Bloodsport vs Superman: Who Would Win?

Bloodsport vs Superman: Who Would Win?

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James Gunn’s Suicide Squad promises to be a big hit for the DCEU and in lieu of that, we are working on some comparison articles involving the group and its characters. Today, we are going to focus on one character in particular – Bloodsport – whom we are going to pit against DC’s strongest superhero, Superman. We know, from the trailer, that Bloodsport landed in prison because he shot Superman with a Kryptonite bullet. Does that mean he could defeat him? Let us examine it.

Despite their shared history and the fact that Bloodsport could, really, with the help of Kryptonite deal severe damage to Superman, we still don’t think that he could defeat the Man of Steel if it would come to a life-or-death battle, which is why we give the advantage to Superman.

Our comparison is going to be divided into three sections. The first is going to bring an overview of the two characters, after which we are going to compare their powers, including their signature weapons. Finally, we’re going to bring you a detailed analysis of the two characters to determine which one would win in a direct clash.

Bloodsport and his powers

Receiving the call letter for the Vietnam War, African American Robert “Bobby” DuBois fled to Canada to avoid recruitment, not because he was against the war but because he was terrified of dying. His brother Michael pretended to be him and went to war, losing all limbs: destroyed by feelings of guilt, Robert became obsessed with the Vietnam War and was imprisoned several times in several Canadian psychiatric hospitals.


Determined to assassinate his enemy Superman, Lex Luthor sent some emissaries to recruit DuBois, gifting him with upgraded weapons, including a pistol capable of firing Kryptonite shells and a weapon teleporter, and plagiarizing him into believing he was actually in Vietnam with Michael. Under the alias of Bloodsport, the insane villain killed various citizens of Metropolis accusing them of having wasted their freedom, seriously injuring Superman when he tried to stop him.

Disgusted by the massacres committed by the criminal, Luthor himself tried to stop him, but it was a Superman cured of his Kryptonite wounds who defeated him by destroying his weapons. Bloodsport then tried to detonate himself using the energy of his teleportation, but Jimmy Olsen tracked Michael down and took him to the scene, causing Robert to psychologically collapse.

Becoming a recurring enemy of Superman, he also had a skirmish against the famous hitman Deadshot. In the Avengers/JLA crossover he set a trap for Vision and Aquaman along with other supervillains: he later tried to kill Iron Man, but was stopped by Hal Jordan and taken to prison.

While DuBois went to prison, a new criminal took the mantle of Bloodsport: ironically it was a white supremacist, Alexander Trent, with whom Perry White had previously dealt. Captured by Superman and taken to prison, Trent develops a heated rivalry with DuBois, locked up in the same prison: to ease the tension, the director instituted a boxing match between the two inmates, with Superman in the role of referee.

At the climax of the encounter Trent used teleportation to obtain some weapons, sparking a riot in which the fates of the two criminals reached tragic conclusions: DuBois stole one of the weapons and attempted to escape being killed by the guards, while Trent was recaptured and subsequently burned. in his cell by the Aryan Brotherhood, disappointed by the weakness shown towards his rival.

A third Bloodsport, whose true identity is unknown, attacked Superman along with Silver Banshee and other criminals: here he attempted to kill Olsen but was quickly neutralized by the Man of Steel.

Superman and his powers

Superman is one of the chief characters in the DC Comics universe. Born as Kal-El of Krypton, he was sent to Earth by his parents, moments before the tragic destruction of his home planet. On Earth, he landed in Kansas, near the estate of ones Jonathan and Martha Kent, two local farmers who took him in and raised him as their own child, giving him the name Clark Kent. Young Clark was thus raised in Smallville, not knowing his heritage and the powers he possesses.

As he grew up, Clark Kent became aware of his powers and found out about his heritage, but he decided to accept the Kents as his real parents, even after discovering his true identity. Most of these scenes include him discovering the messages left to him by his real father, Jor-El, through which he learns everything about himself and his heritage.

How Does Superman Fly (Explained Scientifically)?

Later on, Clark Kent becomes a reporter for the Daily Planet, a Metropolis-based newspaper, while simultaneously “working” as Superman, the protector of Metropolis and the Earth. While working for the Daily Planet, Superman meets Jimmy Olsen, a trusted friend and ally, and Lois Lane, a big-shot reporter, with whom he eventually falls in love and starts a relationship. He’s also had an on-and-off relationship with Wonder Woman, but Lois was always his first and true love.

