Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episodes for January 2022, Release Date and Details

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Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime series have come to some major twists involving some of the most favorite characters ever, including Naruto and Sasuke as well. The last episode that aired was titled Wish, while the fandom can take a dive into the upcoming episodes that should be released in January 2022. The latest episode was 230, bringing major changes to the Hidden Leaf Village.

Masashi Kishimoto is also back as the mangaka to the Naruto sequel, so the fandom can brace themselves for some heavy deaths in the manga. In the meanwhile, it is already becoming evident that Kishimoto is killing off several characters that have been around in the franchise even before Boruto. There will be four episodes aired weekly in January 2021, while titles are already known.

Episode 231 Rusted Sword: Sabita Katana

The next episode and the first episode in 2022 will air on January 9th. The episode was originally scheduled to air on January 2nd, however, the show briefly went on hiatus and will be back in b the second week of January 2022.  

Episode 232 Captain Denki’s First Mission

Episode 232 will be released on January 16th if the team behind the series doesn’t change the date in the meantime. The episode will probably revolve around Denki based on the title and could reveal his place in the Boruto series and everything Denki can do with science.

Episode 233 The New Team Seven, Starting

The title for episode 233 is rather interesting as we may see the new Team Seven on their first mission. The episode should be released on January 23rd in case the show continues airing on a weekly basis.

Episode 234 The Unleashed Villain

Episode 234 will be the last episode to air in January and should be premiered on January 30th. The episode title hints that the new Team Seven may meet a new villain or deal with an undefeated foe. The episode may feature an epic battle or perhaps introduce us to the upcoming events to unfold in the anime.