Bleach: Gremmy’s Doppelgangers Explained – His Most Powerful Technique

Bleach: What Is Gremmy's Most Powerful Technique? Explaining His Doppelgangers!

Gremmy Thoumeaux is the Sternritter “V” – “The Visionary”. Thanks to his power, he can easily be considered one of the most powerful Sternritter in the series, as he has the incredible ability to materialize anything he thinks of. So, yes, anything that Gremmy can imagine, he can also create. But, while his The Visionary has many applications, in this article, we are actually going to discuss his strongest technique – his ability to create doppelgangers.

Gremmy Thoumeaux’s power is called The Visionary, and it allows him to turn fantasy into reality, i.e., to materialize anything he can think of. But, among the many techniques that Gremmy can use, his ability to create copies of himself (doppelgangers) is by far the most powerful one, as it doubles or multiplies his base powers based on how many doppelgangers he actually created. This allows him to imagine exceptionally powerful visions, such as the meteor that was about to destroy the Seireitei or the vacuum of outer space he sent Kenpachi into. The doppelgangers are in full unison, and since they increase his powers so much, it makes sense that this is his most powerful technique.

The rest of this article will provide another detailed insight into Gremmy’s The Visionary, which is undoubtedly one of the most powerful abilities we’ve seen among the Sternritter in the Bleach series. It has numerous applications, but in this article, we are going to focus on his most powerful technique, as well as some additional questions that we will answer for you and which are related to this issue. Of course, the article is going to have numerous spoilers, so be careful how to approach it.

Gremmy Thoumeaux’s The Visionary is among the most powerful Sternritter techniques

Gremmy Thoumeaux is the Sternritter who was first introduced via Guenael Lee and later via his amazing battle with Kenpachi Zaraki, in which Zaraki could finally show off his Shikai, Nozarashi. But, putting Kenpachi aside, we’ve also seen what Gremmy’s power – The Visionary – is capable of doing, and in this section, we are going to present it to you.

Gremmy is able to make fantasies come true thanks to The Visionary. As a result, anything that Gremmy imagines will become a reality. For instance, Gremmy imagined Yachiru’s bones being made out of cookies, and they became cookies. Gremmy can create living entities with the power of his mind, as was shown in the series. He can also use his abilities on himself, for example, to harden his body to steel or to quickly treat even the most serious wounds by visualizing himself healed. Additionally, he can instantly change his environment. For example, he can cause a big earthen crack, raise a rock platform out of the ground, or even call forth lava, water, and steel beams.


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His power is, as you can see, quite dangerous, and since he values imagination very much, praising its nigh limitless potential, you can imagine how many techniques he can use. We are going to briefly summarize them here:

  • Gremmy can manipulate space however he wants. He can manipulate already-existing space like he did when he reshaped part of the Seireitei to create a large fighting arena and then later modified it to try to kill Yachiru and Kepnachi with it. He can also create new objects however he wants and imagine already-existing objects not existing, which is how he entered Isane’s barrier to attempt to kill Otoribashi and Muguruma.
  • Gremmy can conjure objects and even natural phenomena however he wants to. For example, he can summon lava from nowhere, create a block of water that floats in mid-air, or steel beams. He also managed to summon a whole arsenal of modern human weaponry. When using his enhanced powers, he could even conjure a meteor large enough to destroy the Seireitei and send Kenpachi into space, where he almost died, as people generally die in space due to the harsh conditions (but not Kenpachi).
  • He can influence other living creatures, which is what he did when he imagined Yachiru’s bones being made out of cookies and seemingly killing Captains Otoribashi and Muguruma. The limit of this ability is unknown.
  • He can also alter and modify his own body. He can, for example, make his body as hard as steel to defend himself, and he can also heal himself by imagining himself never being hurt in the first place. He can also imagine himself being stronger, as he did when he imagined himself being as strong as Kenpachi (but his body is limited in that aspect, and he cannot really make himself more powerful than his base limit is).
  • He can create other living beings, as evidenced by the two Sternritter Shaz Domino and Guenael Lee, who were fully sentient and autonomous persons, despite being Gremmy’s creations. He can also use this ability to create doppelgangers of himself.


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As you can see, the possibilities are nigh infinite, making Gremmy one of the most dangerous Sternritter in the series. In fact, his powers are so dangerous that Gremmy can even kill himself if he imagines it, which is what happened when Kenpachi played a trick on his mind during their fight. Now that we have cleared this up let us talk about his strongest ability.

The Visionary allows Gremmy to create doppelgangers, thereby increasing his powers to a potentially unlimited level

Among the abilities we have mentioned above, his strongest by far is his ability to create doppelgangers of himself. They are not clones but manifest his ability to create living beings thanks to his The Visionary. So, the doppelgangers are actually completely autonomous Gremmy’s, but the trick here is that with each new version of himself, Gremmy becomes more powerful, as his power is multiplied by the number of doppelgangers he managed to create. Even Gremmy himself said that this was by far his most potent ability.

Now, with this power, he was able to summon the large meteor that almost destroyed the Seireitei, and with additional doppelgangers, he was able to send Kenpachi into outer space and even attack him with a plasma-type cannon, although nothing really worked at the time, as Kenpachi is Kenpachi.

We don’t know much about the limits of this power, though, so we don’t really know how many doppelgangers Gremmy can create, i.e., whether this ability is limitless or not, but knowing his general weaknesses.

We assume that the number depends on his concentration; this means that he could potentially create as many doppelgangers as he could concentrate on maintaining, which makes sense knowing his overall powers and abilities.

Despite being extremely powerful, Gremmy has some major weaknesses

Now, before we actually wrap this up, we are just going to go over Gremmy’s general weaknesses. Namely, The Visionary does seem like a potentially limitless power, and Gremmy has shown that he is able to use it in a way that demonstrates just how powerful it is. Still, it has three important weaknesses.

First, Gremmy is not immune to it, so if he accidentally imagines himself being hurt or dying, he won’t be immune to the effect. Secondly, while Gremmy’s imagination is generally limitless, his body is not; this means that he can only modify himself up to his base limits, i.e., that even if he imagines himself being as strong as, for example, Kenpachi, he will die from overexertion as his body couldn’t handle so much power.

Finally, his powers depend on his concentration, so he can maintain a vision as long as he is focused on it. This is why Yachiru’s bones recovered as soon as he lost focus.

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