Black Clover characters: 10 Main Characters (Ranked)

Black Clover Characters: 10 Most Powerful Characters (Ranked)

The world of Black Clover is perfect for any magic lover. The plot revolves around different types of magic and magic users as they fight. Although there are a plethora of interesting characters with captivating magical abilities, we had to ask ourselves which ones are the most powerful?

If you want to check who made it to our list of ten most powerful in-universe characters, keep reading.

Black Clover Main Characters (Ranked)

10. The Devils

Black Clover characters: 10 Main Characters (Ranked)

Devils are an ancient species of magical and malevolent creatures that live in the underworld, a desolate place where the only source of entertainment is tormenting one another and toying with the living world’s humans.

The Devil, as the mastermind behind the elves’ massacre and the radicalization of Patri, is the very embodiment of bad. It’s also the most powerful villain yet to emerge in Black Clover.

The Devil will change its surroundings simply by speaking thanks to his Word Soul Magic. It can recover itself from any damage as well as summon an infinite barrage of magical and actual weapons to overpower its enemies.

When a Grimoire of Despair is obtained, the power grows to the point that it can summon vast masses of supernatural energy that steals mana and the life force of living creatures. Even Licht and Lumiere’s combined forces aren’t enough to defeat this monstrosity.

9. Licht

Black Clover characters: 10 Main Characters (Ranked)

Licht is the Elf Tribe’s chief and one of Sephirah’s ten Apostles. He was married to Tetia, a human woman who was the niece of the first Magic Emperor, Lemiel Silvamillion Clover.

Licht is a tall, muscular elf with white skin, effeminate facial features, and golden eyes. His white hair was braided together in a single strand.

His artificial body has two sets of tattoos: a longitudinal line under each eye on his cheeks, and four dots forming a diamond in the center of his forehead, bordered by curved lines.

While Patri bears his name, his abilities pale in contrast to those of the true Licht. Licht will use abilities that Asta isn’t sure of because he is the original keeper of Asta’s grimoire and the maker of his swords.

The range and amount of mana he can handle after reclaiming the Demon Dweller Sword, for example, is far superior to Asta’s. Licht will unleash combined mystic energies in a single slash by drawing on the strength of his fellow elves. 

Licht’s strength greatly outstripped Lumiere’s after he transformed into an ancient Demon. He forced Lumiere to the brink of death, even though he was eventually defeated.

As an elf and the master of his race wields enormous magical strength. Licht is able to levitate and float himself and others by combining massive quantities of mana. Licht’s influence is immense when completely awakened, but it is not oppressive to his allies.

8. Lemiel

Black Clover characters: 10 Main Characters (Ranked)

Lemiel Clover is a human royal and the Clover Kingdom’s Magic Knight Squads’ first Magic Emperor.

He is a handsome young man with blue eyes and blond hair. He’s dressed in a white jacket with a high, dark-colored collar that’s double-breasted and long-sleeved. 

The jacket is gold-trimmed and stretches below his hip. On top of that, he wears two ties, with his grimoire pouch hanging off the back of his dark-colored belt. In addition, he is dressed in white trousers, white stockings, and black shoes.

Lumiere is a magical prodigy who rose from the ranks of royalty to become the first Wizard King. For a human, Lemiel possesses an unusually large amount of magical strength, which is characterized as quiet and stunning. 

His spells are capable of matching much of Licht’s demonic transformation attacks, and it is for this reason that he is dubbed the Magic Emperor.

Lemiel’s own magic is corrupted by the underworld after absorbing Licht’s monstrous magic with a magic instrument, allowing him to fight Zagred’s magic.

He has a four-leaf clover grimoire, like Patri, that allows him to use Light Magic on a much larger scale. 

His immense supernatural ability enables him to detect magical powers thousands of miles distant and to fly or strike over long distances with high-speed Light Magic.

Lumiere will use Mana Zone to gain hold of the mana surrounding him and release a series of concentrated light bursts. During his last battle with the ancient monster, he also builds massive light structures to bring an end to its rampage.

7. Julius Novachrono

Black Clover characters: 10 Main Characters (Ranked)

Julius Novachrono is the Clover Kingdom’s Magic Knights’ 28th Magic Emperor. He was also a member of the Grey Deer squad as a captain.

