Boba Fett vs. Predator: Who Will Win In A Fight?

fett vs predator

We all know that Boba Fett is one of the strongest non-Force user characters in Star Wars because he is a decorated bounty hunter that has seen his fair share of fights and is quite handy with a gun. However, we also know another fictional hunter that has seen his fair share of fights and kills as the Predator itself is quite formidable in battle. However, who would win in a fight between Boba Fett and the Predator?

The Predator is likely to win in a fight against Boba Fett. It is possible that, with enough prep time and weapons, Boba can win a fight against the Predator. However, the Predator has the advantage in terms of its superior physical abilities and feats. Its strength alone will overwhelm Boba.

As much as we would like to believe that Boba Fett is a great hunter, any hunter would become the prey when they are up against the Predator. In that regard, it wouldn’t be a discredit to Fett if he lost in a fight against the Predator because almost any other fighter would. But, to make Star Wars fans out there understand why the Predator would win, let’s take a closer look at this fight.

Physical Characteristics

Boba Fett is the clone of a legendary bounty hunter, and that means that he carries the genetics of Jango Fett, who himself was quite impressive during his time as the greatest bounty hunter in the galaxy. However, neither Boba nor Jango were much stronger than any other regular human being. They are both physically fit and have reflexes that allow them to match a Jedi in battle. However, the fact of the matter is that he is still an ordinary human being without superhuman physical attributes.

The Predator is an alien creature that stands over seven feet tall and is much stronger than any human being. In fact, it was easily able to overpower Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character in the movie, despite the fact that Arnold himself has one of the most impressive physiques in humankind. As such, the Predator is several times stronger, faster, and more durable than any regular human being. Its strength could be seen in the fact that it was able to shatter concrete with its blows.


Boba Fett may be physically fit and capable in terms of his strength and reflexes, but he probably doesn’t even have half of Arnold’s strength. And if the Predator was able to overpower a human as strong as Arnold Schwarzenegger, it could easily overpower Boba.

Boba Fett 0, Predator 1


Boba Fett is well-equipped with a host of different weapons, such as multiple blasters, a rocket launcher, and a spear. He is pretty adept in using all of his weapons, even though his weapon of choice has always been his blaster rifle and blaster pistol. But he was able to use his spear effectively after training with the Tusken Raiders on how to use it. Overall, he is well-equipped for long and close-ranged battles.

The Predator’s modus operandi in almost all of the movies is to set up traps that would allow it to lure its prey and kill it using any means. However, the Predator is also well-equipped with a shoulder-mounted plasma rifle that it could use in conjunction with its helmet. This plasma rifle is so powerful that it could instantly kill a Xenomorph with a single shot in the Aliens vs. Predator movie. On top of that, the Predator also has a host of close-range weapons that it uses in conjunction with its amazing physical prowess.

preadator canon

Boba Fett may have more weapons at his disposal, but he probably doesn’t have anything that could match the firepower of the Predator’s shoulder-mounted plasma canon. In that regard, we will treat this round as a tie.

Boba Fett 0, Predator 1


Like all Mandalorians, Boba Fett is equipped with a Beskar Steel armor that is several times stronger than regular durasteel in the Star Wars universe. Beskar Steel is powerful enough to allow a Mandalorian to survive several blaster shots. On top of that, Beskar has been the only type of metal that can defend against a lightsaber. In that regard, Boba Fett’s armor has helped him survive a lot of different battles that he probably wouldn’t have survived had he not been equipped with Beskar Steel.

fett armor

The armor of a Predator varies from one Predator to one another, as there are some that prefer to make use of lighter armor that’s made of animal hide. There are other Predators that use metal armor that allow them to protect themselves at the expense of speed and mobility. But the fact is that the Predator is still a well-armored hunter that knows the balance between protection and mobility.

There probably isn’t a metal that is capable of matching the strength and durability of Beskar Steel. That is why Boba Fett’s best hope against a Predator is the durability of his armor and how well it could hold up against his powerful opponent’s weapons.

Boba Fett 1, Predator 1

Combat Skills

Boba Fett is a well-trained combatant that is pretty nimble and mobile for a man wearing heavy armor. He was trained in the art of Mandalorian combat and was able to hone his close-range combat skills when he spent time with the Tusken Raiders. Although he prefers to fight from long range, Boba was able to showcase his abilities as a close-range fighter when he used his spear to defeat Cad Bane. He might not be at the level of a Jedi in close combat, but he surely is capable.

The Predator was trained in the art of close-range combat as it was bred to be a hunter that should be powerful enough to kill any kind of prey it is hunting. In fact, the Predator was able to overpower Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character, a well-trained fighter, in the original Predator movie. In that regard, the Predator is an expert at making use of its superior size and strength over its opponents. It is also deceptively quick, nimble, and mobile for its size.


Boba Fett was never the most impressive close-range fighter and combatant, and that might become a weakness in a fight against the Predator, which is a capable fighter that has strength and size on its side.

Boba Fett 1, Predator 2


Boba Fett is one of the best marksmen in the entire Star Wars universe and is right up there with the likes of Cad Bane and Din Djarin in terms of how fast he is at drawing his weapon. He is also great at hitting his target regardless of what weapon he uses. Boba doesn’t even have to always rely on the aiming system of his helmet because he could still win a gunfight by relying on his own aim. And it is his legendary marksmanship that allowed him to rise as a top bounty hunter.

fett shooting

The thing about the Predator is that it almost always relies on its helmet when shooting its plasma canon, as the targeting system gives it an unfair advantage. Other than that, we have never seen a predator being able to excel as a marksman without the use of its helmet. Predators are more of brutes that rely on technology for their hunts. As such, without their helmets, they aren’t the best marksmen in the universe.

If we are talking about a gunfight wherein the faster gun would win, Boba Fett would surely defeat the Predator. And even if the Predator has faster reflexes, it probably doesn’t have Boba’s combination of quickness and precision.

Boba Fett 2, Predator 2


We know that Boba Fett was able to rise to the top as the best bounty of his time, but we never saw any of the feats that allowed him to succeed as a bounty hunter. Nevertheless, he was able to kill Bib Fortuna’s guards and take over his territory quite easily. Boba was also able to defeat Cad Bane in combat, even though his opponent had the upper hand in marksmanship. 

The Predators have a host of different feats and accomplishments that make them legendary hunters. In all of the Predator movies, they were tasked to hunt trained fighters and killers that were also armed and capable in a fight. Meanwhile, in the Aliens vs. Predator movies, the Predators were able to kill a lot of Xenomorphs despite the fact that they don’t have numbers on their side. There is a reason why the Predators are called predators in the first place.


Boba had some impressive feats, but the feats of the Predators were more impressive because they could stand up against a horde of Xenomorphs and kill trained hunters as well. 

Boba Fett 2, Predator 3

Boba Fett vs. Predator: Who Would Win In A Fight?

Star Wars fans might not like the idea of the Predator winning against Boba Fett in a fight, but the truth is that the Predator is simply the more overwhelming of the two in terms of its training and physical attributes. There is a chance that Boba will win a fight against the Predator by taking advantage of his armor’s superiority and with enough prep time. But, in a straight-up fight, we don’t see him coming out alive against a well-trained and well-armed Predator.

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