BUSINESS IS DEAD: Resurrecting Entrepreneurship Through the Fan-Focused Venture (The FANtrepreneur) by Neil A. Cohen, M.B.A, D.O.A

BUSINESS IS DEAD Resurrecting Entrepreneurship

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“Pop culture is a very broad realm and approaching the subject of entrepreneurship within this area could be overwhelming. I really appreciate the way author Neil A. Cohen approached this subject. By choosing just one pop culture phenom to analyze, as he did with The Walking Dead, he provides a really well-crafted narrative that can be applied to any fantrepreneurial tract.” – Lance Fensteman, President of ReedPOP Global, world’s largest pop culture event company. 

“Fandom is a complex subject to cover, and like anything complicated in life, there are nuances. I love you are writing about fantrepreneurs. I am fascinated by it. I can’t wait to read it and I am proud to be a small part of it.” – Jay Bonansinga, Author, The Walking Dead Woodbury series. 

For anyone who ever wanted to be more than just a fan, Business is Dead offers easy-to-follow pathways for first-time entrepreneurs looking to start a fan-focused venture. Here you will find funny, inspirational stories of turning passion into action and creating a new form of start-up—the  FANtrepreneur. 

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Neil A. Cohen blends his insight, advice and humor from thirty years’ experience as an M.B.A. specializing in corporate growth, with his own personal experiences as an entrepreneur, learning the intricacies of the fandom-driven marketplace. 

At the book’s core is author’s experience of launching his first entrepreneurial venture. Sparked by his fandom of The Walking Dead, he formed an LLC to promote and sell his own zombie trilogy. Along the way,  he has met with other authors, artists, philanthropists, and business owners who were driven by their own fandom. The author stresses, this is not a book about only The Walking Dead, but about fans of all pop culture genre’s, be it movies, TV shows, comic books or superheroes, and how each fan can go about forging their own entrepreneurial path and turn their passion into action and their fandom into income.  

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