Julius was a tall, middle-aged man with blond hair that was unkempt and purple eyes. A blue six-pointed star on the left side of his forehead is one of his distinguishing features; after he dies, this mark vanishes.

Julius’ body is mentally regressed to that of his 13-year-old self after reviving himself with his stored time. His hair is thicker and shaggier, and he is much thinner.

As the most recent Wizard King is the Clover Kingdom’s most powerful mage. Julius manipulates time with this magical ability. 

He has the ability to speed up, slow down, interrupt, or even reverse the passage of time.

Julius has a special grimoire that has no cover and is only a mess of floating pages, unlike most mages. Julius can look into the future and predict his opponents’ moves as a Mana Zone specialist. 

He can also steal time from the citizens he battles and save it in savings for later use. Julius was able to stop Patri’s greatest spell from destroying everyone in the Clover Kingdom thanks to this ability.

He can also heal casualties by turning back the clock on his own and other people’s wounds. Julius has the ability to beat a devil due to the erratic nature of Time Magic; but, after his lack of strength, his Magic Stage ranking is unknown.

6. Fuegoleon Vermillion

Black Clover characters: 10 Main Characters (Ranked)

Fuegoleon Vermillion is a nobleman and the first son of House Vermillion, one of the Clover Kingdom’s royal families. He is also the captain of the Magic Knights’ Crimson Lion team. 

When he is in a coma, he is briefly replaced by his older sibling, Mereoleona, but he returns to his seat after he recovers. Since abandoning Fana, Salamander, the fire demon, decides to represent Fuegoleon.

Fuegoleon’s power hasn’t weakened after being in a coma for so long. Since regaining consciousness, he’s grown even more strong. It’s impossible to say how much better Fuegoleon can get as the Fire Spirit Salamander’s new mate.

Fuegoleon is a tall guy with purple eyes and vermillion hair that is long and smooth. His long fringe is combed to the left in a wavy hairstyle, while his hair is neatly combed to the back. 

The red markings around his eyes are one of his distinguishing features. Another is a diamond-shaped spot in the middle of his forehead with a contrasting hue. He also has a pair of red earrings on his ears. 

He loses his right arm during his fight with Licht, and it is later replaced by one made of fire.

Fuegoleon is one of the most talented Fire Magic users, and he has mastered the art which allows him to concentrate high amounts of fire and increase its offensive power.

In addition, he is the smartest of all the Grand Magic Knights, including his sister. Through massive bursts of fire, he can quickly knock out large numbers of opponents, as well as fire targeted beams to incinerate small targets.

5. Mereoleona Vermillion

Black Clover characters: 10 Main Characters (Ranked)

The user will create and control their own blood at will with this magical ability. Special spells, which are held in grimoires, are expected to use it to its full extent.

Once they have used their magic on them, the user can influence other people and animals by their blood.

Mereoleona is a beautiful lady with blue eyes and wavy vermilion locks. She has red marks around her eyes, just like her siblings, and one sharp, prominent canine tooth, just like Leopold.

Mereoleona wears the Crimson Lion squad’s trademark robe that only protects her body as a member of the squad. The robe is embellished with elaborate patterns around the lower front side and is paired with a cape. At the front, a pair of ropes protrude from between the scarf and the robe, with a stone on either end.

Mereoleona uses Fire magic which allows her to create and manipulate fire. She most often creates it in the shape of a lion’s paw, so much so that it became her signature of a sort.

She also uses Reinforcement Magic to increase her natural abilities. This stands out the most when it comes to her resistance o fire and heat in general. The best example of this modification is her ability to bathe in lava.

Mereoleona is a master of hand-to-hand fighting, effortlessly defeating any adversary she comes across. She uses that as her primary combat style, as well as combining her spells with her hand-to-hand prowess for more lethal attacks.

She has incredible physical stamina, which allows her to battle Vetto with ease.

4. The Queen Of Witches

Black Clover characters: 10 Main Characters (Ranked)

Although little is known about her, the Queen of the Witches is regarded as one of the series’ most powerful magic users. She has full authority over the human body thanks to the strength of her Blood Magic. 

The user will create and control their own blood at will with this magical ability. Special spells, which are held in grimoires, are expected to use it to its full extent.