One of Superman’s first opponents was General Zod, another survivor from his home planet, who threatened Earth, before being stopped by Superman. Unlike some other DC superheroes, Superman has a lot of extraterrestrial enemies, some of the most notable being Brainiac, the collector of planets, and Doomsday, a Kryptonian monstrosity matching Superman’s own powers. Still, his archenemy is a human, a very powerful and very intelligent human, but still only a human. His name is Lex Luthor and he plays a very important role in Superman’s crime fighting career.

Superman’s most famous nickname is the Man of Steel, which symbolizes his superhuman strength and abilities. He is certainly the most powerful among the DC Comics heroes, but he also has a very strong weakness – Kryptonite. Those who know this, often used this to their advantage, since Kryptonite can do devastating damage to the Man of Steel.

He has appeared in a lot of derivative material, including a film series starring Christopher Reeve, the DCEU, where he’s played by Henry Cavill and several animated features.

Comparing the powers of Bloodsport and Superman

Our second section will contain a comparison of the two characters’ powers. It won’t be a direct comparison as much as a listing of their powers abilities, which is going to serve as a basis for our analysis in section three of our article. Now, let us begin.

Bloodsport Suicide Squad

We’re quite sad to state that Bloodsport doesn’t really have any special powers. He is a completely regular guy who lost his mind at one point, after unsuccessfully dealing with the guilt caused by his brother being crippled in Vietnam. He is a good marksman, although not the best, he is a good and strong fighter, but none of that is above the average or superhuman. He is a regular Joe and that brings us to an end when his powers and abilities are concerned.

Superman Vs Captain Atom Who Would Win 02

As far as Superman goes, part of his powers are conferred on him by the yellow Sun of the Earth from which he absorbs radiation, which gives him, for example, super-vision or even super-hearing, and also by the fact that his constitution is adapted to Krypton’s gravity, much greater than that of Earth, thus giving it superpowers such as the ability to fly.

Any Kryptonian exposed to our Sun can acquire the same powers (Superman fought some). Superman’s powers have varied considerably since his inception in 1938, when he was much less powerful than most of his later versions. He only possessed: super strength, invulnerability (endurance), and super speed to a relatively limited degree; it did not fly but made very large leaps of about 200 meters in length. All of his other superpowers were unknown then, and he got his strength only from the difference in gravity between Earth and Krypton, not from the yellow Sun.

The extent and intensity of Superman’s powers are not clearly defined and can vary widely depending on the needs of the story, although his basic powers (flight, super strength, super speed, invulnerability, super breath , various visions (thermal, X-ray, micro / telescopic), super-hearing) remain broadly the same; other powers appear only occasionally and are not unanimously considered to be part of Superman’s powers.

Who would win: Bloodsport or Superman?

And now for the most important and interesting section of our article – the analysis. Here, we are going to use what we have found out about these two characters and analyze how all these facts would (or would not) help them in a fight against each other. Bloodsport and Superman couldn’t be more different and the difference between them is so big that this comparison became one of the easiest we’ve ever done. Let us continue.

The difference in power between these two characters is so enormous that it is very difficult to even compare them. Bloodsport, despite being an excellent marksman, is simply a war-obsessed man with a mental problem. He is bloodthirsty, he is a capable assassin and in their only encounter, DuBois did manage to wound Superman with a Kryptonite bullet supplied by Luthor. But why did that happen? Firstly, Bloodsport had the help of Lex Luthor, Superman’s biggest enemy; had it not been for Luthor, DuBois would never be able to harm superman. Secondly, he managed to exploit Superman’s only great weakness, which is a consequence of the previous reason. Finally, he caught Superman by surprise and that is how he managed to wound him.


The next time they encountered, DuBois was practically useless. Superman is more powerful on every conceivable level, which is why this comparison doesn’t really make much sense. Superman is stronger, he is more durable and he has exceptional powers, where DuBois is just a regular human. He cannot harm Superman without Kryptonite and that is why Superman is the clear winner in this situation.

And that’s it for today. We hope you had fun reading this and that we have given you all the information you were looking for. See you next time and don’t forget to follow us!

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