10 Best Shows Like Make My Day You Need to Watch

10 Best Shows Like Make My Day You Need to Watch

If you have seen the trailer for the new animated sci-fi show called Make My Day, you are probably hyped for the release date. In the meantime, you should check out some similar shows to watch. From what we know so far is that the story follows a frozen planet with extremely hard living conditions, that has also been invaded by an alien species. It’s up to humans to try and fight this species and win. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the 10 best shows like Make My Day that you need to watch.

The sci-fi series is going to be released next month, on February 2, and it will have its premiere on Netflix. If you found this interesting so far, you should stick with us and keep reading for more recommendations.

Love Death & Robots (3 seasons)

love death and robots 1

What’s it about: Love Death & Robots is a popular sci-fi Netflix series that covers all kinds of themes like alternate worlds and different post-apocalyptic cities that each have their characters we follow on their individual journey. The show is defined as an anthology series, which essentially means that the episodes are stand-alone and you can watch them in any order you would like since they are not connected.

Why it’s like Make My Day: The reason why Love Death & Robots are similar to Make My Day is because of its topic. In Make My Day we also follow characters that are facing an alien invasion and are left to fight it alone. Some of the episodes cover exact themes like this.

Final Space (3 seasons)

final space

What’s it about: Final Space covers the story of an astronaut called Gary who is going on an interstellar adventure alongside his companions. His sidekick Mooncake is an adorable-looking green alien who can actually destroy the whole universe. Gary and his companions embark on a mission to find out where the Universe ends and to see if it even exists.

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Why it’s like Make My Day: The reason why Make My Day and Final Space are similar, even though the Final Space series is more on the comedic side, is the setting of the plot and the overall theme. Make My Day will face some really tough questions about the universe and how to try and survive in it, the same topics are covered in Final Space.

Arcane (1 season)


What’s it about: Arcane is a highly acclaimed Netflix series that came out in 2021 and since its release it has been very well-received by viewers. It is an animated action-adventure series that follows the League of Legends world, originally coming from the video game. We focus mostly on the two sisters Jinx and Vi throughout the series.

Why it’s like Make My Day: Make My Day is similar to Arcane mostly in the fact that both are animated and follow the same sci-fi genre. In the Arcane series have a different kind of threat the characters face but the two shows are definitely in the same setting, just in Arcane the threat is the underworld and potential war that might escalate.

Cyberpunk: Edgerunners (1 season)


What’s it about: Cyberpunk: Edgerunner is an anime adaptation of the Cyberpunk video game. It was a collaboration between Polish and Japanese creatives that brought us an amazing end result. The anime is actually a prequel to the video game, so it follows the story of how the Cyberpunk world started.

Why it’s like Make My Day: The reason why the two series might be similar is in their overall themes of crime and corruption and then fighting against a masked threat. Of course, both shows are animated and set in a science fiction setting where they obviously collide.

Planetes (2 seasons)


What’s it about: Planetes follows a time in the future when humans have perfected their technology so traveling between Earth and other planets are possible. Because of this, there have been a lot of problems with a lot of floating debris from spaceships. This became quite the problem, and they had to create a unit for cleaning that debris.

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Why it’s like Make My Day: Make My Day and Planetes are similar in some of the themes they cover. Especially when it comes to the advancement of technology, which the human race is trying to fix because of its potential dangers.

Neon Genesis Evangelion (1 season)

neon genesis evangelion

What’s it about: Neon Genesis Evangelion follows the futuristic city of Tokyo where a young boy named Shinji Ikari is employed by his father for an organization called Nerv. Shinji has to pilot a giant bio-machine so he could combat the Angels. This is one of the most well-known sci-fi anime series and the show has received critical acclaim since its release in the 90s.

Why it’s like Make My Day: The Neon Genesis Evangelion series is similar to Make My Day in its setting, in both worlds there is an existential threat that needs to be overcome by our protagonist. In the case of Make My Day the threat is an alien species trying to conquer the frozen world.

Space Brothers (2 seasons)

space brothers

What’s it about: Space Brothers is an anime series that follows the story of two young brothers who spotted a UFO once and decided to become astronauts. One brother managed to succeed but the other didn’t. The other brother only recently got accepted into the JAXA training program for astronauts.

Why it’s like Make My Day: There aren’t many similarities between these two series. Space Brother is more focused on an individual level, where the protagonist has to overcome his own fears about failing in order to succeed. Even though that’s the case, both shows have been set in space and our protagonists are fighting their battles within that universe.

The 100 (7 seasons)

the 100

What’s it about: The 100 follows the story of a group of teenagers sent to Earth after many years when it wasn’t inhabitable. After a nuclear explosion that destroyed Earth, the teens are trying to uncover if it’s viable for living.

Why it’s like Make My Day: The similarities between the 100 and Make My Day is mostly in its futuristic setting and the topics that the show covers. Both shows talk about internal corruption and both have to face strong alien creatures that are trying to conquer their world.

Code Geass (2 seasons)

code geass

What’s it about: Code Geass follows the story of a young boy who chooses the path of revenge after his family is killed in a political conflict. The protagonist of the series is called Lelouch and he decides to lead a rebellion against the government in power.

Why it’s like Make My Day: Except for its animation and genre there aren’t many similarities to Make My Day, but we believe that there is a similar type of conflict in both shows. While Lelouch is fighting his government, the protagonists in Make My Day are also trying to survive the alien attack on their planet.

Tales of the Jedi (1 season)

tales of the jedi

What’s it about: This Star Wars series was created by Dave Filoni and was released in 2022. It follows some of the characters from the franchise, specifically from the prequel era.

Why it’s like Make My Day: The two shows follow the same topics, even though Tales of the Jedi have a more in-depth look into their characters, and episodes focusing on their stories.

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