Catch the ‘SPY x FAMILY CODE: White’ in Theaters This April!


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Crunchyroll and Sony Pictures Entertainment are bringing the SPY x FAMILY fans something super exciting. For the first time ever, there’s going to be a movie called ‘SPY x FAMILY CODE: White’. It’s all set to hit theaters around the world starting April 2024. If you love anime, you’re going to want to mark your calendars.

The movie is going to be available in a bunch of languages. So, whether you like watching in Japanese with English subtitles or prefer an English dub, they’ve got you covered. In North America, you can catch it on April 19. But that’s not all. The movie’s making rounds across the globe, from Australia and New Zealand on April 18, to European spots like Belgium, France, and Switzerland (where they speak French) a bit earlier on April 17.

What’s cool is that this movie is a brand-new story. It’s not just a rehash of what you’ve seen on TV. We’re talking about Twilight, the secret agent, his assassin wife Yor, and their telepathic daughter Anya going on a fresh mission. Imagine trying to be a normal family when you’re anything but. That’s their life.

The story’s got a bit of everything. There’s a weekend winter getaway that’s supposed to be a break but, knowing this family, things get wild. Anya ends up in the middle of it all, and suddenly, they’re not just dealing with family drama but also stuff that could mess with world peace.


‘Spy X Family’ Watch Order: When Does the Movie ‘Code: White’ Fit in the Timeline?

This film is a big deal because the SPY x FAMILY series has been a massive hit since it first came out. Fans everywhere can’t get enough of it. And with over 31 million copies of the manga out there, it’s no surprise this movie is happening.

The teams behind the animation, WIT STUDIO, and CloverWorks, are known for some epic work in the anime world. So, you know the movie’s going to look amazing. Get ready for some family fun, spy style, coming to a theater near you this April.

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