Bill Skarsgård Becomes Infamous Swedish Criminal In The Trailer For Series “Clark”

Bill Skarsgård Becomes Infamous Swedish Criminal In The Trailer For Series "Clark"

The upcoming Netflix biographical crime series Clark has been unveiled with its first trailer. The main role in the series is played by Bill Skarsgård as the charismatic Swedish criminal Clark Olofsson.

Directed by Jonas Åkerlund, the series is based on the infamous life and career of one of Sweden’s most notorious criminals, Clark OIofsson, and his autobiographical book Vafan var det som hände, which roughly translates to What the Hell Happened.

Olofsson was present during the Norrmalmstorg robbery in 1973 and the ensuing hostage situation, after which the term Stockholm Syndrome was used, meaning a condition in which a person in a hostage situation begins to sympathize with the person who abducted her.

Olofsson’s career began in the early 60’s and his criminal career full of various experiences turned him into one of the most controversial figures in modern Swedish history. He was convicted of numerous attempted murders, drug smuggling, assault and robbery and spent many years in prison. After the failed robbery in 1973, Olofsson gained star status and despite his many crimes due to his innate charm, he managed to turn part of the population to his side.

Six episodes of the series were filmed in Sweden, Lithuania and Croatia last spring, and it has not yet been revealed when they should arrive on Netflix.

Check out the first trailer for the show Clark below.

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