Black Clover Has Not Come to an End: Black Clover Movie Coming Up

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When Black Clover was officially released as anime series in 2017, today’s fan base couldn’t even guess that Black Clover would become one of the top Shonen anime. The series had its final episode in March 2021, and since was even considered as canceled while we can still enjoy weekly manga issues.

Black Clover movie details coming out in December

Black Clover creator, Yuki Tabata, is still working on releasing manga episodes every week, which dictates the tempo of anime series as well. Many fans thought that the fourth season would be the end of Asta on screens since there have been no renewals for season 5. However, the show creators announced a Black Clover movie in the works.

Fans were left with Nacht in his preparation to train Asta and Liebe with the help of his four devils. The war is coming and the rest of the Magic Knights are also training to become stronger. The end of the last episode aired in March 2021 and it makes it clear that the cliffhanger could evolve into a new story arc.

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When Is the Black Clover Movie Coming Out?

The show creators will organize a panel in December 2021 to discuss the details revolving around the release of the Black Clover Movie. The panel is announced for December 19th, 2021, which is when the fans should get more information about the release date. The fourth season might not be the end of Asta and the Magic Knights on screens after all.

The anime show might still be renewed for season 5, but most probably not before the Black Clover movie is out.

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