‘Blue Beetle’ Ending Explained: Family Is Everything


One of the things that we know about the ‘Blue Beetle’ movie is that it is likely going to become a big part of the DC Universe’s film franchise in the coming years, especially when we know that James Gunn is set to work on more films for the DCU. In that regard, the storyline of this movie may be important not only for the future of the DCU but also for Jaime Reyes’ character moving forward.

As such, one of the biggest focus points of the entire movie was Jaime Reyes’ family and how important they are to his growth as a character. That is why most of the things in the movie happen because of how important Jaime’s family is to him. Now, with that said, let’s look at what happened in ‘Blue Beetle’ and how it ended.

The main plot is explored early

Early in the movie, the main plot was already explored when we saw Kord Industries in the middle of a massive dig involving the Scarab. Carapax greeted his boss, Victoria Kord, who had just arrived to oversee the excavation of the Scarab, as she was excited to see what this could do for them and Kord Industries. And she couldn’t wait to get her hands on this amazing piece of technology.

After that, the scene shifted to the city of Palmera, Texas, which had become very futuristic thanks to the efforts of Kord Industries. However, Palmera remained as diverse as ever because of the presence of Mexican and Latin immigrants, which made the community more vibrant.

Jaime Reyes was at the airport, waiting for his family to greet him as he had just graduated from college. The ones waiting for him were his parents, his grandmother, his sister Milagro, and his Uncle Rudy, as they were all excited for what the future holds for Jaime as the first family member to earn a college degree.

reyes family

However, Jaime learned that his struggling immigrant family was about to lose its home because Kord Industries was trying to find a way to kick everyone out of that small, tight-knit community by raising rent prices. Jaime also learned that his father, responsible for taking the entire family to America years ago, had suffered a heart attack because of how hard he was working to ensure that his family had more than enough to go by.

As such, Jaime realized that he needed to find a good job that would be more than enough to help his family keep their home while allowing his parents to rest easy.

Jaime finds himself involved in Jenny’s affairs

Because he needed to provide for his family right away, Jaime started working as a cleaner in one of Vicky Kord’s mansions. She needed people to prepare it for a party that she prepared for the investors and stakeholders of her upcoming project. And that was when Jaime started sticking his nose into something he should never have gotten involved with.


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Jennifer Kord, Vicky’s niece, was at the mansion to talk to her aunt about the OMAC (One-Man Army Corps) project that Kord Industries was about to make public. The video presentation of this project showed that the system clearly relied on the same technology that the Scarab used. As such, Jenny realized that Vicky was using the company to revolutionize the weapons and security industry even though Kord Industries was no longer supposed to develop and manufacture weapons.

This led to an argument between the two, as Vicky was seemingly about to hurt her niece. That was when Jaime stepped in to stop the entire incident from escalating. Vicky, however, decided to fire Jaime. As an act of goodwill, Jenny told Jaime to come by Kord Industries the following day because she might offer him a job.

The next day, Jaime waited for Jenny at Kord Industries. But the problem was that Jenny was too busy looking for the Scarab, which she knew was already in the possession of Kord Industries because of the OMAC launching that Vicky was preparing for. She was able to find it, but she needed to smuggle it out of the building. That was when she found Jaime and used him as a way for the Scarab to leave the building without Jenny getting caught by Kord security.

reyes family

Jaime, of course, got curious when he got home. Prompted by his family to check the Scarab out, this thing suddenly bonded with him and formed a futuristic suit around him. He struggled with the suit as hit took him outside the planet’s atmosphere and all over Palmera City. Nevertheless, he was able to get back to his worried family in one piece as he decided to try to find a way to get the Scarab out of his body.

Getting to learn more about the Scarab

After his weird trip around town while in the Scarab suit, Jaime returned to Kord Industries, where he found Jenny getting chased by armed guards working for Kord. That was when he gave her a ride and went back home, where Jenny explained the nature of the Scarab as an extraterrestrial weapon created to conquer entire worlds. She also said that her father tried to activate the Scarab in the past but never chose him. That means that the Scarab chose Jaime as its next host.

