in) head circumference
-Etched geometric ornaments in steel and brass, antique finish
– Movable chin (up and down)
-Movable neck plates and tails
-Movable mustaches

It’s a piece of art, combining steel, brass and layered thick leather for scales, hand-forged and hand-stitched, in angular forms of great Dwarven warriors. With movable beard and chin. Inspired by the works of fiction like Lord of the Rings and Hobbit, we forged into it our feelings of these ancient times. It’s perfect for LARP (Live Action Roleplay) enthusiasts, fantasy lovers or cosplayers. It is also a very decorative piece that will fill your space with epic fantasy sensation.

Lord of the Rings Glass

One of the famous quotes coming out Lord Of The Rings is “Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost”. This quote looks even better on this Lord of the Rings Glass. Check it out

Lord Of The Rings Mug

Drink your beer in style with this Lord Of The Rings Mug that comes directly from The Prancing Pony. You can even get it engraved on the bottom of the mug.

The Pipe of Bilbo Baggins

A very nice collectible for Lord Of The Rings fans is this pipe of Bilbo Baggins himself. The funny part is that it actually works, be keep in mind smoking is bad!

Nazgul Costume

So you like to play the villain in the piece. That is fine and to be honest. We would to when you see this incredible Nazgul armor. It will scare everybody away from the tinniest hobbit to the greatest wizard. Middle-Earth be warned!

Tree of Gondor Bag

We just fell in love with the Tree of Gondor Bag from Lord Of The Rings. The amount of detail is so beautiful. Unlike anything, we have seen before. It is fully handmade and it has the nice extra that when the Tengwar script under the flap translates to, ‘Not all those whom wander are lost’. 

That’s all for today, come back sometimes as we will add new things on this page when we find some great Lord of the Rings, or better to say Middle-earth merchandise.

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