Black Clover Movie: Yuno Gets a New Anime Film Visual

Black Clover Movie: Yuno Gets a New Anime Film Visual

As the Black Clover fandom is waiting for season 5 to be announced and confirmed, anime fans can look forward to the release of the Black Clover movie. The fourth season ended in March 2021, leaving us with Asta and Liebe being trained by Nach together with the Magic Knights who are preparing for the war.

The fifth season may not come until 2023, while the release may even come as late as in 2024, depending on the tempo of the weekly manga series. Yuki Tabata, the author behind Black Clover manga, is still releasing weekly manga issues that should be adapted into season 5. The chances are that season 5 won’t begin until the current manga arc is in the works.

While the Black Clover movie is in production, the fandom has a chance to take a glimpse of the Black Clover team’s work with new visuals being shared via social networks. The most recent visual that was released to promote the movie was of Yuno, while the previous visual art was of Asta.

Black Clover Movie: Yuno Gets a New Anime Film Visual
New visual art of Yuno revealed

It was originally thought that the team behind the Black Clover movie will reveal the release date and more information on Jump Festa 2022 on December 19th. However, aside from key visuals and details about the Black Clover game, no new information has been released. It’s been confirmed that the movie is in production and that it’s too early to set the exact release date.

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What is for certain is that the story of Black Clover is heating up as Tabata said during the Black Clover panel on Jump Festa, which means that the fifth season might be one of the best by far if the anime series is renewed and the next season is confirmed.

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