‘BOOKIE’: Chuck Lorre’s New Comedy Series with Sebastian Maniscalco Hits the Screens This November


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If you’re looking for a fresh and entertaining series to add to your watchlist, the upcoming Max Original comedy series “BOOKIE” should definitely be on your radar. Debuting on November 30, this show is not just another run-of-the-mill comedy; it’s a brainchild of the talented Chuck Lorre, known for hits like “The Big Bang Theory” and Nick Bakay.

The series revolves around Danny, a veteran Los Angeles bookie played brilliantly by Sebastian Maniscalco. What’s interesting about Danny’s story is how he navigates the challenges of his trade amidst the looming possibility of sports gambling becoming legal in California. This plot line is both timely and intriguing, considering the ongoing debates around sports betting legalization.

Joining Maniscalco in this endeavor are Omar J. Dorsey, portraying Danny’s best friend and former NFL player Ray, and Vanessa Ferlito, who adds charm as Danny’s side-hustling sister, Lorraine. Jorge Garcia plays Hector, a character who’s trying to stay on the straight path after a history of drug dealing. Together, this cast forms a dynamic and engaging group that promises to deliver both laughs and a few poignant moments.

The show’s portrayal of Danny’s life, filled with unstable clients and risky bets, is relatable and authentically portrayed. It’s a blend of dark humor and the raw realities of a changing industry. The creators have managed to make a comedy series that reflects real-world issues while maintaining a light-hearted and humorous tone.


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What also makes “BOOKIE” stand out is its production team. Produced by Warner Bros. Television, the series sees Maniscalco not only as the lead star but also as an executive producer alongside Chuck Lorre, Judi Marmel, and Andy Tennant, who directed multiple episodes. This combination of talent both in front of and behind the camera, is something to look forward to.

Its release schedule is straightforward, with two episodes premiering every Thursday, leading to a season finale on December 21. If you enjoy comedy that’s infused with a bit of drama and plenty of relatable life scenarios, make sure to catch “BOOKIE” on Max this November.

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