Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Teases Novel Missions in a New Trailer

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations anime panel didn’t throw too many bombshells at the 2022 Jump Festa, however, there is some exciting news to tease and excite the fandom. The series recently ended the Chunin Exams, while the manga is still revolving around the fight against the Kara Organization in the most recent issues. As the Shonen series sequel to Naruto is continuing, a new trailer teased new missions and yet unexplored territory that hasn’t been penned in the manga series.

The Boruto fandom is enjoying new episodes coming out weekly while some of the latest episodes revealed novelties with the new Chunin Exams. One of the novelties is Sarada Uchiha being promoted and having Kawaki trying to become a ninja of Konoha. The story of Kawaki officially becoming a ninja is yet to be penned in the manga, which means this is a novel arc for both manga and anime fans.

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With Masashi Kishimoto returning as the writer of the manga series, a lot of the favorite characters may be preparing to bite the bullet. The new trailer is teasing that Code might be joining the Boruto characters with new episodes. In the meanwhile, manga is dealing with the story of Konoha ninjas and the leader of the Kara Organization.

The majority of the new trailer is comprised of scenes from previous episodes, showing hints at the end of the trailer that Code might face the ninjas rather soon. After Chunin Exams, the fans have seen some novelties in the Hidden Leaf village, while there might be more surprises in the upcoming episodes.  

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