Black Clover Mobile Game to Be Released in 2022

Black Clover manga is still out every week with the last episode of anime airing in March 2021. The fandom is worried that there might not be renewals for season 6, while the movie Black Clover might not feature the big screens until 2023. The sixth season will probably happen, but we might have to wait for 2024 to see it in the continuation of the show.

The anime is put on a hiatus because the show caught up with the manga series. Until the characters and the plot develop further, no new episodes will be made, which explains why we might have to wait for nearly two years or even more to see season 6 happen. In the meantime, the movie is in production and still untitled. It is no wonder that there is no release date as there is no working title for the upcoming movie either.

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As the fandom is waiting for a new season renewal and the official release date for the Black Clover movie, we can enjoy the fact that we know the release year for the Black Clover mobile game. The game will be simply called Black Clover Mobi and is not related to the Black Clover mobile game titled Black Clover Phantom Knights.

The previous game was released in 2018, while the expected year for the official release of the new Black Clover game is 2022. The game will be available for Android and iOS users.  

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