Blue Exorcist: Who Are the Lundström Brothers & How Powerful Are They?

Blue Exorcist: Who Are the Lundström Brothers & How Powerful Are They?

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After many years, the third season of Blue Exorcist is finally back, and as we are covering the series, we have decided to talk about some characters and events from the series. This article will be dedicated to a pair of characters who appeared in the current season as important members of the Illuminati. They are the Lundström twins, Gunnar and Gunnan, and in this article, we are going to tell you about them, their role in the story, as well as their powers and abilities. This article will be your go-to guide for everything you need to know about the Lundström brothers.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Gunnar and Gunnan Lundström are secondary characters from the Blue Exorcist manga and anime. They are members of the Illuminati who are part of the Guard Division.
  • Gunnar and Gunnan Lundström are identical twins with blonde hair and a strong build. They seem to be very close and are always seen together. They are generally very serious.
  • Gunnar and Gunnan Lundström are physically strong and skilled fighters, but they have yet to play a major part in the story, although they are interesting characters.

Gunnar and Gunnan Lundström are important members of the Illuminati

Fans of the Blue Exorcist series might know them as the Bright Future Foundation, but they are actually the Illuminati. The Illuminati are a villainous organization in the world of Blue Exorcist, composed of very rich and powerful individuals. Not much is known about them because their public face has nothing to do with their actual actions and goals. Their goal is to create a new and “peaceful” world, as well as to release Satan. The Illuminati are highly dangerous, but this article won’t be covering the general aspects of this organization, but rather two of its important members – Gunnar and Gunnan Lundström. Who are they, and why are they important? Keep reading to find out!

Blue Exorcist does have its fair share of siblings, and the third season introduced us to yet another pair of siblings – Gunnar and Gunnan Lundström. The two of them are secondary characters by every relevant standard, but they are still interesting for us to tell you a bit about them and their role in the story. They are members of the Illuminati and as such, they are actually villains in the series, which is why they definitely do deserve some attention. So, what can we tell you about them?

Gunnar and Gunnan Lundström are twin brothers and important members of the Illuminati’s Guard Division. They have blonde hair and sturdy bodies, which is why their role within the Illuminati is not really that strange, and they look almost identical; there is some difference in their expressions, but they are basically identical. They spend almost all the time they have together, which is why they are always seen together in the series. They have identical personalities as well – both are always serious and have somewhat angered expressions, but they do know how to joke and tease their colleagues from time to time.


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As far as their stories are concerned, as we have said, Gunnar and Gunnan Lundström have not played a major role in the series. They are mostly identified via their role in the Guard Division of the Illuminati and are known as the strongmen of the group. Knowing their personalities and observing their physical appearances, we can actually attest the author has done a good job in finding a suitable job for the twins.

They appeared in several arcs in the series, but mostly in a supporting capacity so there are no specific details that we need to tell you about here, as the twins did not have a major narrative moment.

As far as their powers and abilities are concerned, the author hasn’t really provided us with a detailed insight here. It is quite clear that the two of them are exceptionally strong and they are probably skilled fighters as well as proficient with weapons, but we don’t have any details to add here. There is one special skill that they have, though, and that is to merge their bodies into one body, thereby creating a large, hulking creature that is exceptionally powerful.

This creature also has extendable limbs. The origins of this ability are unknown, but it is possible that it has something to do with the experiments conducted by the Illuminati in Inari, although this is a mere conjecture on our part. And with this conjecture, we are going to close off the story of the Lundström twins.

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