Can You Play The Legend of Dragoon on The PS4? Here Are Alternatives

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Not a lot of gamers are familiar with The Legend of Dragoon because it has been more than two decades since this game was released. But the classic gamers that started gaming during the 90s are probably more than familiar with this classic PlayStation game as it was one of the more memorable JRPGs of the late 90s in terms of its graphics, story, and gameplay. As more and more games are seeing remakes today, The Legend of Dragoon seems to be one of the games that will probably never see a remake. So, can you play The Legend of Dragoon on the PS4?

You cannot play The Legend of Dragoon on the PS4 because it is not backward compatible. That means that it is not capable of playing non-PS4 games. The only way for you to play The Legend of Dragoon in modern days is for you to use a classic PS1 console or use an emulator on your PC or smartphone.

Despite the fact that The Legend of Dragoon was never remade or remastered, the game still has plenty of fans all over the world that are looking to play the game on modern consoles. But the problem is that it was never made to be compatible with the PS4. Nevertheless, we are here to talk about the alternatives that will allow you to once again play The Legend of Dragoon.

Where Was The Legend Of Dragoon Released?

The 90s was a treasure trove of great JRPG games that were able to take advantage of the original PlayStation’s power and capabilities, which were exceptional during that era. in that regard, plenty of different JRPGs were able to leverage the PS1’s power to deliver games that had great graphics for their time, long storylines, and exceptional gameplay.

Of course, when we think of the 90s, the JRPG games that usually stand out are the three Final Fantasy games that were released during that era because these games were at the pinnacle of JRPGs in terms of how they were able to make use of the PlayStation’s power. But there were also other great JRPGs that were supposed to compete with Final Fantasy during the 90s.

One of the games that not a lot of people right now are familiar with is The Legend of Dragoon. That’s because this game was released during the latter part of the 90s. As such, most of the gamers today are either too young or too old. Nevertheless, the gamers that grew up during the 90s are more than familiar with it, especially if they are big fans of JRPGs.

The Legend of Dragoon was supposed to be the “Final Fantasy” breaker in the sense that it was supposed to compete with the long-running title and actually become better than it. As such, The Legend of Dragoon was originally released on the PlayStation console at the end of 1999 and when we were just about to enter the new millennium. In that regard, it is one of the final JRPGs released during the 90s.

Like most of the late-90s JRPGs, The Legend of Dragoon was able to make full use of the PS1’s graphical capabilities but was also quite a long game because it needed multiple discs for a game that was right around 50 hours long in terms of its storyline. And the fact that it is just about as long as any other Final Fantasy game during the 90s made it quite memorable to those who also played the Final Fantasy games at that time.

Of course, The Legend of Dragoon was unique on its own because it had creatively crafted characters with their own backstories and personal struggles. The lore behind the entire game was also so unique because of the fact that the story goes back thousands of years before the present events of The Legend of Dragoon. And that’s why it still is one of the most memorable JRPGs for PlayStation gamers that played it during the start of the 2000s.

Can You Play The Legend Of Dragoon On The PS4/PS5?

Nostalgia has been a recurring theme as of late because a lot of the masterpieces that were released on the PS1 during the 90s are now getting remastered or even remade using modern technology and standards. This leads us to fans wanting to play The Legend of Dragoon on modern consoles.

When it comes to modern consoles, there are still more people who own PS4s because either the PS5 is too expensive for them or they cannot get their hands on one due to low supplies. With that said, there are plenty of fans of nostalgia that want to play The Legend of Dragoon on the PS4 or even the PS5, which is capable of playing PS4 games. So, can you play The Legend of Dragoon on the PS4?


Legend of Dragoon Remake: Will It Happen? (& When)

Unfortunately, you cannot play The Legend of Dragoon on the PS4 or the PS5, whichever of the two you own. That’s because the game was never made for either of those consoles. In fact, after it was released in 1999, The Legend of Dragoon was never re-released for another console and was never remade or remastered. That means that the only console it was ever released on was the PlayStation.

Of course, the fact that The Legend of Dragoon was never remastered or remade means that it cannot be played on the PS4, which doesn’t have the capability to play older titles that were released on the PS1. So, if you have a modern console in your living room, there is no way you could ever play The Legend of Dragoon on your PS4.

Where Can You Play The Legend Of Dragoon?

Considering that you cannot play The Legend of Dragoon on modern consoles like the PS4, the only choice you have is to look for alternatives that will allow you to play the game in today’s more modern world. Of course, we are talking about not using a PS1 or a PS2 because it can be hard to come by these consoles nowadays.

Probably the best alternative that you can use if you want to play The Legend of Dragoon on a more modern device like your PC or smartphone is to use an emulator. Most PCs and smartphones are powerful enough to more than handle the demands of a PS1 emulator, as the original PlayStation is already miles behind the capabilities of today’s more modern devices. A quick Google search will allow you to find the best PS1 emulators that you can use on your chosen device. Of course, you have to make sure that you download the ROM of The Legend of Dragoon so that you can emulate it.

The other alternative that we can think of is still an ongoing project that may be accessible some time in the future. It is possible that you can play The Legend of Dragoon on your PC once The Legend of Dragoon Upscale Project is finished. This is simply a project undertaken by several people who met on Discord so that they could “upscale” the graphics of the original The Legend of Dragoon game without necessarily remastering or remaking it. 

You can check their website to learn more about the status of the game, but it is clear that there is a huge improvement between the original version of The Legend of Dragoon and the upscaled version in terms of how smooth it looks. The upscaled version is most likely going to be released on the PC.

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