Cate Blanchett Subtly Supports Palestine During Her Cannes Red Carpet Appearance

Cate Blanchett Subtly Supports Palestine During Her Cannes Red Carpet Appearance

The ongoing conflict in Palestine between Israel and Hamas is one of the major global events that threatens the security of the whole world. And while we are going to leave the politics out of this article, we cannot escape from the fact that the conflict has also influenced the entertainment industry as well. We know how the Palestine crisis influenced the production of Scream 7, and we also know that many famous actors and actresses have expressed their desire for the conflict to end, as well as their support for one side or the other.

As of the time of writing, the Cannes Film Festival is the biggest cinematic event currently taking place, and many famous names are currently in France, either to promote their own works or to show support for their colleagues. We have reported on the events from Cannes as well, but a recent red-carpet moment involving Cate Blanchett has attracted a lot of attention globally.

Blanchett appeared on the Cannes red carpet ahead of the premiere of the controversial film The Apprentice, which depicts the story of controversial US politician and businessman Donald Trump. And while the film itself is a wholly different story, Cate Blanchett managed to grab the spotlight with her dress while she was being photographed by the media.

The Oscar-winning Australian actor (yes, Blanchett prefers the term “actor” over “actress”) appeared on the red carpet in a long black dress with black stripes. But, when the actress appeared in front of the photographers, she pulled the back of her dress and revealed a green-colored segment that was interpreted by many fans as a sign of support for Palestine in the ongoing conflict. This was soon confirmed on her official Instagram account, where the pictures were also uploaded.

Many fans from all over the world were thrilled with this sign of support and reacted on Twitter (now X), and here are some of these reactions:

Of course, not everyone will agree with Blanchett’s decisions for whatever reason, but as we’ve said, we are going to keep the political debate out of this article. We simply wanted to report on what was going on in Cannes, and this event actually sparked a lot of interest, so we wanted to share it with you as well.

Until the conflict is over, the reactions probably won’t stop, and actors will keep speaking out about the issue, supporting one side or the other. We just hope that the conflict is resolved soon, with as few victims as possible, and that peace will once again come to the Middle East; everyone knows they deserve it.

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