Jenny told the family she believed she knew how to help him. But they needed to return to Kord Industries to retrieve a key to the place that could give them more answers regarding the Scarab.

But because security was going to be tight, Uncle Rudy thought that this was the right time to test out a machine that he knew could mess up with the security system of Kord Industries.

The machine worked as it sent out a signal that scrambled the Kord Industries security footage by replacing it with a Mexican cartoon. This distraction allowed Jaime and Jenny to retrieve a watch that used to belong to Ted Kord, Jenny’s father. However, as they were on their way out, they encountered Carapax, who was quick to enter into a fight with Jaime, who had no control over his actions because the Scarab was simply protecting its host.

blue beetle

Jaime showcased the superiority of his technology but often hesitated to hurt Carapax because he didn’t want to kill him. This allowed Carapax to take the upper hand, as he even claimed that Jaime’s love for his family was his biggest weakness. However, Rudy and Jenny were able to help Jaime escape certain death. They left the premises and decided to go to Kord Estate, the abandoned childhood home where Jenny grew up.

While in the mansion, Jenny used the watch to operate an underground passageway that led to a secret hideout. Rudy quickly recognized it as the hideout of the former superhero named Blue Beetle, who was actually Ted Kord the entire time. Jenny said that her father tried to emulate the Scarab’s power by creating a similar technology. However, he never became the Scarab’s next host, and Jenny thought that this was why Ted eventually disappeared.


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While Jaime and Jenny were bonding with one another, Rudy navigated through the files in Ted Kord’s database. That was when he found out that the Scarab, whose name Jaime found out was Khaji Da, was slowly bonding with Jaime at the cellular level. And the only way for him to remove the Scarab was for him to die, as Khaji Da would have to find a new host body.

Jaime’s family is in trouble

While Jaime, Jenny, and Rudy were in the Kord Estate, the Kord Industries people were on their way to the Reyes family home. They invaded the home and rounded up Jaime’s family members to try to pry Jaime’s location. That was when Jaime arrived in his suit and neutralized the security forces. However, Jaime’s father got hurt in a scuffle with one of the Kord henchmen.

The incident led to Jaime’s father suffering from cardiac arrest. This distracted Jaime long enough for Carapax to grab him with a claw contraption that neutralized the power of the Scarab’s technology. As such, Vicky and Kord Industries were now able to get their hands on Jaime, all while the Reyes family home was burning.

As the dust settled, the Reyes family patriarch succumbed to his heart attack and died. The first responders were too late to help him. Jaime wasn’t even there to watch his father die or, at the very least, try to save him. 

Reyes family to the rescue

Even though they had just lost the family patriarch, the Reyes family members had no time to grieve because they needed to help Jaime, who Kord had captured. That was when Jenny offered her help, as she knew where Jaime was and how they could rescue him. Led by Jaime’s grandmother, the Reyes family decided to go save Jaime from the clutches of Vicky Kord.

New looks at DCs ‘BLUE BEETLE.jpg

Jenny took the Reyes family to the Blue Beetle hideout, where they were able to board a beetle ship that took them to Pago Island, which was an island that Kord used to develop weapons and conduct other experiments. While on the ship, they all had to equip themselves with weapons that used to belong to Ted. And that was when Nana showed that she had a dark past in her home country as she knew how to expertly wield a Gatling gun.

Elsewhere, Vicky and her chief scientist were trying to find a way to transfer the Scarab’s source code to OMAC so that it could be used for the new system. The chief scientist thought that this would kill Jaime, as he hesitated a bit despite the fact this was his life’s work. Nevertheless, he initiated the transfer process while the Reyes family was wreaking havoc outside the base by defeating all of the guards that Kord Industries deployed to defend Pago Island.


