The 10 Best ‘The Boys’ Season 4 Memes Created by Fans

The 10 Best 'The Boys' Season 4 Memes Created by Fans

The Boys Season 4 has been going strong since its June 13, 2024 premiere and continues attracting a lot of attention, going strong into its penultimate season. The season is currently Certified Fresh with high ratings, and Amazon has reported that the series also saw an increase in viewership. As we are waiting for more content to talk about in the upcoming weeks, we have decided to provide you with a new article on the season, but a wholly different one, as you will be able to see soon.

In this article, we are going to explore the series from a different perspective, as we are going to bring you a list of the 10 best The Boys Season 4 memes we found online, as created by the fans. This will be a little bit of enjoyment for the fans of this great series that will, hopefully, provide you with a few laughs about the characters and scenes from the series.

1. You know it’s good when the show makes its own memes

image 2024 06 30 155908303

Okay, we know we promised you fan-made memes, but this one was just too good, and we had to give credit to the guys behind the project for making this. This meme does an excellent job of satirizing the season’s controversial trial, but it also makes fun of the current political situation in the States, so it’s really a great piece of satire that we all can enjoy.

2. Yeah, we all want more…

image 2024 06 30 160220335
Credit – u/Forest_Rain802

The show started off so strongly that it attracted a significant viewership boost. Despite the hate and toxic backlash, the season has been going strong, so we understand Homelander’s frustration with having to wait for the next episode of the season. We feel his anger.

3. They thought we wouldn’t notice…

The poster for The Boys Season 4 showing Homelander in front of the riot police is an epic symbol of this season, but as things stand, it is also a poke at a very popular old meme. Is it just a coincidence, or did the production really want to do it like that? Well, take a look and be the judge yourselves…

4. The sauna scene…

The Boys are known for including scenes that result in the fans being very confused. Why? How? When? What for? These are just some of the questions that fans have been asking themselves after the sauna scene, and the gif above perfectly illustrates what the fans – in general – thought about it. And yeah… we… ummm… we can only agree, right? Right? *looks around nervously*

5. They didn’t really hide it, the haters just did not see it

image 2024 06 30 161502652
Source: r/dankmemes

Season 4 revealed that Frenchie was gay… or bisexual, however you want to look at it. And this caused a lot of issues with haters, who interpreted this as yet another sign that the season is becoming woke. But, in fact, Frenchie’s sexuality had been foreshadowed before, and the toxic fans just didn’t see it, really. All the signs were there; just take a look at the previous seasons once again.

6. The paradox…

image 2024 06 30 160455434
source: Pinterest

This might not be a recent one, but it emphasizes the message of the current season in the best way possible. The show is not afraid to poke fun at the United States and its current politics, and Homelander is really the best character to do that, so you understand why we ultimately picked this meme for the current season.

7. Yeah, you didn’t notice that? Really?

image 2024 06 30 161937920
source: Pinterest

We have written about this in one of our earlier articles, so you’ll probably remember the controversy related to this season’s anti-right tone. But, in case you didn’t notice, The Boys has been anti-conservative from the first episode, and we’re really surprised that this season has been getting so much backlash for being what it has been from the very start. This meme makes fun of this in the best way possible, so we simply had to include it on this list for you.

8. This is some very dark humor here…

image 2024 06 30 162215743

This meme actually makes good use of a scene from the current season, but it also has a very dark twist when you actually dig deeper into the content. This is related to some current and ongoing issues with Boeing and the industry, so while it makes brilliant use of The Boys, and we think that Kripke would be proud of the irony, in the end, it is a really dark and disturbing truth that this meme is putting in front of us. And that is why it is on this list.

9. This one is just… yeah…

image 2024 06 30 162657345
source: 9gag

Shaving is not that big of a change in a man’s life, as guys will know, but it can sometimes completely change one’s appearance. Mother Milk’s appearance in Season 4 is a prime example of that, as the season not only showed him without his trademark beard, it also showed him being a lot thinner and older, which is why many fans wondered whether MM was recast. He wasn’t, but this meme illustrates the whole story perfectly.

10. Antony Starr has been amazing, right?

image 2024 06 30 155554633
Source: u/Nanaue7

Regardless of whether you love or hate this season, one fact that every fan agrees with is that Antony Starr’s performance as Homelander has been absolutely fantastic. This is something we have already written about in a separate article, but this meme was just too good to pass on. So yeah… Starr has been amazing and he will finally get to rest once Season 5 is done.

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