Bleach Episode 368: Release Date, Time & Where to Watch

Bleach Episode 367: Release Date, Time & Where to Watch

Bleach, the manga, debuted in 2001 and 20 years after its debut, Tite Kubo returned with a one-shot manga chapter (that leaves space for a new manga arc) and an even bigger piece of news – after 10 years, Bleach will finally adapt the final manga arc and give the anime its proper conclusion in the season 17 of Bleach. While we’re waiting for the Shinigami to finally fight the Quincy, we have decided to tell you everything we know about the upcoming Episode 368 of Bleach, which is scheduled to come out on October 17, 2022.

Bleach Episode 368 release date and time

From what we know at this moment, Episode 368 of Bleach is going to be released on October 17, 2022. The episode’s title is going to be, as was officially confirmed, “Foundation Stones”. The previous episode aired on October 10, 2012. As for the time, the schedules are as follows:

  • Pacific Time: 0:00 AM
  • Central Time: 2:30 AM
  • Eastern Time: 3:30 AM
  • British Time: 8:30 PM

This is the official release schedule for Bleach Episode 368, which reveals when you can expect the episode to air, based on where you are in the world.

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Bleach Episode 368 preview and spoilers

The plot of Bleach Episode 368 is not known at this moment. In this section, we are, thus, going to bring you a recap of the latest episode so that you can roughly know what to expect from the plot in Episode 368:

Some time has passed after Ichigo regained his powers and after a nation-wide Hollow alert spotted by Mayuri’s Research and Development Deparment, the Gotei 13 send two new Substitute Shinigami, Ryonusuke Yuki and Shino Madarame, to Karakura Town to protect it from the Hollows. And while the two young Shinigami try to avoid the Hollows, a pack of very large and powerful Hollows almost kills them but they are saved by Ichigo, Orihime, Ishida and Chad.

Soon after, a mysteriouos figure introducing himself as Asguiaro Ebern comes to Ichigo’s room and the latter confronts him. At the same time, in Soul Society, Madarame and Ayasegawa are investingating a series of bizarre disappearances in the Rukon District. Yamamoto notices Sasakibe activating his Bankai and soon after, a group of mysterious people arrive and declare war on the Shinigami.

In Karakura, Ichigo discovers that Ebern is a Quincy but the latter fails to steal his Bankai; at the same time, a mortally wounded Sasakibe tells Yamamoto that the new enemy is able to steal the Shinigami’s Bankai. The scene cuts to Wandenreich where we see Yhwach and his Sternritter.

Where to watch Bleach Episode 368?

The only places where you can watch Bleach on a regular basis are Disney+ and Hulu. Disney+ and Hulu offer the series regularly through simulcast, but you’ll have to watch it in Japanese, with English subtitles. Other streaming services do offer Bleach as well, but the episodes are not updated regularly so you won’t be able to watch the latest ones. Also, do remember that Disney+ and Hulu do not offer Bleach episodes in every region of the world.

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