Bleach: Here Is Why Guenael Lee Called Yachiru an Animal

Bleach: Why Did Guenael Lee Call Yachiru an Animal?

The battle between Lieutenant Yachiru Kusajishi of the 11th Division and Guenael Lee, the false Sternritter “V” – “Vanishing Point,” was one of the highlights of the second invasion, as it was the first time that we’ve actually seen Yachiru’s Shikai and her fighting skills. But, while we have already analyzed several aspects related to that fight, in this article, we are going to talk about why Guenael Lee actually called Yachiru an animal during that fight.

Guenael Lee labeled Yachiru an animal because of the way she was fighting against him. In the manga, he used even worse labels (like a monkey), but in the anime, he simply called her an animal because her manner of fighting against him was purely instinctive. Namely, Yachiru was not able to break through his powers, but she was able to use her killer instinct, something she managed to develop because of her deep bond with Kenpachi and his Zanpakuto, to instinctively attack Guenael Lee, despite him using his Vanishing Point, which should’ve rendered her attack useless. Furious at her, he simply wanted to insult her way of fighting by comparing it to how an animal fights.

The rest of this article is going to tell you everything you need to know about the battle between Guenael Lee and Yachiru Kusajishi, as it happened in the Bleach series. We are going to reveal all the necessary details and then explain Guenael Lee’s reactions, i.e., why he insulted Yachiru and compared her to an animal, which the little pink-haired girl certainly wasn’t. There are going to be spoilers in this article, of course, so be careful how you approach it.

Guenael Lee was shocked that Yachiru was able to hit him, and realizing that she fight purely instinctively, he insulted her by comparing her and her skills to those of an animal

The events we are about to describe happened during the second invasion of the Seireitei. Using Yhwach’s powers, the Quincy covered the Seireitei in shadows and replaced it with the Wandenreich, which enabled them to fight without any temporal limitations. While most of the Shinigami were fighting the Sternritter, Lieutenant Isane Kotetsu of the 4th Division was taking care of the wounded Shinigami, and Lieutenant Yachiru Kusajishi of the 11th Division was helping her by protecting her and also by stealing equipment from the Quincy.

At the time, the two of them were hidden in a secret location, where Isane was healing the fatally wounded Captains Rojuro Otoribashi of the 3rd Division and Kensei Muguruma of the 9th Division, who were injured in their battle against Mask De Masculine, Sternritter “S” – “The Superstar”; after Renji intervened in the battle, their bodies were brought to Isane by Rukia so Isane was working on healing them.

While she was doing that, a creepy old guy appeared and attacked her from behind. Yachiru was quick to hit him, but he soon disappeared out of sight. This creepy old guy was Guenael Lee, and he would soon introduce himself as the Sternritter “V” – “Vanishing Point.” As Isane wasn’t much of a fighter, Yachiru was the one to fight him, and this is how it all went down.


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Guenael Lee seemed to be a formidable opponent, but it did not turn out like that. Not long after disappearing from Isane’s back, Lee explained that after spending a lot of time monitoring the two Shinigami, he is now acting to eliminate them. Directly attacking him, Yachiru appears to have punched Quincy in the face. Guenael can easily avoid the strike because of his Vanishing Point ability, though. In addition, Yachiru doesn’t appear to be able to recall what she was attempting to hit right away after being hit by Guenael’s own attack.

Guenael sneers at this alleged assault while describing his Schrift “V” and his power “Vanishing Point.” He is able to deflect further blows from Yachiru and quickly inflict damage on her with attacks when he is unseen. But as Yachiru’s attacks start to become more accurate, he once more vanishes from Isane and Yachiru’s memory. He reappears, but before he can disappear once again, Yachiru attacks him out of instinct and slightly hurts his cheek.

Isane questions how she can attack someone she doesn’t even know because he may be both a friend and an enemy. She responds that she “had a feeling,” explaining that Kenpachi taught her that whenever someone causes that tingling feeling in her, she can assume that it is an enemy.

She then takes out her Zanpankuto, ready to fight the guy. Guenael is furious and intends to kill her before she poses a threat to him since he is unable to comprehend her illogical behavior. Isane is told by Yachiru, who is accompanying her with her Zanpakuto, that Kenpachi attacks people anytime he has a bad “feeling” about them.

Later, Guenael tries to stab Yachiru from behind, but she is quicker to respond, and even though he can flee quickly enough, he is struck in the bridge of his nose, which starts to bleed severely. The surprised Guenael is then explained by Yachiru the capabilities of her Zanpakuto, Sanpo Kenju. Guenael is then attacked by Yachiru with her Zanpakuto once more, but he escapes just in time thanks to the powers of the Vanishing Point, escaping death for the time being.

Yachiru was ready to pursue the fight further, along with Boney and Lumpy, the two monsters that came out of her Zanpakuto, as Guenael Lee realized that she was acting on pure instinct. There was no logic whatsoever in her attacks, and the small, pink-haired girl was fighting using only her instinct and nothing else.

She learned this by being around Kenpachi so much, but also by being a fragment of his Zanpakuto. Because she managed to injure him severely using pure instinct, and that instinct was enough for her to counter his incredible power, Guenael Lee was furious and called Yachiru an animal, comparing her fighting skills to those of an animal. He used even worse comparisons in the manga, calling her a monkey and the like. And while Yachiru was ready to win this fight, the fight was soon interrupted.


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Namely, Gremmy Thoumeaux, a different Sternritter, then abruptly emerged and said that Guenael was only a manifestation of The Visionary’s powers, or, more specifically, that he was only a materialized figment of his imagination. The alleged “Sternritter V” dies, his body being shredded out of thin air, and despite Guenael’s pleas to spare him because he might still be useful, he claims he can’t imagine a future for Guenael any longer.

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