Blue Period Manga Reading Order: The Complete Guide

Blue Period Manga Reading Order: The Complete Guide

The popularity of Blue Period is undeniable. This award-winning seinen manga has also been adapted into a very popular anime series, which only increased the overall popularity of the series. Now, the anime is on a break ahead of a probable second season, but the manga is still ongoing and it doesn’t appear like it’s going to end soon. If you like the manga or if you’d like to start with it, we are going to bring you a complete guide to the series in this article.

Blue Period manga reading order

In this section, we are going to bring you an overview of the complete reading order, based on the collected volumes of Blue Period. This is how you should read the manga:

No.TitleOriginal release dateEnglish release date
1“Still Life”December 22, 2017October 13, 2020
2“Composition”March 23, 2018January 5, 2021
3“Adaptation”August 23, 2018May 18, 2021
4“Pieces”February 22, 2019August 17, 2021
5“Self-Portrait”June 21, 2019November 30, 2021
6“Second Exam”November 22, 2019March 22, 2022
7“First Try”March 23, 2020May 31, 2022
8“TBC”September 23, 2020June 28, 2022
9“TBC”January 21, 2021July 19, 2022
10“TBC”May 21, 2021September 20, 2022
11“TBC”September 22, 2021November 22, 2022

Blue Period volumes in order

In this section, we are going to tell you something more about the volumes of Blue Period so that you can follow the plot for yourselves:

Volume 1 – “Still Life”

Publication date: December 22, 2017
Collected Chapters:
001. Awakening to the Joy of Painting (絵えを描かく悦よろこびに目め覚ざめてみた E o Kaku Yorokobi ni Mezemetemita)
002.Meaningful Time (有ゆう意い義ぎな時じ間かん Yūigina Jikan)
003. He’s Not Tanned At All (全ぜん然ぜん焼やけてねえ Zenzen Yaketenē?)
004. You’re No God (マジ神かみじゃない Maji Kamijānai?)

Official Synopsis: Yatora is the perfect high school student, with good grades and lots of friends. It’s an effortless performance, and, ultimately… a dull one. But he wanders into the art room one day, and a lone painting captures his eye, awakening him to a kind of beauty he never knew. Compelled and consumed, he dives in headfirst—and he’s about to learn how savage and unforgiving art can be…

Volume 2 – “Composition”

Publication date: March 23, 2018
Collected Chapters:
005. Prep School Debut of the Dead (予よ備び校こうビュー•オブ•ザ•デット Yobikō Debyū obu za Detto)
006. Surprisingly Pure?! (逆がくにピュアかッ Gaku ni Pīa ka)
007. Where Will We Go? (我われ々われはどこへ行いくのか Wareware wa doko e Ikunoka)
008. Exam Piece (受じゅ験けん絵かい画が Jūken Kaiga)

Official Synopsis: Art has changed the course of Yatora’s once dull life, and now he’s aiming for Japan’s most competitive art school. With entrance exams a year away, he’ll need to expand his limited eye for art, and quickly. He turns to new peers and the masters to envision pieces only he can produce, and soon dives into his first competition—the same one where his Art Club role model nearly scored last place. Among geniuses and lifelong art kids, does Yatora even stand a chance…?

Volume 3 – “Adaptation”

Publication date: August 23, 2018
Collected Chapters:
009. I Feel Helpless Even If I Know What To Do (課か題だいが見みえてもどうしようもねぇ Kadai ga Miete mo dō shiyō monē)
010. Art That Doesn’t Know What to Say (言いいたいことも言いえないこんな絵えじゃ Iitai Koto mo Ienai Kon’na E ja)
011. You Have Unlocked Compliments (褒ほめられが発はっ生せいしました Homerarega Hasseishimashita)
012. Cocky (イキリ乙おつ Ikiriotsu)

Official Synopsis: Relief is short-lived for Yatora after his first competition, where his piece ranks higher than expected but is far from his dream school’s standards. He’s prepared to give Ooba-sensei’s challenges everything he’s got…but what if all he’s got is still not enough? With 100 days until university exams, Yatora must toil to produce a piece only he can.

Volume 4 – “Pieces”

Publication date: February 22, 2019
Collected Chapters:
013. Ridiculous Stress (メンブレ半はん端ぱないって Menbure Hanpanaitte)
014. Ability to Have Fun (楽たのしんじゃうカ Tanoshin jau ka)
015. First Exam Begins (1次じ試し験けん開かい始し Ichiji Shiken Kaishi)
016. Sweating Hard (脳汁ブシャー Nōjiru bushā)

Official Synopsis: Yatora now has new materials in his tool box and a wider range of expression under his belt. But a week before the first exam, Ooba-sensei says he’s missing a crucial edge… With so much at stake, Yatora’s self-doubt brings him lower than ever before. Still, he has his fire, his resilience—and he might just get a lucky break, too.