Once they have used their magic on them, the user can influence other people and animals by their blood.

The Blood Magic involves both offensive spells and supplementary spells. Some of the mos popular spells involve creating a scythe by using a large amount of blood, creating creatures from bodies of blood, creating a blood orb and enveloping a person the user wants to heal in it and controlling a person by using their own blood inside their body. 

She can quickly recover limbs and fatal injuries thanks to her hundreds of years of experience. She can also cure magical afflictions that other people can’t, like the curse Vetto put on Asta’s arms. 

She can also create blood structures to assault or restrain her enemies, as well as control them with their blood. In some alternative worlds, even Asta’s powerful will couldn’t deter her from forcing him to destroy his comrades.

3. Yami Sukehiro

Black Clover characters: 10 Main Characters (Ranked)

Yami Sukehiro is a foreigner from the Hino Country who serves as the first commander of the Clover Kingdom’s Magic Knights Black Bull team. He was also a member of the Grey Deer squad in the past.

Yami is a tall guy with a strong physique. He has grey eyes and medium-length black hair that is combed backward and sticking outwards. In addition, he has a beard and a stubble mustache.

Yami uses the rare form of magic known as Dark Magic. This allows him to create and manipulate the element of darkness.

He mainly employs this magic through the use of his katana. This magic can draw in other types of magic, such as Light Magic, and absorb it into the darkness. 

Yami is classified as an Arcane Stage mage because of his Dark Magic’s innate capacity to influence the other dimension.

Only the most powerful Clover royals, the toughest elves, and high-ranking devils will match Yami’s magic strength as a leader of a Magic Knights team.

He is naturally strong and has exceptional physical abilities, however, he uses Reinforcement Magic to enhance those abilities. This form of magic also makes up for the decrease in speed caused by his usage of the Dark Magic.

2. Nozel Silva

Black Clover characters: 10 Main Characters (Ranked)

Nozel Silva is a nobleman and the first son of House Silva, one of the Clover Kingdom’s royal houses. He is now the captain of the Magic Knights’ Silver Eagle squad and a member of the Royal Knights.

Nozel is a slim, fair-skinned man with short brows and narrow purple eyes. Other characters occasionally comment on his pale, silver-white hair, which he wears in a very distinctive way. 

He wears his hair long and straight in the back, but it’s tightly curled and pulled back into a long spiky fringe on the top and upper sides. His long bangs are braided and hang between his eyes and down to the tip of his nose, where he wears a small House Silva pendant.

Nozel is a prominent user of the Mercury Magic. This allows him to generate and manipulate mercury. Although his knowledge in Creation Magic allows him to create any objects and entities from the element he usually creates sharps objects since they are the most useful in a fight.

He often combines both offensive and defensive tactics which makes him a difficult opponent sich he can adapt to the conditions of the fight easily.

Nozel has incredible stamina, as shown by his ability to stay conscious and cast spells despite being stabbed through the chest by several long compass needles and as a royal and captain of a Magic Knights Squad, possesses enormous magical strength.

He can create an immense pressure field around himself simply by releasing it, and he can manifest a massive eagle with his magical ability. 

1. Patolli

Black Clover characters: 10 Main Characters (Ranked)

Patolli is an elf who goes by the name and personality of Licht and is the master of the Eye of the Midnight Sun. Before he kills himself to save the Clover Kingdom, he shares a body with William Vangeance, the captain of the Golden Dawn team. After that, he is reborn in Licht’s artificial body.

Patolli is a gifted user of light magic. It allows him to create and manipulate concentrated beams of light to his advantage in the battel.

Since he is also skilled at creation magic he can use that ability to form different objects from the light he needs during his fights.

He uses the beams to help him distract the opponents by blinding them and to enhance the speed of his movement which makes him extremely agile.

Another skill that works to his advantage is his knowledge of the healing magic since he can use it to heal any wounds he sustains while in a fight.

An extra thing that can come to his aid during fights is his ability to use Reincarnation Magic, which allows him to bring back the souls of the dead in the bodies of the living.

Patolli became much more powerful once he transformed into his dark elf form. Since this allowed him to access the Demon Light Magic he became a much more dangerous opponent.

The transformation also enhanced his speed tremendously and made his magic much more powerful.

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