Bleach: What Is Gudoero, PePe’s Released Form? How Strong Is It & How Is It Different from His Usual Power?

Bleach: What Is Gudoero, PePe's Released Form? How Strong Is It & How Is It Different from His Usual Power?

PePeWaccabrad is, in many ways, a disturbing presence – both visually and in terms of his powers and abilities – which is why he is so interesting and relevant. PePe Waccabrada was introduced as a despised figure, but as his story evolved, it became apparent that he was even more disgusting than was initially said by the female Sternritter who despised him. This article will focus on PePe Waccabrada’s Quincy: Vollständig, Gudoero, as you will discover everything about it.

PePe Waccabrada’s Quincy: Vollständig, his more powerful form, is known as Gudoero, and it is an enhanced form of his usual power, The Love. When he activates Gudoero, his Reiatsu turns magenta and changes his appearance a bit – he loses his sunglasses and most of his clothes and creates two large magenta-colored wings with which he can fly. His face also takes on a more perverted appearance, which makes sense knowing his power. His power has not been explored in detail, but it can be confirmed that Gudoero makes PePe more powerful, and it also gives him the ability to use Love Ropes, a powerful technique that can render an opponent of the Captain-level immobile.

The rest of this article will be focused on PePe Waccabrada, the Sternritter “L” – “The Love,” who had a very important role in the two invasions of the Seireitei, especially during the second one, where he finally got his moment in the series. This article will focus a bit on his story but more on his powers; the story will be told only when we need it to actually explain the powers we are talking about, with the focus being on his Quincy: Vollständig, Gudoero. If you’re not fully up-to-date with Bleach, we must warn you that this article will be spoiler-heavy, so be careful how you approach it.

Gudoero might not look as dangerous as some other Vollständig, but it is nevertheless quite powerful

PePe Waccabrada is a very interesting character, although he is as disgusting as he is interesting. He made a very brief appearance during the first appearance, as he put Jidanbo under his control and made the loveable lump attack the Shinigami Research and Development Institute; Jidanbo completely trashed the building and injured many of his fellow Shinigami, including Akon. This demonstrated just how powerful PePe was, as Jidanbo was strong.

Later, during the second invasion of the Seireitei, he first appears after Yhwach and the Schutzstaffel leave for the Soul King’s Palace; Liltotto asks Meninas where he could be, proposing that his powers could be of use in this case, and moments later, Shuhei Hisagi appears and attacks Byakuya, which prompts Liltotto to say that PePe has finally arrived. And he has.

PePe had used his power, The Love, to put Hisagi under his control and then ordered Hisagi to attack Byakuya; but, being much weaker than Byakuya, Hisagi stood little to no chance against the Captain and was ultimately defeated. PePe then tried to use his power to control Byakuya as well, but that failed miserably, and he was eventually defeated and killed by Liltotto because he tried to use his powers on her as well. This is PePe’s short story, but that will not be the focus of this article.


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The principal focus of this article is going to be PePe’s powers, but before we actually get to Gudoero, allow us to quickly explain how The Love actually works. Thanks to The Love, PePe can fire heart-shaped projectiles by holding his hands next to each other to form a heart. Anyone who is hit by this heart projectile falls in love with PePe and addresses him as Pepe-sama.

As an effect, the affected person completely falls for PePe and does everything he asks without hesitation, even when he orders his comrades to attack, regardless of the target person’s rank or powers.

He can even manipulate Giselle’s zombies with his ability, which he said he had done several times in the past, as they retain some degree of love in them. This is also why he can take control of a Zanpakuto, as a Zanpakuto also has a heart. He can even take control of other Sternritter with relative ease, which is quite rare for a Sternritter, as their powers don’t usually work on their comrades without much additional effort or under certain circumstances.

His power does not affect characters who have no love in them, which is why it did not work on the zombies that Mayuri took from Giselle, and it also did not work on Byakuya Kuchiki, although it has not been explained whether it is because of Byakuya’s powers, his ability to control his emotions, or something else.

This is the basic outline of PePe Waccabrada’s The Love and the gist of his powers. But, like all Sternritter, he also has a released form, Quincy: Vollständig, which significantly augments his powers and makes him even more powerful; the Quincy: Vollständig is a very dangerous power, and many Shinigami have fallen to its destructive power.

In the case of PePe Waccabrada, his Quincy: Vollständig is called Gudoero, and while it is not as creepy as some other released forms, nor has it been explored in detail, it is still a formidable power, and that is why we absolutely have to explain how it works for you.

The first thing you notice is a change in appearance. Unlike As Nodt, who takes on a completely monstrous form (which makes sense since his goal is to induce fear in a person), PePe’s appearance doesn’t really change that much. He loses his trademark sunglasses, which simply shatter, and most of his clothes, save for a pair of underpants, showing his fat body. He also grows a pair of large wings, and his Reiatsu turns magenta, which is a phenomenon associated with every Quincy: Vollständig release (the change in color).

PePe’s Quincy: Vollständig gives him a significant boost in power, which is how it usually works on all Quincy. The attacking power of PePe becomes significantly augmented, but so does his defense, as he was able to withstand a series of punches by Kensei Muguruma’s Bankai and survive, although they injured him. Also, he can fly in mid-air without any assistance, and he also loses his trademark staff, Beshanul; his Floating Basket also disappears while in this form.


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Now, it is very sad that Kubo actually did not give us a bigger insight into PePe’s powers and abilities here, as Gudoero was shown in only one battle, and we didn’t see its full potential like we did in the case of Tatarforas when As Nodt fought Byakuya and Rukia during the second invasion. In that aspect, there is very little we can tell about Gudoero, save for the general remarks we have given in the previous sections and one special power that was seen in the series.

The special power we are talking about is called Love Rope, and it actually literally manifests as one or several ropes connected by small hearts; to summon them, PePe once again manifests his Floating Basket. The ropes can then be used to attack an opponent, and they do seem to be quite powerful, although we haven’t really seen how they work normally, as the battle was cut rather short and PePe never had the time to fully manifest his power, as Mayuri and his zombies soon helped Byakuya. So, what happened?

Well, after activating Gudoero, PePe soon summoned his love ropes, and with three of them, he pierced Byakuya’s right shoulder and rendered him immobile. This tells us that the love ropes are extremely powerful, as he could pierce Byakuya’s body with them and injure the Captain, although the injuries did not seem overly heavy. On the other hand, they seemingly rendered Byakuya immobile.

This is most certainly the ropes’ primary effect, as Byakuya was unable to move and he was about to be struck down by Hisagi, although PePe stopped his underling, telling him that he wanted to finish off Byakuya himself with his powerful love. Sadly, we never found out what that actually meant, as Kensei Muguruma soon cut down the ropes, and the battle was pretty much over.

Kensei attacked PePe and beat him into oblivion, and soon, Liltotto arrived and devoured him with her power, which means that PePe’s story was over. Byakuya, of course, completely recovered, as have his Zanpakuto and Hisagi; PePe’s powers completely disappeared when PePe died, which was a conclusion of Byakuya’s that even PePe confirmed as a correct one.

And there you have it. This is all we know about Gudoero, and we’re sad to say that we know too little. Kubo could have revealed more about the power, but things are just like that; the good thing is that what you have read is all there is, so you need not look further for additional information.

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