Bungou Stray Dogs Chapter 104: Release Date and Time, Preview, Spoilers, Leaks & More

Bungo Stray Dogs Chapter 104: Release Date and Time, Preview, Spoilers, Leaks & More

Bungo Stray Dogs is a seinen manga written by Kafka Asagiri and drawn by Sango Harukawa. It has been published since December 2012 in Young Ace magazine, and published in bound volumes since April 2013 by Kadokawa Shoten. Bungo Stray Dogs is not one of the major titles of its era, but it is a quite intriguing tale that has a lot to offer, which is why it has a respectable fandom. Now, the manga is still ongoing and while we’re eagerly waiting for the plot to evolve further, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about the upcoming Chapter 104 of Bungo Stray Dogs, which should be published in September 2022 after a two-month break.

Bungo Stray Dogs Chapter 104 release date and time

From what we know at this moment, Chapter 104 of Bungo Stray Dogs should be released sometime in September 2022, after the two-month break, but we still don’t have a precise release date. The chapter’s title, as well as the number of pages, are, as of this moment, unknown. The episode titles are usually revealed ahead of the premiere, which is not the case with the manga chapters. The official release date for the upcoming manga chapter applies only to Japan, as the title is going to be released later in other markets.

This is the official release schedule for Bungo Stray Dogs Chapter 104, which reveals when you can expect the chapter to be released if you’re in Japan.

Bungo Stray Dogs Chapter 104 plot

The plot of Bungo Stray Dogs Chapter 104 is not known at this moment. This is why we are going to bring you a short recap of one of the previous chapters so you know what happened before:

Fukuchi recalls a time spent with a fallen comrade who wanted revenge on those responsible for his downfall. Fukuzawa and Ranpo, apparently to meet Atsushi, arrive to meet Fukuchi. Fukuzawa asks if he is behind the sudden breakup with the other Agency members, whereupon Fukuchi knocks out Kunikida and Tanizaki, who are both held in place by a biochemical device that keeps them alive under his influence.

In response to Fukuzawa’s apparent anger, Fukuchi states that he doesn’t like doing such things, while Ranpo thinks they have been predicting the situation so far anyway. Since their trump card is a pamphlet written by Poe that would trap Fukuchi in a new world that prevents him from using Amenogozen, Ranpo is convinced that they can capture Fukuchi and secretly rummages in his pocket…

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Bungo Stray Dogs Chapter 104 spoilers

Manga fans will know that some time before the debut of a new chapter, spoilers tend to roam the Internet. In this section, we are going to redirect you to the source of these spoilers so you can – at your own disposal – check them out for yourselves. Currently, there are no Chapter 104 spoilers available, but we are going to update this article as soon as they surface online.

Where to read Bungo Stray Dogs Chapter 104?

The only place where you can read Bungo Stray Dogs on a regular basis is Yen Press’s official site, which offers the latest chapters in English. Yen Press is the official American publisher of Bungo Stray Dogs, which is why it offers the series regularly, but the chapters are published after the Japanese originals. A Yen Press subscription is a good thing because the chapters are updated regularly, but you also get access to a lot of other series as well.

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