Volume 5 – “Self-portrait”

Publication date: June 21, 2019
Collected Chapters:
017. Such a Freak (ほんまにキモいわ Honma ni Kimo iwa)
018. Wandering Knife (さまようナイフ Samayō naifu)
019. Unlike You (らしくねーよ Rashiku nē yo)
020. Our Color Blue (俺おれたちの青あおい色いろ Oretachi no Aoi iro)
021. An Unexpected Enemy (まざかの敵てき、襲しゅう来らい Mazaka no Teki, Shūrai)
Extra Chapter 1. Art School Exam Meal (美大受験メシ Bidai Juken meshi)

Official Synopsis: Yatora makes the best of a bad situation during TUA’s first exam, and he must surpass these efforts for the second. But after all he’s gone through, Yatora is feeling a little out of sorts. To get back on track, he’ll have to step out of the studio and into new lighting… With the help of an old friend, Yatora bares his soul and some skin to take on his latest challenge: the nude self-portrait.

Volume 6 – “Second Exam”

Publication date: November 22, 2019
Collected Chapters:
022. The Second Exam Begins (2次じ試し験けん開かい始し Niji Shiken Kaishi)
023. The Second Exam Begins Here (こっから2次じ試し験けん開かい始し Kokkara Niji Shiken Kaishi)
024. When I started to be Dyed in Colour (色いろづき始はじめた自じ分ぶん Irodzuki Hajimeta Jibun)
025. No Regrets (後こう悔かいはない Kōkai wa nai)

Official Synopsis: A surprising setback before the second exam shakes Yatora up, but after everything he’s been through, he must persevere. This time, the subject turns out to be something both new and familiar… But does an average guy like Yatora stand a chance against the geniuses and prodigies vying for a spot in the nation’s most competitive art school?

Volume 7 – “First Try”

Publication date: March 23, 2020
Collected Chapters:
026. Gedai Life Day One (藝げ大だいライフ1日じつ目め Gedai Raifu Ichijitsume)
027. Baptism (洗せん礼れい Senrei)
028. Crash (ガツーン Gatsūn)
029. I Don’t Have Any, Do I…? (俺おれ、なくね? Ore, nakune?)

Official Synopsis: Tokyo University of the Arts is now Yatora’s campus, where each new encounter with colleagues, professors, and assignments challenges everything he’s ever known! Self-doubt and life’s hardships still lurk around every corner, but running into an old friend may just turn things around.

Volume 8

Publication date: September 23, 2020
Collected Chapters:
030. Prejudice is No Good (食くわず嫌ぎらいアカン Kuwazugirai akan)
031. Shibuya Wasn’t Built In A Day (渋しぶ谷やは一つい日たちにしてならず Shibuya wa tsuitachi ni shite narazu)
032. The Preperation For The Festival Begins (祭まつりの準じゅん備び開かい始し Matsurino Junbi Kaishi)
033. Self-sacrificing Spirit (ジコギセイ精せい神しん Jikogisei Seishin)
Extra Chapter 2. Delicious Sketch Outing (おいしい写しゃ生せい旅りょ行こう Oishī Shasei Ryokō)

Official Synopsis: TBP

Volume 9

Publication date: January 21, 2021
Collected Chapters:
034. Harbringer of Celebration (これは慶けい事じの前まえ触ぶれだ Kore wa Keiji no Mae Bureda)
035. I Couldn’t Draw Anything this Summer… (何なにも描えがけなくて…夏なつ Nani mo Egakenakute… Natsu)
036. Hello World (ハロー!ワールド Harō! Wārudo!)
037. Venus in Armour (鎧よろいを着きたヴィーナス Yoroiwokita Vuīnasu)
038. Talent and Effort (才さい能のうと努ど力りょこ Sainō to Doryoku)

Official Synopsis: TBP

Volume 10

Publication date: May 21, 2021
Collected Chapters:
039. A Step and a Kick (踏ふまれたり蹴けられたり Fumaretari Keraretari)
040. By the Time I Noticed, I was Too Skilled at Angering My Friend (気きがついたら友とも達だちの地じ雷らいを踏ふんでいる俺おれのスキルが優ゆう秀しゅうすぎる Kigatsuitara Tomodachi no Jirai o Fundeiru Ore no Sukiru ga Yūshū Sugiru)
041. By the Time I Noticed, My Friend was Too Skilled at Angering Me (気きがついたら俺おれの地じ雷らいを踏ふんでいる友とも達だちのスキルが優ゆう秀しゅうすぎる Kigatsuitara Ore no Jirai o Fundeiru Tomodachi no Sukiru ga Yūshū Sugiru)
042. The Painting Doesn’t Lie (絵えは嘘うそをつかない E wa Uso o Tsukanai)

Official Synopsis: TBP

Volume 11

Publication date: September 22, 2021
Collected Chapters:
043. Why, why, why? (なんでなんでなんで Nande Nande Nande)
044. Is it alright to see myself, for now? (とりあえず自じ分ぶんを見み盾たてさせてもらっていいですか Toriaezu Jibun o Mitate Sasete Moratte īdesu ka)
045. Let me love you forever (ずっと好すきでいさせてください Zutto Sukide Isasete kudasai)
046. A Certain Elementary School Student Wants to Work Hard and Be Happy (とある小しょう学がく生せいは努ど力りょくして幸しあわせになりたい Toaru Shōgakusei wa Doryoku Shite Shiawase ni Naritai)
047. Unwavering Brush Tip (ゆれる筆ふで先さき Yureru Fudesaki)

Official Synopsis: TBP