Boruto: Naruto Next Generations – Did You Miss Chunin Exam Fillers?

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Even some of the biggest fans in the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations fam skip filler episodes, which is the same case with Naruto fans. Still, fillers can contain interesting plots, especially episode 224 which was a filler created in preparation for Chunin exams.

One of the secondary characters earned a sympathetic but potentially destructive power in episode 224, titled The Legend of the Monster Cat. The episode shows one of the characters who usually is not made a part of greater story arcs. The series mostly follows Boruto, Kawaki, Sarada, Mitsuki, while characters such as Inojin and Sikadaki also get some air time, although not as frequently as Boruto and the mentioned lot.

Boruto Episode 224 Spoiler Alert

In episode 224, which was a filler episode to Chunin exams, one of the secondary characters was granted a destructive upgrade. We are talking about Wasabi. Wasabi was mostly seen in her disputes with the hot-tempered Iwabe, while their altercations were mostly sentimental. The leitmotif of Wasabi is her struggle to cope with her parents’ expectations.


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Wasabi is burdened with living up to the expectations that her parents have for her, which is becoming a Hokage. Her family name is not that well known, which is why they consider Wasabi’s failure or success a great deal. If she could become a Hokage, their fame and prestige could be elevated. Wasabi goes through a major twist when she receives the legendary Ten Million Ryu jutsu.

With this, Wasabi has the potential to become one of the strongest characters. More importantly, she starts to believe in herself for the first time and her parents might cut her loose.

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