Casting Call Confirms ‘Wednesday’ Season 2 Filming Timeline

Casting Call Confirms 'Wednesday' Season 2 Filming Timeline

Wednesday was one of Netflix’s biggest hits last year, as the supernatural teen drama starring Jenna Ortega in the titular role became a global hit. Of course, a second season was ordered and while fans probably expected the season to premiere this year, numerous delays resulted in the season probably being pushed back to 2025. At least, this is how things stand based on the filming information we have.

Namely, a casting call was recently published in Ireland, calling for all those interested in participating in a “US hit show.” The title of the show was not specified, but it is known that the show in question is Wednesday. But, while Irish fans of the show will have something to look forward to, this is not the most interesting piece of information we had from this.

Namely, the casting call also revealed how long the shoot will last, i.e., when it will begin and when it is expected to start. Based on the information we have, shooting is set to start in late April and last until late November 2024. This is a fairly long shooting schedule and no further details have been provided, but it explains why the second season of Wednesday won’t be back before 2025.

With all the post-production, as well as Netflix’s scheduling tactics, Wednesday will be released at the most appropriate moment and that won’t be before 2025. Of course, this is valid only if the Ireland shooting is, indeed, the main part, i.e., if there are no additional shootings and if there are no reshoots. But, as you might assume, this is something that we do not know at this moment.

And that is more or less it. We know that Wednesday will provide us with a lot of entertainment in the second season as well, as well as some new characters, as was revealed in December 2023 and January 2024, which is certainly great news. Of course, we on Fiction Horizon are going to be bringing you the latest updates so be sure to keep following us.

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