‘Between Waves’ Fim Review: How Far Is Too Far In Pursuit Of Loved Ones?

‘Between Waves’ Fim Review: How Far Is Too Far In Pursuit Of Loved Ones?

Imagine the person you love the most in this world goes missing for so long that everybody in your circles starts encouraging you to move on. And then voila, a ray of intriguing and confusing hope crosses your path, and then you start seeing visions or start hallucinating about strange encounters with your lost lover. Sounds pretty dope, right? Well, that’s exactly what happens in Virginia Abramovich’s new movie ‘Between Waves.’ This flick successfully marries the romance and science fiction genres exhibiting gorgeous blue tones, shot in breathtaking locations in Toronto, Ontario, and the Portuguese Azores. The result is a spectacular visual, mental, and emotional delight that is ‘Between Waves.’

This flick was written by award-winning filmmaker Virginia Abramovich in collaboration with Katherine Andrews and stars Fiona Graham, Luke Robinson, Stacey Bernstein, Sebastian Deery, and Edwige Jean-Pierre. ‘Between Waves’ hits Video on Demand and select theatres on September 21, 2021.

From the introductory scene, the movie draws the audiences into Jamie’s complicated life, a role taken by Fiona Graham as she grapples with balancing looming craziness and parallel universes in pursuit of her lost better half, quantum physicist Isaac played by Luke Robinson, who mysteriously disappeared into thin air. Jamie’s predicament clearly shows the toll trauma can take on a seemingly strong person, exuding the I-have-got-my-stuff-together kind of aura only for things to start falling apart right in front of her eyes.

Isaac has been missing for so long that death becomes the only presumption for everyone who ever knew him. However, Jamie starts seeing peeks of him in and around her vicinity. Naturally, she chases after him in one of the appearances where he implores her to take the journey the couple had planned before Isaac went MIA so that the two could reunite once more, however this time around, in a parallel dimension.

Of course, the curiosity for what lies beyond and the desire to be in the arms of her love once again sets Jamie into action. Armed with a notebook and a map left behind by her beau Jamie sets off for an Island in Portugal called Sao Miguel. Following the beacons marked by Isaac, manifestations of herself and Isaac suck her further in the most profound mystery as she searches for explanations and answers. What keeps audiences at the edge of their seats is that one keeps wondering whether these alternative versions of the duo Jamie sees really do exist, or the images are mere hallucinations of a woman dealing with grief while pursuing a hopeful lead that can possibly lead end in more heartache.

As Jamies looks for clues and answers, her world starts to blur as she transitions over parallel dimensions and consciousness. Her memories, visions, and future possibilities all clash resulting in a massive tornado of emotions, thoughts, conflicts, and confusion; however, for her to move forward, she must choose a path to follow out of all the different alternatives she’s faced with. Jamie’s journey through all these issues and aspects and universes is as intriguing as it is enthralling as she cruises through multiple continents and landscapes.

Graham delivers a masterful performance as Jamie, something that immediately grabs the attention of audiences. She beautifully exhibits her character’s thoughts using her eyes, plays the role gently, leaving no guesswork for the viewers as she makes her character as clear as day. The subject of the quantum world and the physics surrounding it could definitely be a lot to grasp for audiences who do not have any background information on the technicalities of this field. To be honest, it’s a majority of the viewers. So, what ‘Between Waves’ does is to make sure that Robinson embodies the role of Isaac in the easiest, simplest, most understandable way that eases audiences into understanding this complex subject without over-explaining it. This aspect is partly to thank for the succinct script that ensures that the movie neither limits the viewers’ understanding nor complicates the central theme of the narrative. In addition to the script, the lead characters exhibit undeniable chemistry that definitely keeps many engaged and interested. Abramovich’s direction also does great justice to the film as her skill is spectacular as she weaves the story together, resulting in an excellent, neatly packed, well-executed outcome.

‘Between Waves’ Fim Review: How Far Is Too Far In Pursuit Of Loved Ones?

When one keenly examines ‘Between Waves,’ they can’t help to draw comparisons to Christopher Nolan’s highly successful blockbuster ‘Inception,’ which was released in 2010. A series of questions crop up as Jamie tries to understand the confusing and equally conflicting world of multiple universes. Questions such as how she will be able to know which one is the universe, she originally came from becomes a crucial aspect keeping audiences baffled and guessing along. Not to leave any spoilers, the answer is embedded more or less in Cobb’s spinning top in ‘Inception.’ Back to ‘Between Waves’ now, as Jamie continues to figure out the nitty-gritty and things start opening up and making sense, viewers can’t help to breathe a sigh of relief and a feeling of satisfaction at such an enlightening moment.

As mentioned earlier, ‘Between Waves’ is a beautifully shot piece of the motion picture which is visually endearing. The scenes are encased in shades of blue with highlights of sea green which is absolutely astonishing. There are vast sweeping landscapes, stunning aerial views and fantastically staged ground shots, and interior scenes. One of the most beautiful drone shots is when the waves come crashing against the rocks, which enhances the emotional intensity of the scene.

Stories surrounding the search for truth and love are not a new phenomenon, yet the combination of love and physics is quite refreshing. Abramovich and Andrews definitely succeed in creating this intelligent, well-paced, satisfying tale that shines a bright light on the modern-day exploration of such an aspect in life and pushes audiences to confront their ‘here’ and ‘now’ for closure and as a way of moving forward. ‘Between Waves’ is a really great film worth every minute of time spent watching it.

SCORE: 7.5/10

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