Blue Exorcist: Who Is Homare Todo & What Happens to Her? How Strong Is She?

Blue Exorcist: Who Is Homare Todo & What Happens to Her? How Strong Is She?

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After many years, the third season of Blue Exorcist is finally back, and as we are covering the series, we have decided to talk about some characters and events from the series. This article will be dedicated to a character that appeared recently in the series, as she was introduced as one of the higher-ranked members of the Illuminati, who are the principal villains of the current anime season. The character in question is Homare Todo, and in this article, we are going to reveal everything about her and her story, as well as how strong she is in the series.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Homare Todo is a secondary villain from Blue Exorcist who appears as a high-ranked and important member of the Illuminati. She is the captain of Phosphorus, Lucifer’s bodyguard.
  • Homare Todo is the daughter of Saburota Todo, a Demon Eater and – likewise – a member of the Illuminati, as well as a powerful character in the series.
  • She herself is skilled and has a very strict and serious personality. She is focused on her job, rarely smiles, and will reprimand someone when they are out of line but will praise them when they deserve it.

Homare Todo is one of the most important members of the Illuminati

Fans of the Blue Exorcist series might know them as the Bright Future Foundation, but they are actually the Illuminati. The Illuminati is a villainous organization in the world of Blue Exorcist, composed of very rich and powerful individuals. Not much is known about them because their public face has nothing to do with their actual actions and goals. Their goal is to create a new and “peaceful” world, as well as to release Satan. The Illuminati are highly dangerous, but this article won’t be covering the general aspects of this organization, but rather one of the organization’s most important characters – Homare Todo – as you will find out everything you need to know about her.

As is the case with other members of the Illuminati, the series hasn’t revealed much about the background of Homare Todo, which is a bummer, but as usual – we’ll work with what we have. In her case, we know that she is the daughter of Saburota Todo, a powerful Demon Eater who is also an important member of the Illuminati; on the other hand, her uncles – Tsuguro Todo and Waro Todo – are exorcists of the True Cross Order and enemies of the Illuminati. She is, as you can see, a member of the very important Todo family in Blue Exorcist.

Despite part of her family being loyal to the True Cross Order, Homare remained with her father in the Illuminati, and thanks to her skills, she became one of the organization’s most important members, as well as one of the most skilled ones. She is actually the leader of a group known as Phosphorus, who are personal bodyguards of Commander Lucifer. Her exact skills are unknown, but since she is the captain of such an elite group, we can assume that she is an exceptionally skilled fighter and a powerful character, or she wouldn’t hold such an important position within the organization.


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As for her role in the story, she played a relatively important role in several arcs in which the Illuminati were present, but she did not have a major solo moment, so retelling these events would just spoil the fun for you, so we are not going to reveal all the details here, as it is not that important at this phase. Of course, you can look forward to seeing her in the series but don’t expect too much.

Homare Todo is a very specific person with a specific personality. She has a very militaristic attitude towards her position and acts as an army commander more than anything else. She takes her job very seriously and is known for being quite strict and quite serious. She almost never smiles, which actually makes sense, knowing what we know about her personality.

As far as her relationship with her subordinates is concerned, she is a very strict commander, which is something you’d expect based on what we’ve written about her so far. If any of her subordinates is out of line, she will not hesitate to reprimand or even punish them, which is how she keeps a high level of attentiveness among her subordinates. On the other hand, if they do their jobs well and put in the effort, she will also praise them, showing that she is a very just commander.

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