Bleach Thousand Year Blood War Crew and Staff Revealed

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The 2022 Jump Festa left us with exclusive information and news for numerous popular anime, which included Bleach. Years after Thousand Year Blood War arc was penned, it was announced that the popular story will get its anime adaptation as a brand-new Bleach movie. Recently, staff and crew details for the movie were also released, while we are expected to see Bleach flick in October 2022.

The movie will be produced by Studio Pierrot, and the crew was also revealed, including Tomohisa Taguchi as the director of the movie and Masashi Kudo as the character designer. Shiro Sagisu will be in charge of music for the new and upcoming Bleach movie. Taguchi is new to the Bleach story as the director and Thousand Year Blood War will be his first Bleach anime. Taguchi also directed Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna, Persona, Gate, and more notable anime.


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Masashi Kudo was the character designer for Bleach from the beginning of the anime franchise while Shiro Sagisu has been handling the music for Bleach for quite some time now. Shiro Sagisu also worked for soundtracks for Evangelion, Attack on Titan, Berserk, Shin Godzilla, and a great number of anime soundtracks.

Bleach Thousand Year Blood movie seems to be in great and experienced hands, while the fandom can’t wait to dive into the story of Bleach and the Soul Society once again in October 2022.

Originally, the story of Bleach ended with Thousand Year Blood War arc as the characters and their stories were brought to a conclusion that could be considered an end for Bleach. However, Tite Kubo, the creator, might have more surprises for Bleach fans.

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