The 10 Best ‘The Acolyte’ Memes Created by Fans

The 10 Best 'The Acolyte' Memes Created by Fans

Disney’s new Star Wars project, The Acolyte has been streaming on Disney+ since June 4, 2024, and despite all the controversies and review-bombing, the series is still one of the most talked about shows in the world, as the fans are going crazy over each new episode. As we are waiting for more content to talk about in the upcoming weeks, we have decided to provide you with a new article on the series, but a wholly different one, as you will be able to see soon.

In this article, we are going to explore the series from a different perspective, as we are going to bring you a list of the 10 best The Acolyte memes we found online, as created by the fans. This will be a little bit of enjoyment for the fans of this great series that will, hopefully, provide you with a few laughs about the characters and scenes from the series.

1. Best buddies forever, eh?

Although, as we have written, the revelation that The Stranger is Qimir wasn’t all that surprising, the character did make a solid impact on the series and some of the fans online were quick to compare him to Anakin Skywalker, i.e., Darth Vader. The two of them seem to have a lot of similarities and similar internal struggles, so we do agree that they would probably get along just fine. Unless they fought for dominance.

2. Some people just like the show, and that’s fine!

image 2024 06 30 152735381
source: u/Eligriv_leproplayer

With all the hate and toxic backlash, an atmosphere was created in which it seems that loving The Acolyte is impossible. People who like the show are being harassed and insulted, but regardless of all the bad aspects and the political issues, why couldn’t someone simply like the show? Even if they are real Star Fans? This meme makes fun of that toxic atmosphere and it just wants to tell everyone to chill and relax!

3. Yeah, Jar-Jar is back…

image 2024 06 30 152449805
source: u/cramaine

This meme appeared on Reddit, and it is one of the better ones we’ve seen. Jar-Jar Binks received a lot of backlash when he was introduced to the franchise, but reception has been kinder to him in recent years, and this meme jokes with that fact in the best way possible. Remember how everyone hated Jar-Jar back in the day? Well, he seems pretty awesome right now, doesn’t he?

4. She’s back! (probably not, but hey…)

To be honest, Jecki’s death in Episode 5 was one of the most shocking moments in the series so far, as no one really expected her to die, since she is one of the series’ most important characters. And while there still might be some hope for those who really really really want her back, we don’t think that getting mauled like that will make it possible for her to return, but hey… maybe this great meme is a foreshadowing!

5. Get ready for some classic Star Wars jokes

To be honest, this one’s actually hilarious. It pokes fun at The Acolyte in a very intelligent way, while also giving a nod to the original series, as this is a very good recreation of the scene from Episode VI. A bit sad, since these characters in The Acolyte were more or less slaughtered, which wasn’t the case with Episode VI‘s Force Ghosts, but still a very fun and intelligent meme if you ask us.

6. Arnie and Danny DeVito in Star Wars? Count us in!

image 2024 06 30 153607314
source: u/TuDamnHigh

This poster is absolutely hilarious, and everyone who’s seen the 1988 classic comedy TWiiNS with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito will know just how brilliant this meme is. The poster was edited in the best way possible, and this is one of the best The Acolyte jokes currently available on the internet. We just loved it, so we had to share it with you.

7. We just don’t get this one…

image 2024 06 30 154052106
source: 9gag

No, we do get the meme, but we don’t understand the creative decision in the story that inspired it. When Moss was announced to appear in The Acolyte as a powerful Jedi, many fans were excited. The character had so much potential, and she was a strong female character in her own right. And then… we blink, and she’s gone. No more Indara. It’s as if she never appeared in the show at all. And how she was killed? By who? Eh… this one really deserves to be made fun of, as even now, we don’t quite understand why it happened.

8. If he’s a Star Wars villain, he obviously has to be hot, right?

This is always subjective, but we have reported how fans generally love Star Wars villains recently, and The Stranger is the most recent example of that. This tweet reminds us how both Anakin and Kylo Ren, before Qimir, enjoyed such popularity, and we simply had to mention this one here.

9. Yeah, we had to have at least one Ki-Adi-Mundi meme…

image 2024 06 30 154501048
source: starwars_explored

What, you really think we’d miss the opportunity to add Ki-Adi-Mundi here? Not a chance! His appearance in The Acolyte has been controversial, and while we have yet to see how the canon handles this, this meme makes some good fun at the continuity issues that The Acolyte created, and we hope they will, eventually, be resolved in a proper manner.

10. The fight was good, mostly… except when it was not

The fight between the Jedi and the Stranger was, for the most part, great. There were some epic moments there, and it was well choreographed, but this headbutting was a bit over the top, although we have written about why it was executed like that. Still, when you look at it from a different perspective, it’s hilarious!

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