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The Reyes family used the Blue Beetle ship to defeat the guards stationed outside. After that, Jenny and Milagro infiltrated the base using a system of tunnels, and they started setting up bombs that were supposed to keep the other guards distracted long enough for them to find and rescue Jaime. And as the transfer process of the source code was about to conclude, Jaime had a dream about his father, who told him that he needed to accept his current destiny instead of running away from it.

Jaime’s dream allowed him to completely bond with Khaji Da on a cellular level as he was no longer resisting the Scarab. However, the transfer process was already completed. This allowed the OMAC system in Carapax’s cybernetic enhancements to have the same kind of technology that the Scarab utilized. In that regard, he was now far stronger than he was when he and Jaime first fought.

The scientist, however, allowed Jaime to escape because his conscience got the better of him. This allowed Jaime’s grandmother to kill all of the guards that were on their way to retrieve Jaime, as the younger Reyes was shocked to see that his own Nana had a dark past as a revolutionary fighter.

Jaime and Carapax clash for real

While Jaime and his grandmother were able to board the ship, Milagro and Jenny were yet to return. That was why Jaime had to go back to try to find the two girls. This led to Carapax finally finding him as they ended up fighting in an all-out battle of technological superiority. And Khaji Da was quick to notice that Carapax was now stronger than ever due to the upgraded OMAC prototype.

Carapax was able to show how strong he was in his suit and how he was able to match the technology that Jaime sported. Of course, Jaime was able to get the advantage during the earlier part of the fight until Carapax turned things around. And just as Carapax was about to kill Jaime, Uncle Rudy threw rocks from a distance to distract that cybernetic antagonist.

Annoyed, Carapax blasted Rudy in a scene that seemingly killed him (he ended up surviving). Angered by what happened to his uncle, Jaime utilized the full power of the Scarab to overpower Carapax. He was about to kill Carapax after neutralizing him. However, Khaji Da, who had already completely understood Jaime’s personality after fusing with him, told him to stop because killing was not his way.

Khaji Da, who accessed Carapax’s memories during the transfer process, showed a part of Carapax’s life to Jaime. It was shown that Carapax was a victim of the different wars that happened in South America and were sponsored by Vicky Kord herself. In fact, his mother was killed by one of the weapons that Vicky and Kord Industries developed in the past. Carapax was also the product of the different experiments that Kord conducted on him.

In that regard, Jaime realized that Carapax was just like him in the sense that he was a victim of Kord Industries’ atrocities. He decided to spare his enemy before telling him that his love for his family was what gave him the strength that he needed. Carapax, of course, was touched by Jaime’s gesture and was quick to accept his defeat.

However, in order to atone for his past, Carapax decided to overload the power in his suit so that he could create an explosion large enough to destroy everything on that island, including Vicky and the other OMAC suits that they created. Meanwhile, Jaime and the others successfully escaped the island in one piece.

Togetherness in the community

After hugging it out in the ship while they were on their way to Palmera City, the Reyes family returned to their burnt-down home, where the different members of the community greeted them. Even though they had lost everything, the Reyes family members were happy to have each other and the different neighbors that treated them as family. The entire neighborhood decided to throw a small feast for Jaime and the rest of the family just outside their home.

reyes family 2

Jenny, who was now the new CEO of Kord Industries and had just promised that Kord Industries would never manufacture weapons again, dropped by to say hello to her new friends. She promised the Reyes family that Kord would shoulder all the expenses for rebuilding their home. She also said that Kord Industries would no longer try to take the people of the community away from their homes.


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However, Jenny needed to go because she wanted to go back to her childhood home to reminisce about the different memories that she had in that mansion. Jaime offered to give her a ride using his suit, as the rest of the family members teased them when they had a romantic moment. The film ended with Jaime and Jenny flying to the Kord Estate, all while the other Reyes family members were celebrating and having fun with the rest of the community.

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