Best The Lord of the Rings Characters: Funniest and Most Likeable

best the lord of the rings characters

For years and years now the world hasn’t stopped talking about The Lord of the Rings, either books or movies. It is simply one of the greatest stories of all times and each generation has something they will remember it by. Many of us go back to our highschool years when we couldn’t wait for each sequel to finally come to the cinema and sit and not being able to relax for almost three hours. And it was worth it.

We got everything we wanted inside those memorable minutes. We fought next to the most powerful kings, brave dwarves and mysterious elves, we cried when some of our favourite characters got hurt or died, we fell in love with some of them.

But we also laughed, we laughed a lot. It is a saga with so many funny and witty characters that they deserve to be mentioned. And these are some of the funniest characters in The Lord of the Rings.



Definitely the funniest hobbit that has ever existed, Pippin will make you laugh even in the scariest and most shocking scenes and situations. With his wits and humour, he is definitely a medicine for one’s sad day and a character that will lighten you up. It is always very important to cast an actor which can easily be put inside the book, since I’m sure we all imagine what our favourite characters would look like if  transferred to the big screen.

This was one of the best choices in the trilogy. Billy Boyd was born to play Pippin, with his generous and quirky smile, adorable accent and spark in his eyes. 



One of the most ambiguous characters, the one with a split personality and not very lovable traits, with a pretty scary dark side, but still a character that used to make us laugh so much, especially when we met him.

Gollum, with his numerous facial expressions, a lisp, crazy look and countless puzzles is a character we really love to watch because we know that we will smile at least once, even if afraid of what might come right after a joke he makes.



What Dumbledore is to Harry Potter, Gandalf is to The Lord of the Rings. The greatest, the teacher, the father and the protector. Ian McKellen is perfect for this role, with his warm blue eyes, a somewhat shy smile, but a loud and honest laughter, the one which made us feel good so many times.

From the very first minutes of the movie, when we encounter him in Shire, we know that he will be the one who will be responsible not only for the most important parts, but also the laid back ones, when the only thing that everyone is going to need is a joke and a sincere laughter.



Undoubtedly, one of the funniest characters in the fantasy world ever, in every realm, each kingdom and among all the people, heroes or villains. Gimli is the joker of the Fellowship, a good and kind soul that hides behind his annoyed facial expressions and numerous rude comments.

But when we get to know him, we learn that he is always ready for a good laugh or even a trick that he enjoys playing on his comrades. We love laughing with and to him and he makes an excellent combination with the character he also fights the most, Legolas, another funny soul who might deceive us with his serious posterity.



If there were a competition for the funniest couple in books or movies, Legolas and Gimli would certainly be very highly ranked. They make an unforgettable combination, constantly fighting verbal wars, giving each other a hard time and making all of us laugh out loud in front of the screen. Although we wouldn’t expect it from Legolas, given his calm and somewhat strict presence.

But he is also one the wittiest characters in the trilogy, with his hidden humour, which we would never expect. There have been so many scenes where I just couldn’t stop laughing and most of them included him. And Orlando Before has never before and I think will never in the future have a more suitable role than the one of Legolas, being the best choice possible. 



One more hobbit and yet another funny and delightful character. Merry is Pippin’s best friend and they both gave us hours of good time and wits and jokes that we will never forget. Tolkien wrote an incredible story, invented his own language, kingdoms and nations, but Jackson managed to portray it almost flawlessly, especially when it comes to casting.

Dominic Monaghan is also an excellent choice for this happy, good hearted and funny hobbit and thanks to him and his colleagues we managed to fully grasp the importance of these small creatures in this story. And to laugh out loud.

The Bottome Line

Characters are written, whether in a book or a script and we experience them differently. Maybe we won’t agree upon some of the choices here, but I hope you remembered some of the best lines and jokes those mentioned characters offered us.

I’m certain you can recall Legolas’ and Gimli’s quibbling during some major war scenes or Pippin’s irresistible confident smile when he blurts something out without thinking. The story and world of The Lord of the Rings is so much more, but we shouldn’t forget these seemingly small things that actually mean the world.

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