Book Series Recommendation: “Zachary Blake Legal Thriller”

Book Series Recommendation: "Zachary Blake Legal Thriller"

Detroit, Michigan retired attorney, Mark M. Bello, spent almost 45 years championing social justice causes. At age 65, he was inspired by his own legal experiences and other social justice issues to write the Zachary Blake Legal Thriller Series, fictional accounts of headline grabbing novels that zero in on the most important topics of our time.

As a trial lawyer, Mark witnessed justice and injustice, up close and personal. He used his practice and now his novels to challenge the status quo, an unjust system, and provide a voice for the disenfranchised.

As a young lawyer, Mark handled the case that would eventually launch his career as an author. He won a clergy sexual abuse case against the Catholic Church and encountered deception, denial, delay, and a myriad of other bad behavior from those who clearly had an obligation to behave better. Mark likened the Church’s behavior to a CIA cover-up and promised himself that he’d write a book about the experience. The result was his first Zachary Blake Legal Thriller, Betrayal of Faith.

Mark didn’t think to write additional novels until the 2016 election inspired him to write Betrayal of Justice, his second Blake legal thriller, about a bigoted president and a young Muslim woman falsely accused of murdering a white supremacist. Following Justice and its sequel, Betrayal in Blue, additional current events inspired four more novels. Betrayal in Black, about the traffic stop shooting of an innocent black man by a white cop, Betrayal High, about a school shooting, corporate greed, bullying, and gun control, Betrayal Supreme, about the MeToo Movement and truth to power, inspired by the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings, and his latest novel, Betrayal at the Border, about our current immigration crisis. 

“There are plenty of topics in the news that inspire me as a writer,” Mark says. “And I hope, in turn, my writing will inspire readers to think more deeply about social justice issues.”

Visitors to can get a free download of Mark’s Holocaust era novella, featuring a thrilling escape from the notorious Auschwitz Nazi death camp.

  • Mark M. Bello is an attorney/civil justice advocate/podcaster and author of the Zachary Blake Legal Thriller Series and co-host of the podcast “Justice Counts.” Mark has guested on numerous podcasts and radio shows and is a featured writer for the “Not Fake News” and “Legal Examiner” online newspapers. He is currently working on his eighth Zachary Blake novel a series of children’s books for release in 2022.