‘Blue Beetle’ Post-Credit Scenes Explained: What’s Next For Jaime?

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A lot of people were happy about the fact that ‘Blue Beetle’ exceeded expectations and is likely going to be a part of James Gunn’s future DCU. In that regard, we know that the movie focuses on the origin story of Jaime Reyes as a superhero named Blue Beetle. Of course, because this is a superhero film, it goes without saying that there is at least one post-credit scene in this film so that the future of the franchise could be teased. So, what happened in the post-credit scenes of ‘Blue Beetle?’

The mid-credit scene of ‘Blue Beetle’ showed the hideout of Ted Kord as the screen of the computer started picking up a transmission signal coming from an unknown source. The transmission says that Ted Kord is still alive. Meanwhile, the post-credit scene just shows the cartoon that Uncle Rudy’s machine played when it jammed the Kord security.

It goes without saying that the final post-credit scene of ‘Blue Beetle’ isn’t really important as it was just more of a gag scene than anything else. However, the mid-credit scene seems to be very important when setting up the future of the ‘Blue Beetle’ franchise, although we can argue that it was a bit safe in terms of its approach. That said, let’s look at what happened in the post-credit scenes of ‘Blue Beetle.’

How many post-credit scenes does ‘Blue Beetle’ have?

One of the things that has always been clear when it comes to superhero movies is that they almost always have post-credit scenes. This was popularized by the MCU, which used post-credit scenes to tease fans about what was to come next for the MCU and the other characters involved in a certain film franchise. And DC was quick to pick this trend up when Warner Bros. started to produce live-action DC movies set in the same universe.

As such, many DC movies now have post-credit scenes that allow us to see what’s next in store for the heroes involved in a certain film franchise. While we aren’t really sure about the current state of the DCU, with James Gunn helming it and leading it into the future, we know that some movies have post-credit scenes that mean something when it comes to the future of the DCU. ‘Blue Beetle’ could be one of those movies because it might have a connection with Gunn’s DCU. 

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At this point, there is no assurance about whether or not ‘Blue Beetle’ will be part of the larger DCU that James Gunn will be leading. But one of the things that we do know is that this film is like most other superhero movies because it has post-credit scenes. So, how many post-credit scenes does ‘Blue Beetle’ have?


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Like most superhero movies, ‘Blue Beetle’ comes with two post-credit scenes. The first one is the more important mid-credit scene, which has always been the most important out of all of the post-credit scenes. Meanwhile, the second one is the less-important post-credit scene that comes after the final credits. And trust us when we say that ‘Blue Beetle’ doesn’t have the most important final credit scene.

What happened in the mid-credit scene?

As mentioned, the only important post-credit scene is the mid-credit scene because this is actually the only post-credit scene that has something to do with the future of the ‘Blue Beetle’ franchise. This scene, however, doesn’t involve Jaime or his family. Instead, it is more connected to Jenny Kord and her own family.

During the events of ‘Blue Beetle,’ we learned that Ted Kord, Jenny’s father, had gone missing at some point in the past. His disappearance allowed Vicky Kord to take over the company and turn it into the weapons business it has become. Not even Jenny was aware of what happened to her father or whether or not he was still alive. However, she said that her father was so obsessed with trying to find a way to activate the Scarab that Jenny believed that this was the reason that he suddenly disappeared without a single trace.

We also learned that Ted used to be a superhero named Blue Beetle, as he used technology that allowed him to mimic a portion of the Scarab’s power. He couldn’t become the host of the Scarab because it never chose him. As such, he simply decided to develop weapons similar to the Scarab’s power. And he operated from an underground hideout found in the Kord Estate.

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So, in relation to the mid-credit scene, we were brought back to the Blue Beetle hideout in the Kord Estate. This hideout was never touched for years before Jenny brought Jaime and Uncle Rudy there during the movie’s events. Because Rudy tinkered with the computers, it must have prompted something, as the mid-credit scene allowed us to see one of the computers flashing and receiving a transmission.

This transmission told the receiver at the other end to tell Jenny he loved her. As such, there’s a good chance that this was Ted Kord sending a message over to whoever was operating the computer in the Blue Beetle hideout. The same voice also said that Ted Kord was alive. In that regard, the mid-credit scene teases the possibility of Ted becoming more involved in the future of the ‘Blue Beetle’ franchise and how he might be one of the central figures of a possible sequel to this movie.

In a sense, the mid-credit scene was also quite safe in terms of its approach because it didn’t dare to commit to a future storyline that a possible sequel might want to explore. It merely opened up a possible path the next movie might want to explore, especially if ‘Blue Beetle’ has a place in James Gunn’s DCU.

What happened in the post-credit scene?

Of course, the post-credit scene after the final credits is unimportant because it doesn’t really add anything to the movie’s storyline or to a possible angle that the sequels might want to use. Nevertheless, it does add a bit of a comedic touch, especially for those who have Mexican roots.


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During the middle part of the movie, Jaime and Jenny decide to infiltrate Kord Industries to get their hands on a key that could only be found in that building. Uncle Rudy offered his services because he developed a machine to mess up the frequencies of a building’s entire security system. As such, this makeshift machine could intercept the signals of the security cameras of a building and then replace their feed with a Mexican cartoon that he was fond of.

The post-credit scene shows the very same Mexican cartoon that was flashed on the security cameras of Kord Industries when Uncle Rudy used his machine. As such, it’s a pretty useless scene that doesn’t add anything else other than comedy to the film.

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