10 Best Morfydd Clark Movies & TV Shows

Best Morfydd Clark Movies & TV Shows

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Morfydd Clark is a Swedish born Welsh actress who is one of the cast members in the upcoming The Lord of the Rings tv series and definitely one of the most googled actresses nowadays since everyone wants to know what she’s filmed until now.

There are some interesting projects behind her and we will be seeing more of her after The Lord of the Rings where she was given the honor to portray one of the most iconic characters, Galadriel. This is the list of the best Morfydd Clark movies and tv shows.

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (Georgiana, 2016)

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

This action comedy gathered the most prominent and promising names of the British acting creme, such as Lily James, Sam Riley, Lena Heady and Charles Dance. It is an interesting outtake of Jane Austen’s most famous novel, Pride and Prejudice.

The characters are the same, the setting more or less as well, but the most important thing is that the Bennet sisters have a few more issues to worry about than in the novel. They are highly trained zombie fighters in 19th century Georgian England and along with finding appropriate husbands and battling unwanted suitors, they have to face save their country before it’s too late. 

Love & Friendship (Frederica Vernon, 2016)

Love Friendship

This love story is set in 1790 and it tells the story of a gorgeous widow, Lady Susan Vernon, who arrives at her in-laws’ estate to clear her name of the rumours about her inappropriate relationships with other men that started circulating in the upper class she belongs to.

Whilst dealing with prejudice and endless whispers, she decides to find a husband for herself but more importantly, for her young daughter. This is an easygoing romantic comedy with the beautiful Kate Beckinsale in one of her loveliest performances.

Interlude in Prague (Zuzanna Lubtak, 2017)

Interlude in Prague

This historical drama based on true events follows Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s months in Prague in 1786 when he wanted to escape the tiring and privileged Vienna elite. His presence in Prague unleashes a series of unwanted and tragic events, making his days there a living hell.

But as it often is with great artists, drama and problems can become a trigger and result in wonderful pieces of art and it happened with Mozart as well. This violence and intrigue around him will inspire him for one of his most popular and unforgettable works, the opera “Don Giovanni”.

The Man Who Invented Christmas (Kate Dickens, 2017)

The Man Who Invented Christmas

Another historical drama inspired by a true story is this wonderful movie where we have the honour to witness Charles Dickens’ problems and the way he managed to recover and write one of his most famous novels, A Christmas Carol. It is 1843 and he is at a low point of his career, three unsuccessful writings behind him and a family at home to feed.


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As if this is not enough, suddenly his estranged father and mother come to stay with them and Dickens is haunted by his childhood demons, which result in new characters and a new story that will become one of the most beloved Christmas stories ever.

Crawl (Beth, 2019)


Alejandre Aja is a famous name among the directors of mostly horror movies and this time he brings us the story of a young woman who needs to save her father during an extremely strong hurricane and finds herself trapped in a flooded house.

But water and the strong hurricane seem to be the least of their problems when they find themselves surrounded by alligators inside their house. Haley and Dave Keller will have to fight for their lives throughout many unbelievable and breathtaking situations.

The Personal History of David Copperfield (Clara Copperfield/Dora Spenlow, 2019)

The Personal History of David Copperfield

Dev Patel plays David Copperfield in this modern adaptation of one of Charles Dickens’ most famous novels. Many other exceptional British actors were cast in supporting roles and are maybe the best invitation for experiencing this adventure. 

Tilda Swinton, Peter Capaldi and Hugh Laurie found themselves in the roles of many unforgettable characters in this story of a young orphan who will have to overcome many obstacles in his life.

Saint Maud (Maud, 2019)

Saint Maud

Morfydd Clark plays the leading role in this intriguing and appraised horror story about a religious hospice nurse Maud who has recently converted to Roman Catholicism, after a tragedy when she couldn’t save her patient. 

She takes care of a former dancer Amanda and becomes obsessed with saving her soul by any means necessary. But Amanda won’t be thrilled with Maud’s attention and her rejection will cause even more self destructive behaviour in Maud. 

Eternal Beauty (Young Jane, 2019)

Eternal Beauty

Jane (played by the gifted and always interesting Sally Hawkins) is a woman who suffered a mental breakdown after being left at the altar twenty years ago. This breakdown evolved into an episode of schizophrenia that still lasts and tries to coexist together with her love and family relationships.

Her life changes when she meets David, a musician and one more lost soul who is in search of intimacy and love, just like her. Even though Clark didn’t play a significant role in this dark comedy, it is still a movie to recommend if you like quirky British comedies with brilliant acting.

His Dark Materials (Sister Clara, 2019)

His Dark Materials

This tv series was based on a popular fantasy novel written by Philip Pullman, about a multi-world reality. It follows the orphan Lyra whose destiny is to liberate her world from the Magisterium that governs it. Lyra will discover numerous secrets, the majority of which revolve around Lord Asriel and Marisa Coulter.


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Some of the most important revelations she needs to take care of is a series of kidnapping and a connection to a mysterious thing called Dust. This will take her on an unforgettable journey to other worlds and on one of them she will meet Will, a teenager from our world who is also pursued by individuals connected to his father’s vanishing.

Dracula (Mina, 2020)


This drama-horror mini series is based on one of the most famous gothic novels of all time, the 1897 Bram Stoker’s Dracula. It consists of three episodes and it follows Count Dracula from his very origins in Eastern Europe to his fights with Van Helsing and many others.

Morfydd Clark plays his love interest, Mina, a girl who has captured Count’s heart and is the only one who can make him change his plans, at least for a short amount of time. One of the most unusual love stories has once again gotten its screen time and we can never get tired of it.

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