Bleach: Guenael Lee’s “Vanishing Point” Explained!

Bleach: What Are Guenael Lee's Powers? "Vanishing Point" Explained!

The Sternritter, Guenael Lee, was a wholly sentient creation of Gremmy’s. This means that, even though Gremmy’s power literally created him, he was a standalone character with a will of his own. This means that he also had some powers of his own, and in this article, we will focus on these powers as we will explain what Guenael Lee’s Vanishing Point actually is.

As the holder of the Schrift “V,” Guenael Lee could use the Vanishing Point ability, which basically allowed him to disappear however he wanted to. This was a truly unique ability, and it made him quite a complex opponent. The Vanishing Point has a total of three versions. The first one makes him disappear physically. The second one makes his existence disappear, meaning that he has become completely intangible as he does not exist anymore. The final one completely erases him from his enemies’ memories, which means that they have absolutely no recollection of him ever being there. A variation of this, called Vanishing Slider, allows him to escape seemingly unavoidable attacks, although not always completely.

The rest of this article will be focused on Guenael Lee, the Sternritter “V” – “Vanishing Point,” who had a very important role in one particular battle during the second invasion of the Seireitei, especially in relation to Yachiru Kusajishi. This article will focus a bit on his story but more on his powers; the story will be told only when we need it to actually explain the powers we are talking about, focusing on his base ability, which is called Vanishing Point. If you’re not fully up-to-date with Bleach, we must warn you that this article will be spoiler-heavy, so be careful how you approach it.

Vanishing Point is an interesting ability, but it is not invincible

At one point during the second invasion, Lieutenants Isane and Yachiru were taking care of Captains Otoribashi and Muguruma and were hiding in a secret room where they were treating the wounded. When Yachiru returned carrying some stolen things, a creepy old guy materialized behind Isane and vanished almost as quickly, leaving Isane bewildered and unable to recall anything.

While Yachiru was able to punch the creepy old man before he vanished, she, too, was unable to recall the victim of her attack. But the creepy old man was very much present, and it was none other than Guenael Lee, who introduced himself as the Sternritter “V” – “Vanishing Point,”

Now, Guenael Lee’s story is interesting, but in this article, we are actually going to reveal some details about his powers and abilities, as they have proven to be a very intriguing plot point based on what we’ve seen in the latest episode of the series, as Guenael Lee’s powers proved to be… well, we’ll explain them in detail here, but you are going to see that his powers are truly specific, even when the other Sternritter are concerned.

We actually think that Yachiru (or Kenpachi) were the only ones who could’ve fought Guenael Lee with such ease, so kudos to Kubo for planning that out meticulously. Now, what are the guy’s powers?


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Vanishing Point is the name of Guenael Lee’s special ability associated with the Schrift “V” he was given by… well, Gremmy… not Yhwach. When using this power, Guenael is able to move completely unnoticed, as if he weren’t even in the room, and the frightening thing is that he can even erase his existence from the memory of his enemies. His ability has three different “versions,” which are actually manifestations and stages of activation of Vanishing Point:

  • Version 1: When using Version 1, only his physical body disappears, i.e., he becomes invisible, but he is still present as an entity in the consciousness of his enemy.
  • Version 2: If he uses Version 2, his entire existence disappears, so he can no longer be touched or injured. However, his visible appearance remains for a short time, giving his enemies the illusion of hitting him even though his existence has already vanished. He can switch between Versions 1 and 2 at will and from one moment to the next. This is significantly more complex than Version 1, as he is not simply invisible – he completely disappears from space, although he remains present in the memories of his opponents.
  • Version 3: In Version 3, his complete existence eventually vanishes from the consciousness or memory of his enemies as well. Version 3 is, of course, the most complex form of the Vanishing point, and it allows Guenael Lee to disappear completely from his enemies’ consciousness. This means that they have no recollection of him ever existing or punching them or them ever punching him. This gives him basically infinite possibilities in terms of sneak attacks, as not only can they not see him, but his enemies will also not expect him, as they do not even know that he is there.

As you can see, Guenael Lee, despite being a creepy old man, actually has a very powerful technique. Isane was completely horrified by it, and she had absolutely no idea how to battle him, which is why we have to – once again – praise Kubo for pairing Guenael Lee with Yachiru.

Namely, Yachiru was able to counter his Vanishing Point by mere instinct. She explained to Isane that Guenael gave her shivers, and she knew, from being with Kenpachi, that if someone gives you shivers, it’s probably an enemy. This is why she used her instinct instead of her mind to fight Guenael, and since she acted on that, she was actually able to get the upper hand in that battle, especially after activating Sanpo Kenju. But that’s not it when Guenael’s abilities are concerned.

On top of that, Guenael Lee also has one similar technique, which is called Vanishing Slider. This technique is used for dodging enemy attacks that may be comparable to Hirenkyaku. By expending all of his Reiatsu on a lightning-fast backward movement, Guenael is able to dodge so quickly that the opponent’s reaction speed cannot match him.


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This is actually how he was able to avoid Yachiru’s Sanpo Kenju attack, although not completely, as it sliced his face; Yachiru intended to cut him in half, but he used Vanishing Slider to avoid that, although he was unable to avoid being sliced on the face.

Like all the other Quincy, he is able to concentrate his Reishi to craft a weapon; in his case, it was a Reishi Dagger. This is, as we have said, a result of his Quincy abilities, as Guenael can focus both Reiryoku and Reishi to form various weapons. Instead of a bow, which is the typical Quincy weapon, Guenael spawns a Reishi Dagger as his weapon of choice, with which he would be able to easily injure a Lieutenant-level Shinigami. He also tried to use that same Dagger to kill Gremmy, despite the attempt being completely futile.

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