Brian Tyree Henry on the Delayed ‘Beyond the Spider-Verse’ Movie: “It’s coming.”

Brian Tyree Henry on the Delayed 'Beyond the Spider-Verse' Movie: "It's coming."

It is March 29, 2024, and the highly-anticipated Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse is finally out in theaters worldwide. We can now enjoy the full scope of Sony’s animated Spider-Verse trilogy and give our final comments on one of the greatest animated trilogies in history. This is how it was supposed to happen. Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse was initially scheduled to be released today, but the movie – as you know – has not been released; instead, some time ago, we received news that the movie has been delayed indefinitely.

While the delay was a direct result of the major SAG-AFTRA strike, as the actors couldn’t complete the recording process, the fact that it has been delayed indefinitely had some fans worried. Don’t worry, the movie is not scrapped, it will just take some time before we actually get to see it, but that is not a problem per se, as the animators are promising us to deliver the best movie of the trilogy.

This has been further confirmed by actor Brian Tyree Henry, who has voiced Jeff Morales in the movies. When talking to Deadline, Henry confirmed that the movie is in the works and that the studio is going to deliver a major spectacle. Here is what he said:

It’s in the works, it’s coming. It’s in the works, for sure, and that one is even more epic than the last”.

It’s not much, really, but when you have nothing, even such a limited piece of information is considered big. We can definitely confirm that Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse is going to be released relatively soon, although probably not before late 2024, with 2025 being the more likely outcome. All the actors and crew members will be returning for the final installment in this trilogy, so we can look forward to an amazing movie.

Of course, as usual, we are going to bring you all the news and updates regarding the Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse movie, so be sure to keep following us for more information about the upcoming movie.

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