‘Bleach’ Creator Tite Kubo Admits He Did Not Know How His Manga Would End!

'Bleach' Creator Tite Kubo Admits He Did Not Know How His Manga Would End!

As we have written on more than one occasion, the BLEACH: Thousand-Year Blood War anime is slowly heating up for its third part, which is scheduled to air sometime this year. We have also reported that the series is celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the anime’s premiere with a special exhibition in Japan, which is part of the preparation for the upcoming arc. Now, as we have said, the Bleach anime is on a break while the manga is officially over (although fans are hopeful that another arc might appear in the future), which is actually a great time to revisit the series as a whole and reveal some shocking and surprising information about how the series was created as a whole.

We know that Bleach started off as a small project, but it turned out to be one of the biggest manga in history, becoming a part of the “Big Three”, alongside Masashi Kishimoto’s Naruto and Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece. And while many authors, including Oda, knew how their story was going to end, Kubo has recently admitted that he had no idea how the whole story would play out.

Back at the time, Tite Kubo was actually asked about the ending of Bleach. Okay, we do know that the series was rushed, but we’ll get to that in a bit. When asked about the conclusion of the story, Kubo said the following:

 “I still haven’t decided how the series will end. As for how far ahead I write, that all depends. Occasionally, when I get ideas for scenes, I try and link them by imagining the most interesting route. I don’t know where scenes will go, because the ideas don’t arrive in order. (…) Things tend to be all over the place. I might think of a scene that belongs much, much later in the story, and to get there I might have to draw a lot of other things first. If there’s a scene I definitely want to draw, it doesn’t change, but how I get there might.


As you see, the creative process behind Bleach was a complex one for Kubo, who himself admitted that he preferred his characters over the story itself. Now, we know that the ending of Bleach caused a lot of controversy because many fans felt it was rushed, but it doesn’t seem like Kubo would have changed the outcome; the “how I get there” part would have changed surely, but not the final scenes.

But, why was the ending so controversial? Why was it rushed? In case you don’t know, Kubo started to experience health issues at the start of the Quincy Arc, and he wanted to arrange something with his publishers, who – after some thought – decided to give Kubo very little time to finish the series. With so little time at his disposal and his declining health, Kubo simply decided to rush things along, which is why the final arc was criticized by most fans of the series.

Something was just missing, the scenes were not worked out, character development was inconsistent and it all looked like a series of cutscenes without much substance. The anime adaptation is currently fixing a lot of these issues with some Kubo-approved additional content, but we will forever remain sad because we could not see the full splendor of Kubo’s storytelling in the Quincy Saga as well.

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